A daughter brings liveliness, exuberance and a whole lot of joyous dynamics into a family. She is the apple of eye for Mom, Dad and siblings. And this is why if its her birthday, then you can write her Birthday Quotes for daughter. These quotes are written from the perspective of the Mother. Along with the birthday quotes for her, we have also prepared some lovely images. Feel free to send share them with your daughter.

When I see you, I see all my dreams and visions in your beautiful eyes. You are the light that has illuminated our house with so much joy and happiness.

You may be a daughter but you are well equivalent, if not more to any Son in this world. May you reach the zenith of success in both your personal and professional endeavors.

The world may not be everything for you but for me, you are my world. Love you gorgeous daughter

Unlike the sprint, its the marathon that actually yields success. May you always persist in whatever you believe in.

We not agree on many things but that will never dilute you being loving and adorable always be your mother.

You are the epitome of a gorgeous woman combined with modernism and wisdom. May God bless every family with a daughter like you.

The most surreal moment of my life was when you made your first high pitch cry after coming into this world. No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby girl

Inspiring birthday quotes for Daughter – From mother

Some of the worthwhile things in life often come with persistence.

Dear daughter, always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

I may be elder in years but you are an inspiration to many; including your mother too. Happy Birthday my gorgeous daughter.

There is a true saying that the thorns that don’t kill you, often makes you stronger only.

Its never the end of the journey if its not met with success.

The real joy of life is always in the journey and not in staying at the destination.

Every stagnant thing starts to decay and every moving thing remains fresh and versatile. May you always keep moving up to newer goals and visions. Many many happy returns of the day to you daughter.

The most erudite scientist in the world cannot estimate my daughter’s potential. Dear daughter, God’s gift to you is more talent and ability that you will ever use in this life time. Your gift to God is to make use of as much talent and ability in this lifetime. Happy Birthday!

There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. May you keep your pursuit high even in the times of difficulty.

Its not easy for me to fall upset, because my cheerful daughter always catapults me out of the low phases. You are truly sent from the divine my girl!

May the rainbow of your life be always extends with the variety of shades of joy, peacefulness, serenity and ecstasy. Happy Birthday Darling!

You are a breath of exuberance and liveliness who can cheer up the gloomy faces.

The world would be so much nicer and heavenly if there were more daughters like you.

I may not be able to complete all your wishes, but I am certain that you will fulfill all of mine. To my pretty daughter, a very happy birthday to you!

I have experienced the presence of God in my life real time when I held you in my arms for the very first time. God bless you my darling!

When Almighty wants to design a beautiful girl, he considers your physical and emotional attributes.

Funny birthday quotes for daughter – From Mom

I imparted all the good things to you. For your bad habits, always think of daddy.

I am sure you give me a lot of curses than your hugs and sweet wishes. Hehe!

I may be hard onto you but you have to credit me for bringing out the best in you too.

Dear Daughter! I am always a jolly and happy go lucky mother, unless you do something to piss me off!

The most relieving day of my life came was when you stopped clinging on my breast. Popping you out was easier!

When I feel like laughing till my stomach hurts, I simply look at your Dad’s face. Ironically, if I see it when I am angry, I get even angrier. Haha!

You may be ageing with every passing year but I am glad that your wisdom is rising up. Happy birthday to my now wiser daughter!

Today is your birthday. I am so happy because tonight we will be going out for an amazing delicious meal.

Whether its is yours’s or your Dad’s birthday, the one thing in common is shopping for your Mother! Hehe


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