There is no man on this Earth who does not crave for the love of his daughter. He treats her like princess, lavishes her with happiness and gifts, with the sole expectation of receiving sincerest love from her daughter. If today is the birthday of your daddy, then you can send her the birthday quotes for father. We have curated the best of them in this post. They are emotional, sentimental and funny also. Do share it with your birthday Daddy.

I may not be the best daughter but you are certainly the best father that any daughter could have. Happy Birthday to you Father. No one like you!

May your life be like a rainbow, always extending with different hues of calmness, joyous, prosperity, good health and so on.

Its amazing how you still make mommy blush even after so many years of marriage.

I owe the best moments of my life to my lovely Dad. Thanks a ton for imparting me with altruism, kindness and those stunning looks.

You may be old but your vigor and exuberance is soaring with every passing year. May the trend stays like this.

Mom may have brought me into this world but you are the one who taught me the rules of the world. Thank you Father for everything. Love you!

I want my prince charming to be like my Dad. Smart, handsome, strong and full of kindness. Happy Birthday Dad!

I always know that when Mommy says No No No, Dad is always there to say Yes, Yes, Yes.

I certainly must have done some great Karma in previous to get a father like you. Many many happy returns of the day Daddy!

You have always propelled me to my goals and visions. When I didn’t believed in myself, my Dad did. You are an awesome Dad. Love you to the moon and back!

Funny Birthday quotes for Father from lovely daughter

It may be your birthday today, but don’t think your pampering and lavishing onto me will stop anytime soon! It is your work for eternity. Hehe!! Love you Dad! And a very happy Birthday to an amazing man.

I don’t know how you fathered me. You are more good looking than me. This is totally unfair Dad. Hehe!

Thank you dear daddy for forwarding me your simplicity, kindness, wisdom and hard work. And thank you Mom for imparting me those gorgeous looks.

The best gifts of my life have not come on my birthday surprisingly, but on your’s. Now you know why I anticipate more about your birthday than mine. Hehe!! Happy Birthday to you father!

A great by product of the old age is the funny look.

Your charm and charisma is only rising with every passing year. I am sure Mommy is having a great time!

It doesn’t really matter what you look on the outside, until you feel like a wild teenager, you are fine, and we are too!

Dear Dad! You may have your birthday today but am more excited about the outing today!

Some people who always look young, never actually grow up too! I just confirmed this universal truth from Mommy and she vouch on that based on her personal, real life experience.

You may have your birthday today, but we all know for whom you will be shopping! Hehe!!

I have selected an amazing heart melting gift for you Dad. It is a symbol of greatness for the perfect individual like you. Of course I am sending you the invoice. Please pay on time!

Inspiring quotes of Birthday for Father from the daughter

The so called super heroes of the world will fall short in front of my Daddy whose real life heroics are more inspiring and full of adrenaline.

You might be old Daddy but you have plenty of left in your kitty of life. A very happy birthday from all of us.

No matter how wise and mature I become, you will always be the umbrella of wisdom and love for the entire family.

It is amazing how only a few words of your’s, filled with love, compassion and motivation always catapults me out of the low phases of life.

Some of the renowned success in people’s lives comes well beyond their 50’s.

If I will ever have a Son, I would want him to be like you.

You may have been harsh at times, but I realized that it was only for my betterment and am glad that you pushed me out of my comfort zone. Witnessing you throughout the years, I can now only say, Thank You Daddy and Happy Birthday!

We may disagree and even argue on many topics, but you will always have a special place in my heart. May the divine bless you with longevity and good health.

The daughters of the world would be so much nicer, altruistic, hard working and wise, if there were more Dads in the world like mine. Many many returns of the day to you Daddy!


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