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Birthday Wishes to Dad from Son


Every father craves for a son that achieves his unfulfilled dream. And every son craves for a role model in his father. If you are a son, know that nothing in the world gives more joy, and pleasure to your father than your birthday wishes to him. This post is all about great happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes to Dad from Son.

Hey Dad. A very Happy Birthday to you. You have been my superhero ever since I came into this world. No matter whether we argue over petty things, you will always be my Hero and I cherish all of you. May you live long for another 100 years. I love you.

Life doesn’t come with a manual which is why Nature has given us a Father. And when one has a Dad like you, the Son is bound to succeed in all spheres of life. Happy Birthday Dear Dad. I am so proud to be your Son.

I as a Son is so privileged to have my Dad as my best friend also with whom I can share my heart out. I wish all the sons get a Dad like you Father. Happy Birthday to you! I pray to the Almighty that you live healthily for thousands of years.

Dear Daddy. While many Dads lavish their son with gifts, money and comfort, I am certainly thankful to you for giving me the freedom to have my own thoughts, opinions and perspectives. Happy Birthday Father. I hope there be many more Dads like you in this world.

The camaredrie, the friendship and the support that you have bestowed upon your Son is incredible Dad. I see my friend’s Dad and I can truly say that I am grateful to have you as my Dad. A mighty teddy bear Happy Birthday Hugs from your Son. Lots of Love.

Hey Dad! On this birthday of your’s, I would like not only like to wish you a very Happy Birthday but also ask for forgiveness for the harsh things that might have spilled from my mouth. Know that I will always love you and that you will always be my Super Hero.

I can honestly say that I may not be the best Son that you can have, but you are certainly the best Father that any Son will cherish. A ton of Happy Birthday wishes to you my handsome Dad. May the Almighty bless you with all sorts of happiness and fun forever.

Happy Birthday Father from Loving Son

There is no doubt that the universe fulfilled my most important wish of giving me the best Dad in this world. The gifts and happiness after that are just the icing on the cake. Happy Birthday Father. Lots of love from your Son.

If I could become half of my Father, I would consider it as an astronomical success. That’s how much great you are Daddy. You are a man of words who walks the talk. Happy Birthday to your from your wonderful Son.

I am so proud of my looks and thankful to my Dad for it. You are really a handsome man in the world and our family is so lucky to have you. Many many happy returns of the day to you Father. Keep rocking!

Despite facing all sorts of difficulties, I was able to bounce back hard, because I have such a wonderful, loving and enthusiastic Dad who backed me with all his heart. Happy Birthday Daddy! People like you are one in a million.

If there would be more Dads like you, the World would have been so much better. Your wisdom, love and empathy for others is infectious and I can only say that I am lucky to have you. Happy Birthday my handsome Daddy. Hope I can become more like you.

Mom always pray that I forge my own path just like you. She says that you are the best Dad in the world and that we are all grateful to have you. And I couldn’t agree with her more. Happy Birthday Dear Daddy!

The greatest Gift that any Dad can give to his Son is the lesson that the greatest gift in life is in giving, not in obtaining. I don’t know where I would be if not for you Dad. Life is great and I want to live each and every moment with you and your wisdom. Happy Birthday.

My father has taught me that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Its a remarkable trait that only few Dad’s can pass onto their Sons. I am so glad that I have such Dad. Happy Birthday to you Daddy.

While many children can certainly find superheros in the comics and televisions, I am fortunate to have a superhero in my home i.e. Dad. Happy Birthday Daddy. Know that you are the biggest inspiration for your Son.

Happy Birthday to my dad who is the epitome of a strong, handsome man. No matter how old you become, you will always be handsome and energetic. Lots of love to you from your handsome Son.

Lord has been kind enough to grant good health to our dad. As a Son, pray to the Almighty to give him many many years of joy and vigor. Happy Birthday Dad. You will always be my HERO.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter


We are back again, this time with the inspirational birthday wishes for your father from daughter. No matter if the recipient is old or young, inspiring messages appeal to people of all age groups. If you are girl whose man has lost a bit of his edge, then our birthday inspiring wishes will help him for sure.

