There is sacredness about a Dad and Daughter’s relation. Every daughter wants to make her Dad proud and every Dad wants to bestow her daughter with happiness, laughter, gifts and other lavish things. If today is the birthday of your daughter, then we have fantastic birthday message for daughter in plenty. You will also find a ton of relevant images too. The birthday wishes are sentimental, emotional and funny for your daughter.


You will always be my princess in the next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous daughter from divine! May all your desires come to fruition.

Dear Daughter! I may have scolded you many times but my heart yearns for your happiness, joy and prosperity only. May my birthday message propels you to make it big in you life. Happy Birthday!

The day when I experienced the divine closely was when you made your way into this beautiful world.

You are a breath of fresh air who has illuminated this house with her exuberance, positivity and charm. I wish every family gets a daughter like you.

Some of the happiest moments of my life have come courtesy of my lovely daughter! I wish to be your Daddy for the eternity! Many many happy returns of the day to you sweet heart!

I may have made mistakes. I might not be the best father but my precious daughter is certainly the best one that any daddy will cherish!

I must have done something great life in previous life to have a daughter like you!

The world would be so much nicer and compassionate people if there were more daughters and therefore women like you!

We may have brought you into this world but you have acquired wisdom on your own. So proud of you my daughter. A very happy birthday to you!

Funny birthday message for Daughter from Daddy


I wonder from where those good genes pass onto you from me. They apparently were dormant inside me.

Doesn’t matter how much you will earn; you will always ask your Daddy for the pocket money!

May you find an equally charming man and tie him the knot on time just like your mommy grabbed the opportunity.

I am glad that you got the looks from your mommy and the intelligence from me and not vice versa.

People call me lazy when I put so much effort into copying pasting the birthday wishes from Google and sending them too!

Like your Mommy, your age is stuck too after turning 18th. Lol!

I am so happy that wisdom is finally catching you up, even it is at the rate of tortoise’s crawl.

I have contributed the best of habits to you! For the bad habits, feel free to consult Mommy if you know what I mean!

Doesn’t matter if it yours’s or my birthday, its my pocket that gets deeply dig!

Hey Daughter! A very happy birthday! I am sending you an adorable, heart melting gift along with the invoice of course! Hehe Kidding

When I am angry, I tend to look at your mother’s face, which sometimes makes me even more angry! When your mommy feels like laughing her heart out, she looks at me and goes berseck!

Don’t worry about getting old. See your Dad and you will realize its not that bad as younger people think.

I have discovered the secret of staying young forever from you and your mother, which is by lying through the teeth!

Inspiring messages of birthday for daughter from Dad


The most worthwhile things in life comes to those who refuse to back down after suffering failures after failures.

The meaningful things in life are intangible and free like love, compassion, and desire.

There is no greater joy in life than to live it on your terms.

Your true friends are the one who will always tell you things without any sugar coatings with sincere desire to help you!

The natural highs of the life are found in exercises, goal pursuit and kindness. Happy Birthday lovely daughter!

There is no one and will never be anyone like you. The divine made you unique and expects you to carve a life out of yourself without emulating anyone in any aspect.

Success is usually the result of a marathon rather than of a sprint. May you keep pushing yourself out of the comfort zone dear daughter!

Its hard to make it big in life. It is easier to maintain it though!

The people who achieve phenomenal success are the ones who knows how to handle the bad times.

There is a perfect saying that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Skills become talent when they are ingrained into the subconscious of every fiber of our being.

It takes nearly 90 days to form a new habit. Don’t give up too early dear!


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