Having gratitude in the heart is one of the wisest signs of an individual, especially for the birthday wishes. But thinking some of the sincerest and awesome birthday thank you notes can be difficult at times and this is why we are writing this post. We have prepared some of the finest birthday thank you notes from the bottom of our heart along with the images. Feel free to share them.

Its very hard for me to leave you an equally gratitude filled birthday thank you note like your wish. Your words really touched me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your birthday blessings are always cherished.

No food and gifts gets me naturally high like the birthday wishes from all you people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

There is no need of picture message when I can have your nice beautiful words for my birthday. Needless to say, but a sincere thank you.

Some of the powerful things in this world are the words and your birthday wishes for me are a true example of that.

Even though I may have wronged you unintentionally but still your poise and grace for me is clearly visible in those birthday wishes. Thanks for that mate

You may not have been able to come to my birthday party but your special birthday wishes certainly made that up for me. Please accept my sincere thank you notes!

You are an awe inspiring man and your birthday wishes didn’t fall short of that too. Sincere Thank you note to you.

Its not the birthday gifts, party, food and drinks but the kind words that you said for me that rejuvenates my heart and soul. I am glad to have you in my life. Thank you for those lovely birthday notes

While we may have disagreement and heated banter many times, but your birthday wishes for me were filled with genuine respect and admiration and I am thankful for that. I wish the same for you too!

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, your words are special and soothing for the mind, heart and soul. May there be more people like you in this world who thinks genuinely for others. Tons of thank you for you dear!

Thank you Notes for birthday to Friends

You may not speak much, but your written words really do the talking. Lots of sincere thank yous for those kind birthday notes.

We may be acquaintances only but such are your words that they touch me deeply. Mighty thank you for those awesome birthday notes

I have never craved for materialistic gifts from everyone. What my heart do yearn for is the authentic and sincere birthday notes from loved ones. And I am not shame to admit that. Thank you everyone for the birthday notes.

Reading your birthday notes brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am so grateful to have you in my life dear! Thanks for those exuberant and loving birthday notes for me.

They say that the best things in life are intangible, just like your birthday wishes for me. Thank you dear for those kind words.

If somebody wants to have an heartgasm then he/she should read your birthday wishes him/her.

At times, your words may criticize me but I am grateful that they are unbiased, honest, sincere and always for the betterment of me. I sincerely thank you for your birthday notes.

I am glad to receive such an inspiring birthday wish from you. I really needed that from someone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For Family – Heart Warming Thank you Notes for Birthday wishes

While most of guys and girls are far away but your birthday notes brought so much joy, and peacefulness. I will sleep deeply tonight owing to your love. Gratitude and thank you!

You are one of those few people in my life whose words really matter to me. I can feel that you took a lot of time to wrote that beautiful birthday note for me. Thank you sweet heart!

It is true that money really cannot buy everything. The best example is your birthday notes for me. I know that you wrote it from the bottom of your heart. Thank you dear!

Love and compassion are the best medicines in this world and I am grateful to be surrounded by kind, loving people. Thank you guys and galz for your lovely birthday notes for me.

We may forget the beautiful birthday gifts, parties and get together but the soothing and compassionate birthday notes always stays with us. Thank you so much people for the amazing birthday notes.

Professional notes of thank you for the birthday

The workplace becomes lively, fun and productive when I have such awesome colleagues working with me. I thank you all for those amazing birthday notes for me.

I always used to admire your skills and talent, but seeing your kindness, you have my respect too. A mighty thanks for those special birthday notes for me.

I wish more corporate in the world have people like you. You may be straight forward, but you are honest, goal oriented and thinks for the benefit of everyone. Thank you for those kind, sincere birthday notes for me.


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