There will never be anyone like us in the entire universe. If you doubt that, try to find anyone who is exactly similar to you in terms of looks, personality and perception. God made everyone of us unique. If you are girl, who has its birthday, a very happy birthday to you. You will like the birthday story for myself (Girl) which we have prepared. So without wasting any more time, lets get started.

On this day, many many years ago, the almighty decided to exit a cute little girl onto the planet Earth. I don’t know whether it was my first time here or I had been here several other times! I didn’t knew how I felt but having been a grown up now, I certainly know that I was crying my heart loud, with cute high pitched cries.

When my Mom holded me for the first time, I guess it was my first relief moment in this life. For a couple of years, I was the apple of eye for everyone in the family. They loved me to the core, and they still do. I had always been the daddy’s little princess and he had pampered me, spoiled me to the best extent. I had seen working day and night, to provide shelter, food and comfort to me. Thank you parents for the hard work. I now know how much you guys have sacrificed to give your children the best of everything.

Growing up, I realized how powerful I could be in melting anyone’s heart for my wishes. Whenever someone refused to fulfill my wish, all I had to do was make puppy eyes and asked in a cute little voice. And bingo! Dad would instantly agree. My parents built up my self-confidence and made me felt beautiful from inside out.

School and college was good. I made many friends and am thankful to God for sending such lovely people into my life. Some of my colleagues have turned into friends, while few of the friends have drifted away from my life. I have accepted the fact that people sometimes change, their preferences changes and therefore they stop being part of our lives. All this is fine and I have nothing against everyone. I choose to respect people who show respect to my presence in their lives and let people go away from my life.

Cut to today, and I realize how awesome life has been. I did had fair share of hang ups with friends and family but thanks to the Almighty, for instilling the belief in me, that nothing is better than to forgive and live without egos. Life has a habit of throwing obstacles every now and then, but it was the uncomfortable period only which drove me to success and for improving the quality of my life.

At times, being a girl made only things difficult for me due to peer pressure of being slim, fat free and to look like a certain way according to the society’s standard. I now understand how beautiful and important it is to be unique so that we can stand out in the crowd and be our best version. How much beautiful I will be both inside and out, there will always be people who will envy me for that. And I have nothing against them and pray to God for en lighting their mind so that they realize their worth. After all, they are the part of the same consciousness of this universe and I couldn’t afford to be mad at them.

It would be wrong to say that Life is perfect. It has its ups and down and rhythms and that what makes life so worth living. There were times, when I used to seek validation from outside about my self worth, and later on realized that the only person who could make or break me, was me myself. I have now realized that failure is a part of everyone’s life. Some may show it, some suppress it.

As a girl, I can only say that Life has been good to me. I did mistakes and while I used to be angry with myself for committing them, I later realized that it was the ignorance which made me do it. I have learnt that everyone in this universe is seeking greater awareness, love and affection and I am no different.

I am way too excited about my future, as it should be. I long for a man (or a woman too) who is smart, funny and intelligent but more importantly, who shares the same wavelength as that of my brain. The world is full of all kind of people and it is my responsibility to look for the good and do everything in my capacity to help the needy.

The Almighty has blessed me with great looks, an agile body and a mind. I look to keep myself fit and fine for the rest of my life. After all, they say that life never ends. I wow to myself, that I will never ever retire from the joy and vigor of life. I will show my grand kids that I could equal their energy, enthusiasm. And I hope to have lots of them. It is a wonderful thing to be a girl and a woman.

And lastly, I would like to remind myself, that there will never ever be someone like me. I am a unique girl and will always be! I may have flaws but I have tons of good things to share with the world. A very happy birthday to me, myself and I. Lots of love to myself.


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