Hey Dad. What an eventful year this has been! I know that you have gone through a lot, but if there was anyone who could have endured so much stress, only you could have endured it. The age number may have ticked ahead, but I know that you have the heart of a champion. Happy Birthday Daddy! Lots of love to you.

I may not be the best daughter that a parent can have, but Daddy, you are surely the best father that any daughter can have. Everyday, I thank the Almighty for sending me in this family. I hope I get a Dad like you in my next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday Dear! May you live for eternity.

Whatever success I have achieved, it is purely because of the environment that my Dad brought me up. Thank you Dad for everything you have done for your daughter. A mighty teddy bear happy birthday to you. Lots of love!

Hey Dad! It was from you that I truly infused the belief of “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. You have provided us with all sorts of necessities and comfort and I am glad to be your daughter. A very Happy Birthday to you.

Dear Daddy! A mighty happy birthday to you. You are the epitome of a hard working, optimistic man and there is nothing in the world that you cannot accomplish. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Being a woman, I have never felt less than a man; courtesy to all the strong beliefs with which you raised me up. I wish all the daughters in the world get a dad like you. Happy Birthday Daddy! You will always be an inspiring figure to me!

The world would be so much better with more Dads like you. You spread positivity wherever you go and your infectious smile can make anyone’s day. Stay like this Dad! Very happy Birthday to you. Lots of love from your cute little princess.

I cannot fathom how much I would have missed on in life if I hadn’t got a supportive Dad like you. Your wisdom has laid all the foundations of success for me and your altruistic values has really given me a purpose to live beyond all the materialistic wealth. Happy Birthday Daddy!

While there may be no heroic connotation to the word persistence, but its importance is similar to that of carbon in the steel. I am so happy for Daddy to instill such valuable characteristics in her daughter. May you live long for at least 100 more years. Happy Birthday Dad!

Inspiring Happy Birthday Messages, Quotes to Dad from Daughter

My handsome father may have been growing a white beard for many years, but he is still razor sharp in his work ethic, and values. Dear Daddy, on this birthday, I pray to the Almighty to keep you strong and optimistic.

If there is a perfect role model for men, it is my Dad. Strong, handsome and intelligent. Really Dad, I wish I get a man like you as my partner. A very happy birthday to you. Lots of love!

I as a girl is so lucky to not search for a superhero in the comics or in TV. The biggest superhero is my Dad and I am so glad to have his presence with me all the time. Happy Birthday Daddy! Love you to the moon and back.

Dear Dad, seeing you helping around Mom is the best thing that children can ever see in their home. You raised me in such a beautiful environment. Our mom is lucky to have you and so am I. Many many happy returns of the day to you handsome.

Hey Dad! We may have had all sorts of arguments over various things, but my love and respect for you has only elevated with time. I know you always give your best to the daughter and I am so glad to have you as my father. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Dad, you are the toughest man i have seen in my life and seeing you conquering success one after another, is truly inspiring. But you always kept balance between your career and family and I am so glad to have spent some good memories with you over the years. More to come for sure. Happy Birthday Daddy!

God gave me the best manual to make big in life; i.e. my Dad. You are the savior that can transform the life of any individual with his enthusiasm and self-belief. I wish you thousands of years of vigor, fun and joy. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Daddy! While many parent can shower money, happiness on their children but the one thing that I will always be grateful of you will be the Freedom! Thank you for trusting in me and guiding me at all the times. Many many happy returns of the day to you. You are the best Dad!

If I know someone who has nerves of steel to sail through the difficult phases of life, it is you Daddy! You have brought your daughter to full life from the most depressing phase of my life. I don’t know where would I have been in life without you. I wish a father like you in every home. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

Funny Happy Birthday Dad wishes from Daughter


We are back once again with happy birthday wishes for your handsome father. Funny Birthday wishes from Daughter to Dad are lively and are a perfect way to bring a smile to your father’s face on his birthday. Here in this post, you will find plenty of such wishes and messages.

