Friends are always special. And we all want to stand unique when wishing them. Therefore, we have prepared best birthday wishes for friend. After all, there is joy in coming up with a unique wishes from our end. There are plenty of them in this post. But that’s not all. You have a lot of images too. So choose from many below and send the best birthday wishes to friend.

You are not only my friend but an inseparable part of my heart and soul. May you achieve success beyond your wildest imagination.

Its amazing to cherish our disagreements as they are also filled with respect and compassion for each other. Happy Birthday dear friend!

You may have set of flaws but your good qualities outweigh them by a mile. Feel grateful to have you!

It doesn’t matter how far we are because our good wishes will always traverse through the space and time to sooth each other.

May this year catapults you from the difficult moments of life into prosperity.

May all your professional and personal endeavors may yield you a lot of fruition this year. Happy Birthday to one of the nicest persons I have ever known.

The good moments have gained momentum ever since you came into my life. I admire you for your ethics and morality.

You are the right stimulant who has propelled me to great success. May the Almighty bestow a friend like you to every individual.

I wonder how life would have turned out without you. You are undoubtedly the best friend I would have ever had in this life.

Light is always inside our heart and soul to be switched on instead of being at the end of the tunnel.

Its amazing how we have spent so many highs and lows of life together. Thanks for always being my support system. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

We don’t need a lot of talking to convey our sentiments to each other. Just a mere glance and gesture is suffice. God bless such friendship.

I wonder how the world would change if there be more people like you. Respectful, altruistic and compassionate at the same time.

Your wisdom has given me more insights about life than I could ever find in the books.

God knows when I am going to have kids, but if I ever have one, I would certainly want them to have values like you!

You may not speak much. But when you do, every damn word makes complete sense.

For Friend Girl — Best birthday wishes

Your presence in my life has given me numerous joy and exuberance. You are a ray of sunshine. Happy Birthday to my best friend Girl 😀

I thought of gifting you card of Leonardo DiCaprio but then my jealously took over. Oh happy birthday by the way.

The best way to push you out of your comfort zone is to pull your legs. 😀

You are not sweet as a sugar but like a stevia. I revel in your optimistic aura, fun and laughter. Happy Birthday dear!

You let me knew the great secret of staying young forever, i.e. lying through the teeth. Thanks for it!

Thanks for being my crush and friend at the same time. Really appreciate it!

Happy Birthday dear! I have arranged a special gift for you today. A massage by a special masseur. Hahaha!!

Congratulations for growing a fat a** and becoming lethargic this year. You really worked hard for it. 😀

Funny best birthday wishes

I admire the colorful sides of you. Smart, witty and funny! Did I mentioned weird looking too! 😀 Hehe Happy Birthday!

It is hard to find a quality vegan gift for my dear friend so gifting you a bottle of mineral water this year.

Today is the day when you are allowed to gorge on food like a pig. Best of luck!

Let us see how you escape today without giving me a party and fine outing! 😀 Happy Birthday!

You need not to feel overwhelmed with lots of gifts today from friends and family. You can share many of them with me. That’s what best friend is for isn’t it!

Congratulations for ageing like a fine wine! Thanks to my great influence for it. May it continues forever!

Your chatty nature has trained my ears to absorb a lot of talk from people. Thanks for your wonderful contribution over the years.

Some of the greatest joys of life is to borrow money from friends to whom you don’t have to worry about returning.

Not gonna give you birthday gift this time lol! It seems only yesterday that you had your previous birthday.

Friends always support each other, therefore promise me to not become smarter and fitter than me ever. Hehe!

It is amazing to have your birthday today, because I will be the recipient of your great wine and dine.

You should get a patent for your fart. Could make you a billionaire as it is the best mosquito repellant I have ever seen.


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