There is no amazing camaraderie in the world than that of Mom and daughter. For a girl, her mom is the first glimpse of a womanhood and motherhood. She revels in her own feminine energy by absorbing it from her mother. If today is the birthday of your daughter, then we have prepared some fantastic birthday message for daughter. This messages are written from the perspective of a mother. You will also find a ton of images also in this post. These are some of the heartiest birthday message for daughter that you will ever see anywhere.


Dear Daughter, A very happy birthday to you from Mother! I always wanted a beautiful daughter from the Almighty and he has fulfilled me with every bit of it. May you rise and shine to your fullest potential.

When I see you, I see exuberance, joy and altruism. The divine certainly created you in the most perfect vibration. Lots of birthday message to you my darling!

Its amazing how my precious little daughter is wise beyond her years. The Almighty has truly blessed her and I am fortunate to have her. May you accomplish every deepest desires of your my dear! Happy Birthday!

You are not only my daughter, but my best friend. And I expect nothing less than being your confidant. I wish life bestows you the best of everything.

May you progress confidently and fearlessly in your field and pile up mountains of success after success.

I may not be the best mother, but you are certainly the best daughter that any parent can have. Happy Birthday to my bubbly, chirpy and gorgeous daughter.

You are not only your daddy’s princess but my shero too. The world would be so much better if there were more daughters like you. We will celebrate your birthday as if there is no tomorrow. Lots of birthday msg to you sweetheart!

Life may knock you out at times but you will only grow stronger with the passage of time. Happy birthday lovely daughter!

The best moments in my life have come because of my cute, little sweet daughter. Its no wonder that everyone wants to be around her aura. She has that altruism and simplistic virtues of life. May my birthday message brings her a smile. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

Inspiring birthday message for daughter from mother

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Keep up the persistence my lovely daughter. Success is near your proximity.

I may be your mother but I have learnt a lot of wise things from my daughter. She is the epitome of a joyous girl who has the heart of a gold.

We may argue sometimes, but my intentions are always for your betterment. I have accepted you as a unique individual and that you will learn the teachings of life at your own accord. Lots of blessings to my lovely daughter.

You are talented and more capable than what you think you are! My blessings are always with you my lovely girl!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. May the divine propel you to complete the difficult journey towards your success.

Dear daughter! There is a perfect saying that what doesn’t kill you, eventually makes you stronger. May the divine give you plenty of courage to overcome the difficult phases of life!

No matter what the world says, success in inevitable for those who don’t give up. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter!

I have learnt so much from my lovely daughter. She is an inspiration for many, including her mommy too. May God bless every family with a daughter like mine. Happy Birthday!

You may be far away from us but our blessings and message will always traverse the space and time to reach your heart! A mighty happy birthday to our stunning daughter!

Funny birthday message for lovely daughter from Mommy

Dear daughter! Day by day, you are growing notorious, mischief and adorable just like your Daddy! Its awesome to have a daughter like you! Happy birthday sweet heart!

My immediate intention is to punish you right after you have committed mistake. But you have learnt to melt my heart with those puppy eyes; a trick that your dear father taught you certainly. But nevertheless, you are the apple of my eye.

Sometimes I have a weird urges for laughing my heart out! At those moments, I simply look at the face of your Dad. The urges becomes quenched! Lol!

Your Dad had a major contribution in passing his intelligence and humor and I made the important contribution in giving you the gorgeous looks. Hehe! Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter!

Dear daughter! Remember the golden secret for always staying young : – Lie your age with a straight face, just like your mother!

I feel so happy when your birthday comes. It may speeds up your ageing, but it also speeds up your wisdom. Hahaha! Happy Birthday!

Dear daughter! Your father and you had an amazing similarity, which is the fart. A fart that makes the mosquitoes run for their lives. Rest in Peace for all those mosquitoes and a happy birthday to my daughter!


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