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Beautiful Birthday Wishes — 100+ wishes


Everybody wants to be loved and respected. Every individual awaits for the beautiful birthday wishes from his friends, family and relatives. Flattery may contain sugary sweet love but they are far from genuine. If you want to send genuine and beautiful birthday wishes, then you can find the best one from this post. There are more than 100 such wishes in this post. Feel free to send it to your birthday friends along with the images.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes

The beauty of life lies in beautiful friends like you. Your being radiates joy and aura. I wish more people be like you. Happy birthday

You are beautiful from both inside and out but its your character that makes you stand out. Happy birthday to an awesome individual.

Its a co-incidence that we became friends at such a later stage in our lives. May this bonding remains alive till eternity.

One could have all the wealth in the world but a friend like you gives all the natural highs and wisdom of life.

Your charm and aura has brought smiles to my face many times. May the Almighty bless a beautiful soul like you to everyone.

Dear beautiful! Past, present or future, you will always be the beautiful unique soul in this universe. No one like you!

There is awesomeness in every fiber of your being and I am glad to have such a wonderful friend.

May the difficult phases of life do not pull you down. You have the talent and ability to surprise yourself. God bless you and happy birthday!

For Friend

It is amazing how much joy we have shared together in the recent times. Trust me, there is plenty of them remaining in our kitty of life. Happy Birthday to a beautiful soul!

You are not only a friend but my confidant and pulse of my being. Your happiness makes me happy too. May you achieve your deepest desires in life.

They say that the right people brings out the best in you. To me, you are the right person who has pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Thank you for your support and understanding.

You came to my rescue when others were hesitant. You are truly a friend in need! Thanks for being a friend indeed!

For SisterBeautiful and cute birthday wishes

You are my first mother figure who pampered my with love and support. I am sure that you will be a good Mommy.

Your smile is infectious and your optimistic aura too. You are the best sister that any sibling could have!

You are not only my sister but also someone with whom I can share my heart out. I owe a lot of my success to you. Happy Birthday Sister!

The camaraderie with my sister is a sight for the world to behold.

Daughter Beautiful birthday wishes

I feel lucky to be bestowed by such a beautiful daughter. You have only illuminated our lives with extreme joy and prosperity.

When I see you, I see the perfection of the divine. May every family be blessed by a beautiful daughter like you.

My little princess is the shining star from the divine. She is even more gorgeous from her mother! Happy Birthday sweety! Love you!

For beautiful Wife – Wishes of Birthday

Has a man ever been so lucky to have such a beautiful wife! Happy Birthday to you gorgeous!

I feel like a king owing to my stunning wife. You fulfill all my needs, spiritual, emotional and physical.

With every passing year, you are turning more beautiful and twinkling than ever. I wish you a healthy and happy life!

For handsome SonInspiring beautiful birthday messages

The Divine has instilled all the beauty in my son. He is the epitome of a handsome, beautiful and altruistic individual and I wish him all the success for future.

You may have a set of flaws, but on any day, I will accept a son like you from the divine. May you achieve success in your professional and personal beyond your wildest imagination.

For beautiful Girlfriend – Birthday wishes

Sweetheart, we may be far away but every day my heart yearns for your proximity and touch. May you come back very soon. Happy Birthday!

While men may drool over your beauty, it is your character that really defines you, as a very good human being! Many many happy returns of the day to you.

For Boyfriend

It is amazing how two hearts have resonated with each other’s during the last few months. I wish to have you in my life earlier. Happy Birthday to an awesome guy!

Words will fall short if I will talk about the superlatives of the wonderful man in my life. Glad to have you!

Best birthday wishes for friend — 100+ Best


Friends are always special. And we all want to stand unique when wishing them. Therefore, we have prepared best birthday wishes for friend. After all, there is joy in coming up with a unique wishes from our end. There are plenty of them in this post. But that’s not all. You have a lot of images too. So choose from many below and send the best birthday wishes to friend.

You are not only my friend but an inseparable part of my heart and soul. May you achieve success beyond your wildest imagination.

Its amazing to cherish our disagreements as they are also filled with respect and compassion for each other. Happy Birthday dear friend!

You may have set of flaws but your good qualities outweigh them by a mile. Feel grateful to have you!

It doesn’t matter how far we are because our good wishes will always traverse through the space and time to sooth each other.