You may be my dad, but you are also more than a friend to me. My boyfriend idolizes you and think you are the perfect role model, of course he hasn’t met enough with you personally. Lol! Many many happy returns of the day to you. Enjoy this day to the fullest.

Your years may be passing but mom says that your Libido is still like that of a teenager. I wish the same for my boyfriend too. Happy Birthday Father

Hey Daddy! With one more year of your life, I am having more freedom in my dating world than ever. Haha! You know I love you a lot! I wish a man like you i.e. smart, handsome and funny comes in my life soon. Happy Birthday Dad from your beautiful daughter! Love you!

It is hard to imagine but my dear dad, you are ageing like a fine wine and the ladies still swoon over your presence. I think Mom should worry about it. Lol! Happy Birthday to you!

Hey Daddy, on this birthday, I was thinking of gifting you something expensive and valuable that will touch your heart and make you feel gratitude. But then I thought, I am myself that present for you. Happy Birthday Daddy!

I am a prime example in this family who never grows up. But I can’t be blamed because I got it all from my Daddy! If you don’t believe it, then just ask from our momma at your own risk! Happy Birthday Daddy! Lots of love

I am so proud of myself to be your daughter. I am a strong personality, with a dashing presence and loves to get into debate; the qualities of which I have no control as I inherited them from my handsome father. Haha.. Happy Birthday Daddy from your cute little princess. Lots of love!

Hey Daddy! There are times when I really miss you a lot; especially when I have run out of money at the end of the month! Happy Birthday to the cutest father in the world. Please send me some money also.

People often say that with age comes wisdom. But I think there are some exceptions like me, who is following the footsteps of her lovely father! Haha!! Happy Birthday Dad! May the Almighty fulfills all your desires.

It was fascinating how our mother used to blush whenever we talked about you; now the same man elicits groin more than laughter. Haha! Happy Birthday Daddy! I know you will never change.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Dad from Daughter

Where there is a will, there is always a way. But unfortunately, my Dad has lavished all the love, happiness, and joy onto his beautiful daughter and therefore I will always be lazy; just like my father! Happy Birthday dear daddy! May God bless you.

There are two things that will always be certain in this world. My insane growing stupidity and you being ageing like a fine wine. I hope I will age like you too when the time comes. Happy Birthday handsome father from your lovely daughter!

Dear Daddy! Your daughter is very much likely to stay single for the rest of her life as she can’t find any prince charming like her own father. On this birthday, please pray that your daughter finds a decent man. Lots of love and many many happy returns of the day to you.

Hey Dad! Many many happy returns of the day to you. I hope the Almighty bless you with more health, liveliness and vigor. May mom and you be together for eternity without shouting at the top of your lungs.

Nothing could sway away the hardened heart of my father except the puppy eyes of his pretty daughter and the loud scare shouting of his wife. Haha! Happy Birthday dear Daddy! You are the best!

Sarcastic and Funny Birthday Wishes to Father From Daughter

You are one hell of a lucky man. There is no daughter in the world who will not throw tantrums on her dad, except me. Be proud for the lovely daughter Daddy! She comes once in a while only. Happy Birthday!

Wisdom is natural to come with age. However, the Almighty has always few exceptions. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say! But Happy Birthday to you!

Every year, I look forward to my Dad’s birthday because I know the outing, party and treats are going to be awesome. I wish more and more daughters get a father like you. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

As a daughter, I will admit that there are times when I feel like punching you square in the face, because you are such a sweetheart who has allowed us to enjoy such a lively chemistry with you. Thank you Dad for everything. Mighty Birthday wishes to you dear.

