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Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter by Mother


If both the parties are supportive of each other, the camaraderie of Mother and Daughter is a sight to hold of. A mother sees her reflection in the daughter and the daughter absorbs the beauty of motherhood from mother. If today is the birthday of your Daughter, then we have prepares some Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter wishes. These wishes are mainly written from the perspective of Mother. Feel free to send these lovely daughter birthday messages along with the images.

The day you entered my womb, I realized that I am nurturing something special. And you have been special ever since you landed on this planet. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. God bless you!

Nothing feels sweeter to ears than the blessings, and good words of other behind my daughter’s back. It truly shows that my daughter is doing something special. I hope you always stay like this. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous girl.

If God ask me for one sure wish, I will beg her to have me your daughter me for all the lifetimes. You are the soul from the heaven and our life has been amazing ever since you arrived here. We love you with all our heart my beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday!

Its no wonder that men of all age are enchanted by my gorgeous girl. She is smart, funny, well-mannered and needless to say, simply gorgeous. Happy Birthday to you darling. May your beauty stays forever.

Birthday wishes Beautiful Daughter — From Mother

You are simply the cutest girl that any girl could ever be. Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter. I hope you find yourself an equally charming and handsome prince at the earliest. Lots of love my sweet heart!

There is no moment joyous and meaningful than the one spent with my daughter. I am grateful of all such moments and I am sure there are plenty of them that will come in the future. Many many happy returns of the day to you gorgeous daughter. No one like you!

I certainly must have done some special deeds in my past to have a daughter like you. I thank the Almighty for fulfilling my wish and giving me the very best I deserved. Happy Birthday lovely daughter. You are one in a million.

There is no other joy for a mother than to see her daughter more beautiful, livelier and hardworking than her. Happy Birthday my lovely daughter. Your mere sight is enough to make me joyous and happy.

While I was wishing for a boy, the Almighty gave me equally enthusiastic and beautiful child from the heaven in the form of a daughter. Happy Birthday my stunning apple of eye. I love you with all my heart.

When God wants to send beautiful women on this Earth, he takes the reference of my lovely daughter. Happy Birthday my lovely child. You are a ray of sunshine, hope and exuberance for the whole family.

May the divine bless you with everything my beautiful Girl

My daughter is not only beautiful from outside but from inside too. She has the heart of a gold and her naivety is just like a toddler with loads of intelligence. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter from the divine. Happy Birthday my gorgeous child.

Dear Daughter. Never ever compromise on your ethics and values. You are unique child in this universe and you deserve the very best from this life. Happy Birthday Darling!

While we mother and daughter may not agree on certain things, know that my heart always yearn for the love and respect of my daughter. I value her perceptions and thinking and pray for her success in professional and personal endeavors. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

In a world when children are deeply engrossed in mobile games, video gaming, movie watching and boyfriends, my daughter is working hard day and night to make a name for herself. I admire her persistence and thank the Lord for instilling the wisdom in her at an early age. Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter. Love you to the moon and back.

There are times when I deeply miss my daughter. Dear beautiful, wherever you are, know that our hearts will always be connected with the intangible yet powerful strings of love, respect and admiration. I will ask you to be my daughter in all the next lifetimes. Happy Birthday beautiful. May God bless you!

I may not be the best mother but my girl is certainly the best daughter in this world. Happy Birthday my child. I have learnt so much in life from you too. I adore you with all my heart. Love you to the moon and back.

There is no better feeling in the world than to be mother of a fearless daughter. Your way of thinking and taking the actions is admirable. I wish the divine lavishes you youth, beauty and vigor throughout the eternity. Happy Birthday!

The world would be so much better if there were more beautiful women like my adorable daughter. Her aura, infectious smile and lovable personality makes everyone feel so good about themselves. Happy Birthday darling!

While there may not be anything that is 100% wholesome and perfect, but my lovely daughter, you certainly are the closest to it. Many many returns of the birthday to you dear!

There would be so much less competition, less back stabbing, more productivity and happiness in the corporate, if there were more empowering females like my gorgeous, educated and hard working daughter. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart! May you love thousands of years with amazing health.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter – From Dad


Daughters are truly the angel from the divine. They are adorable, beautiful and bring a lot of positive vibes into the house. Lucky are the families where daughter blesses them. Daughters and fathers have always shared a special bond. There is something about it that is lively, pure and full of love. If you are searching for Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter wishes from Daddy, then we have some of the nicest wishes in this post, along with the images. Feel free to share it with your daughter.