May this year catapults you from the difficult moments of life into prosperity.

May all your professional and personal endeavors may yield you a lot of fruition this year. Happy Birthday to one of the nicest persons I have ever known.

The good moments have gained momentum ever since you came into my life. I admire you for your ethics and morality.

You are the right stimulant who has propelled me to great success. May the Almighty bestow a friend like you to every individual.

I wonder how life would have turned out without you. You are undoubtedly the best friend I would have ever had in this life.

Light is always inside our heart and soul to be switched on instead of being at the end of the tunnel.

Its amazing how we have spent so many highs and lows of life together. Thanks for always being my support system. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

We don’t need a lot of talking to convey our sentiments to each other. Just a mere glance and gesture is suffice. God bless such friendship.

I wonder how the world would change if there be more people like you. Respectful, altruistic and compassionate at the same time.

Your wisdom has given me more insights about life than I could ever find in the books.

God knows when I am going to have kids, but if I ever have one, I would certainly want them to have values like you!

You may not speak much. But when you do, every damn word makes complete sense.

For Friend Girl — Best birthday wishes

Your presence in my life has given me numerous joy and exuberance. You are a ray of sunshine. Happy Birthday to my best friend Girl 😀

I thought of gifting you card of Leonardo DiCaprio but then my jealously took over. Oh happy birthday by the way.

The best way to push you out of your comfort zone is to pull your legs. 😀

You are not sweet as a sugar but like a stevia. I revel in your optimistic aura, fun and laughter. Happy Birthday dear!

You let me knew the great secret of staying young forever, i.e. lying through the teeth. Thanks for it!

Thanks for being my crush and friend at the same time. Really appreciate it!

Happy Birthday dear! I have arranged a special gift for you today. A massage by a special masseur. Hahaha!!

Congratulations for growing a fat a** and becoming lethargic this year. You really worked hard for it. 😀

Funny best birthday wishes

I admire the colorful sides of you. Smart, witty and funny! Did I mentioned weird looking too! 😀 Hehe Happy Birthday!

It is hard to find a quality vegan gift for my dear friend so gifting you a bottle of mineral water this year.

Today is the day when you are allowed to gorge on food like a pig. Best of luck!

Let us see how you escape today without giving me a party and fine outing! 😀 Happy Birthday!

You need not to feel overwhelmed with lots of gifts today from friends and family. You can share many of them with me. That’s what best friend is for isn’t it!

Congratulations for ageing like a fine wine! Thanks to my great influence for it. May it continues forever!

Your chatty nature has trained my ears to absorb a lot of talk from people. Thanks for your wonderful contribution over the years.

Some of the greatest joys of life is to borrow money from friends to whom you don’t have to worry about returning.

Not gonna give you birthday gift this time lol! It seems only yesterday that you had your previous birthday.

Friends always support each other, therefore promise me to not become smarter and fitter than me ever. Hehe!

It is amazing to have your birthday today, because I will be the recipient of your great wine and dine.

You should get a patent for your fart. Could make you a billionaire as it is the best mosquito repellant I have ever seen.

Happy Birthday SMS — 100+ For everyone


No matter where you are in the world, sending an SMS is pretty easy and inexpensive. If today is the birthday of your friend, family or relative, then you can send them some nice Happy Birthday SMS that we have prepared in this post. You will also find a ton of relevant birthday images also.


May this birthday SMS of mine brings a ton of smile and joy to your heart and soul. May you live healthily for many more years. Happy Birthday to you!

Thank goodness for the SMS service for sending you the birthday wishes. Calling you is pretty expensive.

You have 24 hours to live your day like a 18 year old teen ager.

Its so nice to see you age quickly than me, even if that means for only a few months!

It has been a joy to spend the amazing moments with you. And I hope that our camaraderie will continue for eternity.

We may not in the proximity of each other but our heart and soul will always be connected with the invisible strings of love and respect.

A picture may say a thousand words but it also took 6 words to express that.

You may not be young but some of the renowned success of the world came to those who were far away from their younger years.

You have permeated in me some of the most valuable lessons of life. I am glad to have you in my life.

The best thing for me to rejuvenate is to pull your legs. Free and cost effective method.

Its a blessing from the Almighty that the most meaningful things in life will always be Free for us like respect, love and compassion. Glad that we have these for each other.

For BrotherBirthday SMS


It is a roller coaster ride just to be with you. And I wouldn’t have wanted anything either. Many many happy returns of day to you!

