Hey Gorgeous! You are simply the heart of my being and I couldn’t have asked anything better from the Almighty. May we live happily ever after! Happy Birthday!

Time flies by when we are together. I wish there be plenty of such moments left in our kitty of life. May God keep us together for eternity.

You have taken me to a whole new level of ecstasy, joy and exuberance. May the trend continues. Happy Birthday!

Your beautiful eyes and smile are enough to even bring a corpse to life.

The Almighty certainly took a lot of time in sculpting you from both inside and outside. Happy Birthday my beautiful Girl!

No matter what obstacles life will throw at us, we will always catapult out of it.

A man could only be successful as much as his supportive girlfriend.

It is amazing how the divine has created the perfect being with you. Your mere presence brings my cells to life and joy. I hope for a stunning future for both of us.

You are not only my biggest strength but my biggest weakness too.

Life has been a roller coaster ride ever since you came in, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

My girl! You may be going through a tough phase, but I assure that my shoulders will always be there to soak all your tears!

You are the complete package of a woman, who is beautiful from both inside and out. May there be more women like you in this world.

Your beauty has only notched up from the time I first saw you. May the divine always keep you young and gorgeous! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

It is amazing how our hearts resonate with love even when we are so far from each other.

You have given me your best when I was going through my worst, and I will give you my give you my everything if you ever need it.

Our relationship goes beyond the physical. It is an expression of spiritual and mystical journey. Lot of good times await both of us. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

We may not agree on many things but I know you always love and respect me and I have the same sentiments for you too.

I never thought Life could be happier for me. But it all changed after you came into my life.

You are the best companion that any guy could ever have. Smart, witty and funny. Did I say stunning too?

You may be younger to me but I have learn many great things from you.

Best Funny birthday wishes for GirlFriend

You are the apple of my eye on certain days! And on the rest, God bless you! 😀

I may be tired sometimes but there is always a will to pull your legs so that I feel rejuvenated. Hehe

If there would be an Oscar for a crazy woman, you would certainly be the winner of it.

Today is the day when I am going to get looted for your birthday gifts and I will happily oblige to that.

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Its funny how I can be happy and angry too by looking at the same face at different times. I am sure you experience the same thing too!

A lot of my skills, both in and out of the bedroom has improved, owing to you. Happy Birthday!

Not only my bank wallet, but my brain has halved too over the years. Thanks for your wonderful contribution darling. Hehe. Kidding!

Best Inspiring

The most sweetest thing in this world are your lips. And the most heavenly pleasure is my lips upon yours. Happy Birthday Darling!

My life has bloom like a sunflower ever since you have come into it. You propel me to success at every waking moment.

Some of the best things in life comes to those who perspire for it. I will always be there for your professional and personal endeavors. Good luck and happy birthday!

You are my queen because you make me feel like a king too! Happy birthday to an awesome girlfriend!

There are days when I kept persisting because I had you in my thoughts. You are phenomenal.

You are more talented, gorgeous, and skillful than you think yourself to be. Stay Humble, stay grounded and beautiful. Happy Birthday to you!

God was kind enough to bestow you with plenty of talent and ability in this lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop as much as you can of the talent and ability in this lifetime.

Time is a great healer dear. All it asks for is patience.

You restored my faith in love. I will forever be grateful to you for that!


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