Happy Birthday to my lovely beautiful daughter! You are like a ray of sunshine. May the divine bless you with infinite beauty, love and vigor. May you achieve everything that your heart desires. Love you to the moon and back!

As a father, I couldn’t have been luckier in my life than to have such a beautiful daughter from the divine. Happy Birthday to you my lovely daughter. Your exuberance, vitality and optimism is just infectious. We hope every family gets a daughter like you!

The presence of my beautiful daughter always lifts up my mood. She is the sweetest soul on this Earth. Her Dad will always be there to guide her through the thorns of life. Happy Birthday beautiful! Lots of love!

I am amazed by my daughter on how she carries herself during the tough time. She has the character, desire and ability to pile up success after success. Happy Birthday to you! I wish her all the best for a happy and prosperous life.

Birthday wishes to my beautiful Daughter

When God intends to create beautiful woman, he takes the reference of my beautiful daughter. That’s how special my daughter is. Happy Birthday darling! You are the apple of eye for your daddy and will always be! God bless.

Some of the happiest and beautiful moments of my life has been due to my lovely daughter. Happy Birthday to you sweetheart! There is nothing I could have asked from the Almighty in place of you! I wish you achieve tremendous success in personal and professional endeavors.

i have seen my daughter through the ups and downs. And I must admit that she is a fighter too apart from being gorgeous. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. Your daddy loves you a lot!

Its no wonder that my daughter is great looking, smart and hardworking. She got it all from her handsome dad ofcourse. Happy Birthday lovely daughter. I pray that you reach the zenith of success.

My daughter not only gives me joy but I have also learnt some real valuable lessons of life. Thank you Lord for instilling such wisdom in my daughter much before than I got during my time. You are my precious dear daughter. i wish you a very happy and beautiful birthday!

The best daughter in the world — Beautiful and hardworking, Happy Birthday!

Dear Daughter! May you never compromise on integrity, honesty and hard work. May the almighty always guide you through the path of obstacles and guides you to fulfillment and purpose of life. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter.

I still remember my tiny little daughter when I held her in my arms. She was soft like a cotton, and innocent like an angel. She is still like that and I pray that she she always stays like that only. Happy Birthday Darling from your caring father.

To my lovely daughter! Nothing matters more to daddy than to see smile on your lovely face! You are the cutest little thing that ever happened to me. I hope the Almighty bless me with you as a daughter in the next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Its no wonder that my daughter has lined up man from all corners of society. She is smart, funny, gorgeous as hell and most importantly, kind hearted. Happy Birthday to you sweetheart. Your daddy loves you with all his heart!

So grateful to have you beautiful girl — Happy Birthday

There are times when I may have been harsh with my daughter. But I do that for her own good. I absolutely adore her and think that she is the perfect daughter that any family could have. Happy Birthday sweety from your daddy!

I truly realized how beautifully the divine works when my beautiful daughter made her way into this world. Her squeaky little, high pitched cries were so soothing and I still think of her like that! No matter how old much you grow you dear, you will always be daddy’s little princess. Happy Birthday!

As a daughter, you have given me every ounce of happiness and content that I always wanted. Our family is blessed even since you came into our lives. The world would be so much more peaceful, happier and invigorating if we have more daughters like you in every family. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous daughter from Daddy!

Dear daughter! The best thing that your mother has given it to me is You! In today’s world where children are deeply engrossed in cell phones, video gaming and superficial friendships, you have held your head high and have devoted time into things that really matter. I am very much optimistic of your success in the coming years. Happy Birthday lovely daughter.

Dear daughter! Wherever you will be, our hearts will always be connected through the intangible strings of love, admiration and joy. We may argue on petty issues but I have fully accept you as a grown individual, who wants to have her own say and opinions. And I respect that. Happy Birthday to my sweet little pumpkin.

Often times I feel that I am the luckiest father in the world. I definitely must have done something special to get a daughter like you. She is indeed beautiful from both inside and out. I hope she finds an equally irresistible prince charming very soon. Happy Birthday lovely!