You will always be the first father figure of my life and your umbrella of love and respect has always propelled me to growth. May everyone gets a brother like you.

A very happy birthday to my wonderful brother. I have arranged a nice gift for you. It will arrive soon surely. Please accept it from me along with the invoice also.

There are times when anger edges on me. But if I see you during those moments, I get a lot angrier. Lol!

I know more of your dirty secrets than you know of mine. And I intent to keep the equation like this forever!

Almighty always rewards good karma, which is why you got me as your brother. Hehe! Happy Birthday Bro!

I may not be the best sister in the world but you are surely the best brother that any girl could ever have.

You have always helped to catapult me out of the bad times. If I have to dedicate my success to anyone, it is indeed you.

For Sistercute birthday SMS


You will always be my shining star who always illuminates my mood with her joyous presence and exuberance.

There is a natural high in staying young forever, even if is done by lying through the teeth.

Its a day I was waiting for so many days, not to wish you (its the last thing on my mind) but so that you could take us out for delicious meal. Hehe!

For me, you will always be the angel.

Some of the craziest moments of my life have come because of you. So nice to have you as my sister.

We may fight and disagree on a lot of things but I wouldn’t have wanted anything else from you either. You are a unique individual and I love that.

The thing that mesmerizes me about you is beauty, both from inside and outside.

Wife Birthday SMS

The unwritten clause of every marriage is that wife is always right, and you have indeed proved it, even if I cannot see the results. Hehe!!

I admire your heart, your altruistic nature and your ability to see the good in everything for most of the times.

You have proved the universal truth that wisdom catches up with age in time. Actually, it can also goes in the reverse direction like that of mine.

It is so great to have social media platforms which reminds me of my Wife’s birthday on time.

Thanks for tolerating all my non sense for years in exchange of being a spend thrift. Hehe!

Girlfriends Birthday SMS

Its an amazing feeling to have a supportive woman who understands the pulse of my being. Happy Birthday to you sweet heart!

May the divine notches up your beauty with every passing year. May you always rule my heart! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Thanks for teaching me on how to spend more money than I could ever earn. Hehe!

Lucky are those to whom the Almighty sends a caretaker in their young age. Like you got me!

We may be far away but my heart always yearn for your love and touch. Sending you the warmest and heartiest birthday wishe

Short funny birthday wishes — 50+ For All


Humor and birthday wishes can be conveyed with short sentences also. They are easy and are appropriate many times. But coming up with short funny birthday wishes is far from easy. And this is the reason for writing this post. These short funny wishes will surely invoke the laughter from the reader. We have written this post for everyone including friends, best friend, sister, brother, girlfriend and boyfriend. You will also find images.

Congrats for turning fatter and more lethargic this birthday!

Happy Birthday awesome person who has even a more awesome friend in the form of me.

You may be far away but memories of your fart and snoring will never wither away.

You are a person whose wisdom is finally catching up with his age.

Considering your age, you are lucky to remember the place where you did it the last time.

Happiness is kicking your soft behind whenever I want. May it remains soft for eternity.

At this age, you must be getting more wishes and birthday cards from your doctor than your friends. Happy Birthday!

Growing old may be difficult but you are doing it better than most the even younger folks. Needless to say, I feel jealous. Lol kidding!

Happy Birthday to the best friend of mine who takes my tantrums and crazy nature only to return those back to me in double quantity.

Some things in life are tough but well worth the effort like upgrading standards up to mine.

If you feel unhappy about getting a year older, take solace in the fact that you are gaining wisdom too.

The best gift in this life has to have an amazing friend who can understand what we say without saying anything. Thank you divine for bestowing this reader for bestowing with a friend like me.

My best wishes to you are copy-pasted from Google, including this birthday message too 😀

When insanity needs a new level, you come to my mind.

Happiness lies in small things, like laughing my heart out by watching the funny images of you.

Seeing my daring friend, I am now able to understand how gravity and aging works.

Hey bro! The birthday is of today but I know I will be the one wining and dining with you, as usual. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on the birthday. For all your leg pulling you have done on me last year, may you feel spicy with every dish today

Some things are hard to forgot in life, like me helping in escaping you out of trouble against your wife’s scolding.

Happiness is seeing your best friend getting older than you, even for few months!

