You are the rising star whose presence has illuminated my life with joy, vigor and passion. I hope there be more people like you in this world. Lots of best and heartiest birthday wishes to you!

May you soar into the sky like a Eagle and achieve the zenith of success. May life bestow you with the best of everything. Happy Birthday wishes to you dear!


There are only few people who say a lot less and still convey a lot more. You are certainly one of them in my life.

Ever since you have arrived into my life, the worthy moments have gained momentum only. I hope there be many such moments left in our kitty of life and friendship. Happy Birthday to you dear!

We all may have flaws but you taught me how to be the best version of oneself. Wish you best of luck and amazing success in your life.

Your friendship certainly comes with a heavy price. But it is worth every bit of it.

Our minds may tussle on the disagreements sometimes but our hearts will always yearn for love, respect and admiration for each other. Wishing you loads of birthday wishes.

Your exuberance and aura of good health infuses so much positive vibes in people. I pray to divine to give you long life and great health.

The best moments of life wouldn’t have been best without you. Your colorful and cheerful personality is the perfect spice one needs in a friendship. Happy Birthday dear!

We two may be far away many times, but the strings of our hearts will always be connected, no matter how angry we get at times. Happy Birthday!

We obviously both have done some great karma in our past lives to have each other. I adore you with every fiber of my being.

The joy of life is in exploring it with my best buddy from the divine. You bring the best out of me mate. May every being gets a best friend like you.

Sharing my highs and lows of life has been a phenomenal experience. You have been with my during my hardest times and I sure as hell will be there for you in difficult times. Happy Birthday!

Your company has made me more charming, wise and I must say, more altruistic too. May the bond of our friendship continues well into the next lifetimes too.

Inspiring Best birthday wishes

Tough times do not last but tough friends like me will always be there by your side. Happy Birthday and God bless you!

They say that where there is a will, there is always a way. You infused that reality into my mind. I will forever be thankful to you for that.

Going through the tough times become easier if one has a supportive friend like you.

God only catapults people out of the trouble who are willing to help themselves in the first place.

You may not be able to see the fruits of your hard work but know that they are lined up and will be flooded upon you at the right time. Just keep the pursuit dear and don’t give up.

Persistence often has no heroic connotation. But its value is like that of Carbon in a steel. More of it, the better the steel is.

No matter what obstacles you face in your professional and personal endeavors, your good friend will always help you to the best possible.

Respect and admiration cannot be bought. They have to be earned and you have certainly earned plenty of it my best friend. Happy Birthday to you!

Funny best birthday wishes

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. But not you :D. Happy Birthday by the way!

When I crave for insanity, you always comes first to my mind.

May there be more friends like you, from whom one can borrow some money without needing to return it.

There is insane pleasure I derive in waking you up, of course by spilling icy-cold water.

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The best mosquito that I have ever witnessed are your farts. Free of cost, natural and I may say, deadly. Hehe!

You are really ageing like a fine wine, of course due to the influence of your great friend. Hehe!! May you continue like this.

Its good to have spendthrift friends like you, especially when your spending is so generous on me. Hehe! May the habit continues for eternity.

There is also a way where there is a will. So I hope that my good name also find a way in your rich will agreement. Hahaha!!

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The happiness always lies in the anticipation of the birthday gift and not in the real gift itself. Therefore, keep the anticipation high for the birthday gift from me for your next birthday. Hehe!

You seems to be the only one who can get away even after pulling my legs.

You are not only my good friend but also my punching bag too. So good to have you dear! Heheh!


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