While everyone of us wants to wish our birthday friend, family and relatives on time, at times we forget them. But all is not lost. You can still make up for it by writing belated birthday wishes, if you can convey sincerity and bit of humor. Here we have prepared a post for all of you to wish nice and genuine belated birthday wishes.

My birthday wishes might be late but my good wishes and support for you will always be in advance. Happy Belated birthday wishes to one of the nicest people I know.

Heartfelt apologies for the belated birthday wishes. It may have slipped out of mind but I am gonna make up for it with an amazing outing.

You may not have received my birthday wish on time but I am sure you had a fabulous wishes and a party blast. Will surely make a note about your birthday date! For this year, a happy belated birthday wish.

I am deeply sorry for wishing you belated birthday wish. I was overwhelmed with real life crisis and couldn’t remember. Lets catch up at the earliest so that I can make up for it.

My birthday wish for you may be belated but my heart always yearn for your happiness; past, present and forever. Belated Happy Birthday wish to an awesome individual.

I know its my fault for not wishing you on time. But I know that you have a big heart and will forgive me for it. May the divine propels you to great heights of success.

My heartfelt and sincere belated birthday wishes may not be suffice for the joyous moments that you have given me in your life. But that’s all I can do, apart from wine and dine, and giving you an awesome birthday gift. Lots of love and care!

Words of belated birthday wishes may arrive late but my mind and soul dwells upon your success, happiness and prosperity 365 days a year. Lots of love dear!

Sincere belated birthday wishes

I do not feel bad about differences in opinion, but I do regret for not wishing birthday on time. My heartiest belated birthday wishes for you! I hope you had a great time.

We may be far away but my belated birthday wishes will always traverse the time and space to wish you very well. Apologies for the late birthday wishes.

I don’t forget too easily. But if I do, then I don’t repeat it.

I tried my best to keep your birthday in mind but this time, real life problems got the hold of me. Hope you had an amazing blast!

My birthday wishes are certainly belated. But they are honest, and from the bottom of my heart. May you achieve the best in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Belated Birthday!

Wishing you a belated birthday wish is one of the unintentional mistakes I ever did. Please forgive me for the same. May the divine propels you to tremendous success.

I am sorry for forgetting the birthday. Please accept my sincere apologies. Its been a hard week for me. I hope you won’t be angry!

There are only few special days in our life of our best friends but due to some reasons we are unable to wish them on time. I hope my mistake did not caused you a heavy heart my friend. I am sending you lots of belated birthday wishes.

Funny Belated birthday wishes for friends

You have heard that Ignorance is a bliss. I tried that and ignored your birthday date. So a belated birthday wish to you instead.

A birthday wish from a gorgeous woman will always get you butterflies. It doesn’t matter whether its on time or a belated one. Hehe!

A true test of character is when a person smiles heartily even after receiving the belated birthday wishes. A happy belated birthday wish to you. And I know for sure that you are not smiling. Hahah!

Too much of anything is not good. Since you are so sweet, I thought of making you little angry by wishing you a belated birthday wish. It will keep your emotions in balance. 😀

I already knew that you weren’t going to give a birthday party, so I thought why wish you for free ?D So a happy belated birthday to you instead 😀

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Criticism at times keeps a person on his toes. I feel like being criticized for something. So wishing you a belated birthday wish this time. You can criticize me for it.

Do you know what happens when someone doesn’t agree to me? I send them belated birthday wishes. What? :D. At least, I don’t stop talking like other people.

I certainly wished you on time. It took 48 hours to come into fruition. Good things do take time. Happy belated birthday wish to you dear!


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