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Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Brother from Sister


Elder brother and a younger sister will always have a love-hate relationship. No matter how much elder the brother is, the little sisters has a way of pulling his legs at will. And when it comes to birthday of the elder brother, funny wishes from Sister are simply the best. They are not only enjoyable to read, but also glues the bond deeper between elder brother and sister. So if you are a sister who wants some funny, hilarious messages for your elder brother, on his birthday, then lets get started.

When God wants to make a handsome boy, he immediately disregards the reference of my elder bro. Know why? Just take a look at our family pictures hahaa! Kidding! Happy Birthday dear! I hope all your wishes get fulfilled.

After having to use the toilet after your turn for many years, I pray to God that your shit smells somewhat less disgusting. But doesn’t really matter now because I am used to it. Happy Birthday my gorgeous elder brother!

Your fart can not only faint others but is an excellent mosquito repeller too. There is some justice in this world after all.

A great brother is the one who knows all the dirty secrets of her sister but doesn’t spill them to mommy daddy. That’s only allowed for the sister. Happy Birthday dear!

Hey Elder Brother! A very happy birthday to you! You are like a father figure and apparently you have started to look like father’s age in the recent years. Lol! I wish this year of life brings you immense happiness and joy. I hope the party is going to be amazing tonight!

My dating world is screwed up because I have not only one, but two father figures to guard me! Haha!! But nonetheless, I am lucky to have them both. A very Happy Birthday to my elder brother! May you the Almighty bless you with ton of fortune to share with me! Stay blessed.

Hey Elder bro! Many many happy returns of the day to you. Several of my friends have a crush on you. No, that was a joke,haha! You may have aged but your wisdom also needs to catch up on you soon. Stay happy, stay fit! Lots of love from your younger sister.

It has been m observation over the years, that when the going gets tough, the lazy sits on the couch. What’s your say in it dear brother? Oh happy birthday by the way.

A very mighty birthday wishes to my super handsome elder brother! You deserve all the hot chicks in the world. Hopefully your luck will find atleast one this year. Lol!

Life is so precious when one has a elder brother like you; the one who willingly buys me a gift every time I show puppy eyes. Happy Birthday Elder bro! May every sister has a cool bro like you!

Dear brother! You may be elder to me, but sometimes you deserve a serious kick in your butt from your sister! Haha! Happy Birthday by the way! I wish this year makes you a bit wiser. Happy partying!

To my nerdy elder bro, may you find someone this year to sleep by side, except for the obvious books and papers. Lol! Happy birthday to you. So what treat should I expect today?

On this great birthday of our brother, I wish he reduces his tummy. You seem like a pregnant lady bro. Haha! But I have faith that you will get back to fitness. Enjoy the birthday brother!

To my dear brother. Being a girl, I can certainly feel that you are a horrible boyfriend, but would certainly be a good father because of how much you pamper me all the time. Happy Birthdya Btw. All the wishes for becoming a great boyfriend.

Funny Sarcastic – Elder Brother Birthday wishes by sister

The only thing that has improved over the years is your fart becoming less disgusting. I hope the improvements will continue this year also. Happy Birthday to elder brother!

Hey brother! It may appear to you that I want to prove you wrong sometimes. Its not like that! I instead wish to beat the living crap out of you for making me irritated. Sending you all the punching birthday wishes to you. Hope you improve!

There cannot be any other elder bro who can be funnier, smarter and innocent like that of mine. Happy Birthday Sweet heart! I hope this year will make you leave some of your annoying habits.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going; of course this phrase doesn’t apply to my elder brother. Happy Birthday Dear! May the almighty wish every desire of yours.

Hey elder handsome brother. Many many happy returns of the day to you. I am so glad to have a brother like you who understands me so well. Of course, I feel like pulling your hairout at times, when you do not listen to me. But you are tolerable for most of the time. Let the party begins tonight! Stay blessed!

I know men are generally bad at cooking, but no one could compete with my elder brother. Lol! Happy Birthday to my handsome brother. May you learn some survival skills this year.

I am so glad to have the wisdom of my brother and get success. Keep making more mistakes bro so that your wisdom and experience can help me reach success even earlier. Haha! I wish you the mightiest birthday wishes brother! Love you to the moon and back!

My dear bro. You are supposed to have more knowledge and wisdom than me, but unfortunately the entire scenario seems reversed. I feel like your elder sister all the times. May be I was your elder sister in the previous lifetime. Anyways, a very happy birthday to you!

Hey handsome brother! Your birthday gives me an opportunity to quench my shopping spree. I wish you become a millionaire soon. All the best wishes to you, Happy Birthday!

I am super immuned and have thick skin to bear criticism. Ofcourse, this is due to my elder brother, who seems relentless in finding my faults. But happy birthday to you. It is because of you that I succeeded.