Hey Dad! The grey hairs of yours are turning grayer every year and I know am the reason for it. But of course, having to put up with such a lovely daughter is worth it. Happy Birthday Daddy! I hope you stay fit

Birthday Wishes for Daddy from Daughter


Your Dad is the first masculine personality that guided you through the rules of society. Dads can be tough but they do so in order to instill the values of hard work, ethics and honesty. He is the one who can be harsh with you and still love you. When his birthday arrives, nothing in the world gives him more happiness than the wishes from his daughter. In this post, we are going to write amazing birthday wishes, quotes and messages for your daddy.

Happy Birthday Dad from Daughter

Dear Daddy! You are the first man that came into my life and I feel so grateful to have a father like you! You have blessed me with so much amazing love and I can’t think of any wish that you did not fulfilled. Thanks Dad for all the love. A very Happy Birthday to you! Lots of love from your lovely daughter!

God gave me the best father and I am the luckiest daughter in the world. No matter how old you become Dad, you will always be my hero. On this birthday, I wish you more fun, more joy and tremendous longevity of life. Happy Birthday Daddy from your cute daughter.

You are the super cool Dad that every daughter yearns for. I cannot believe how so many years have passed since you first sat me on your lap. You are ageing like a fine wine and am so blessed to got the good looks from you. Happy birthday Daddy! I will always be your cute little princess.

Hey Daddy! Where there is a will, there is always a way! You have always taught me the core values of hard work and honesty and I owe all my success to you. Thank you for everything! On this birthday, I wish the Almighty to give you many many more years of good health, happiness and joy. May you and mom always be together in the next lifetimes.

I was privileged to be born as your beautiful daughter daddy! You are the epitome of a thorough gentleman who walks his talk. I am so glad for all the fun and joy that our family has had over the years. But the journey is far from over. On this birthday, I wish you all the love and long life.

Just like that of mother and son, the bond of father and daughter will always be eternal. No matter how many times you have scolded me or the times I have retaliate back, you will always be my hero. Happy Birthday Dad! May the divine bless you with infinite love, vigor and satisfaction. Lots of love to you!

I can’t believe that your birthday has arrived so quickly this year. It feels that we celebrated your birthday yesterday only. Haha! The Almighty has been kind onto you and why not, you are a man of your words. I wish every daughter gets a father like you. Many many happy returns of the day to you Daddy!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

I wish the divine turn me into a small cute little newborn princess so that my lovely father could hold me in his hand again! My dear daddy, there are tears of love in my eyes for you as I rewind the lovely memories between us. You have given me everything in this life and I hope I return back to you a fraction of what you have given me. Thank you Daddy for everything. A very Happy Birthday!

I am so grateful to the divine for ageing my father into a finer looking handsome man. You still rock Daddy and the ladies swoon over your presence. I love every bit of you and you have done every thing for a daughter that a man could have done. Happy Birthday Daddy! May you love forever!

There may not be a heroic connotation to the word persistence, but its quality is important like that of a steel in the carbon. I am so happy that you instilled that one main ingredient in me which has allowed me to conquers the heights of success. Thank you Dad for everything. A very Happy Birthday to you.

I may have grown into a strong, courageous and beautiful woman, but it is my handsome father who deserves all the credit. His way of upbringing, teachings, moral and ethical values have transpired me into what I am today! I love you Dad. Mighty birthday wishes to you. You still have a lot of gas left in your tank for this life. Keep rocking Daddy! Blessings and kisses.

I wish that I find my prince charming just like my dad. Smart, handsome, funny and mighty chivalrous. You are the man that every woman dreams of Daddy! Keep living life to the fullest like you always have! As a daughter, nothing makes me feel more content than to see a bright smile on your face. Happy Birthday Daddy! Love you!

I have seen many so many men in my lives but none have the physical and emotional attributes like my precious dad. You are one in a million and am so grateful to the Almighty for making me your cute little daughter who received all the love from his dad. A very big teddy bear Happy Birthday Wishes to my handsome Dad from your beautiful daughter.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Dear Daddy, there is so much that you have taught me over the years. I love how you welcomed so many challenges in your life and made the most out of them. Happy Birthday Daddy, from your loving, strong and beautiful daughters.