The Almighty made everyone unique in this world. And therefore, you, yourself are unique. There is and will be no one ever like you. So when it comes to praising yourself on birthday, we highly advice you to think of yourself in the superlative terms always. Birthday quotes for me along with the images is the best way to do that.

“The joy is always in the journey, and not in the destination.. Happy Birthday to me, myself and I”

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger always!

As a man, I am turning into ageing like a fine wine. May the Almighty keeps me blessed always. Happy Birthday to myself.

When god intends to create beautiful, wise and smart woman, he takes the reference of mine. Thank you Lord for blessing me with so much. A very happy birthday to me gorgeous!

There is no best medicine than love and compassion. Today, I vow to forgive everyone who hurted me. May they and I find peace and tranquility.

Someone definitely said that no wise man would ever want to be younger. I agree with it whole hardheartedly.

Some of the best moments of my life came after I got mature and wiser with age. Grateful to be alive and kicking. Happy Birthday to unique me!

The most trustworthy, reliable and dedicated friend that I will ever have is me, myself and I. I love myself from the bottom of my heart. May I acquire more success and wisdom at every stage of life. Happy Birthday to me!

There may not be any heroic connotation to the word persistence buts its quality is like that of Carbon to steel. I am proud of myself for what I have gone through and survived in life.

I may have been born poor but I certainly ain’t gonna die like that one.

Inspiring Birthday Quotes for me, myself and I

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going.

There is always a season of sowing and a season for reaping. But you don’t do both in the same time.

I don’t need to wish to look like anyone. All I should care about looking my best version.

Real women do not wish for boys. They appreciate men.

There is no better doctor in the world than the one residing in myself; the immune system. You are my best and lifelong friend.

Success is the best and sweetest revenge but attaining it requires no hatred and jealously.

Some of the worthwhile things in life came to me when I deeply longed for them and worked hard.

No era could be greater than this one to be alive. I am glad that I was born at the right time.

The highs and lows are the natural cycle of a human life. Every day follows the night. There are only pros in everything. The rest are manageable.

I may be tired but I will keep on pursing my goals and visions until I either becomes unconscious or dead.

Many people may not like me but there are thousands, if not millions who will love me for who I am.

The real test of character comes during the bad times. Everyone can thrive during the good times. Happy Birthday to me!

Money can only provide comfort. The real joy and health always come from the within.

Happy and Funny birthday quotes for me

Where there is a will, there is always a way. I hope some rich bastard name me in their will.

The best secret in the world to always stay young is to lie about your age with deep conviction.

I take immense pleasure in having a skill that makes the mosquitoes run for their life. Yea, its my fart, the one which can even knock me out too! I plan to get it patented and become rich overnight!

Don’t know whether its the birthday or the fact that I have turned older that makes the birthday wishers happy!

Now I understand why do I need to speak so less. Its usually due to wisdom or being utter ignorant about the topic. Nothing wrong in both the cases honestly.

Birthdays are the best when I can go on a cheat meal and gorge on food like a pig. Its my birth right after all and no one can take it away!

I can either chose to be mad at my mistakes, or laugh at them and then learn from them.

its so true that those who has the most birthdays, are the ones who live the longest.

I now realize that the people who always belittled me, were the ones with the most insecurities.

My pace of learning may have decreased but at least I am still learning when other people of my age have become couch potato.

I may be young but my daily routine is certainly like that of an old folk.


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