Welcome to the twenties my friend. The final decade of your madness and stupidity welcomes you.

A very happy birthday to you. The world would be so good if there are more nice people like ME! Hehe!!

I cherish your love and admire your money spending habit on me! 😀 May it continues forever!

You have set a new benchmark this year, for laziness!

Whenever I feel like laughing my heart out, I look at your funny pictures. Thanks for them.

When the going gets tough, the lazy sits on the couch. A very happy birthday to you.

When you are young, you do it all the time; and when you are old, you hardly remember doing it the last time.

I have come to know your secret of being young, i.e. by lying through the teeth! Nice, cheap and effective though!

You still have the looks of a teen ager, and the wisdom too!

Congrats for turning older! At least you are younger than your next birthday!

For best Friend — Short funny birthday wishes

When the divine wants to create weird looking and altruistic individuals, he takes you into account!! 😀

Its a day for which I always diet for a couple of days. Gonna go berserk on food tonight! Oh happy birthday btw!

Today is the only day when you will take wine and dine on yourself and am well prepared for it today!

Thanks for being my buddy, from whom I can borrow money and never think about returning, unless I get kicked behind!

The best way to rejuvenate myself is to pull your legs. Yours’s is the same method too! 😀

For friend — Funny and short happy birthday wishes

I am happy that you have turned older than me today, albeit for few months only!

The amount of candles equaling your age will not fit on the cake this time! Congrats for the birthday though!

Today is your day for the cheat meal. But don’t gorge on food like a hungry dog either!

Happy Birthday buddy! Hoping to have a blast! Where is the party tonight?

I barely remember my own birthday, let alone of other’s. You are lucky to receive one from me! Happy birthday!

For Sister — Cute, funny and short birthday wishes

You are the only one who can pull my legs and not get kicked behind! Happy Birthday to you!

I may be elder to my gorgeous sister but she is the one who taught me how to always stay young, by lying about it!

Although, the birthday is of mine, we know for whom we will be doing the shopping.

There are times when I am angry! But when I look at you during those times, I get even more angry! Happy Birthday by the way!

Its the day you are allowed to eat as much as you want. Just don’t gorge on food like a dog though.

Happy Birthday from your sister who is gorgeous, charming, and entertaining as hell!

My relentless love pouring and leg pulling of you will always continue no matter how old, lethargic and mature you become!

Give brother funny and short wishes of birthday

You are not only my brother but my punchbag too! Happy Birthday!

The best therapy for my foot has always been kicking your a**. May it remain soft for eternity.

I know more of your dirtiest secrets than you know mine. May it stays like this forever!

You certainly did some great deeds in past life to be my brother this lifetime. May you continue the good deeds in this life too! Hehe!

Your farts are becoming less disgusting with every passing year! Nice to see that!

Short funny happy birthday wishes for Boyfriend

Sending you the perfect gift sweetheart, along with the invoice also. Love you!

So wonderful of Facebook to remind me of your birthday! Happy Birthday!

Its a day you came out vagina, but you will go inside it tonight, only if you do the right things!

Love is always in the air, and many times, your farts too! But happy birthday to you!

I made you thick skinned with my criticism and nagging. Congrats for the improvements!

The birthday may be yours, but we know for whom we both will be shopping!

May your hugs become tighter and your snore less audible this year!

Wish Elder Sister short funny birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Elder Sister. We certainly share one similarity, and that’s the level of our wisdom!

There are two women I fear the most. One is mother, and the other is like my mother! Happy Birthday!

You not only love me like a mother but also cook me food like her! Expecting you to prepare a nice meal also tonight! Happy Birthday Elder sister!

I am not give to you give you a present as already have the best present in your life, i.e. me! By the way, a very happy birthday to you!

Creative birthday wishes — For Everyone


Everybody wants to be greeted with creative birthday wishes. But coming up with them is difficult for most people. Most are copied from other places and the rest do not invoke a feeling. This is why we have come up with amazing creative birthday wishes that are unique. We assure you that you will not find them anywhere else. Here you will find a ton of out of the box and creative birthday wishes along with the images too.

Every fiber of my being feels enliven when we spent time together. Happy Birthday!

I admire your creativity to always keep our friendship refreshing. Happy Birthday! May God give you everything that you deeply desire.

Life is only special because of the special people like you. May the divine bestow every person with a friend like you.

There is always a way where there is a will. May my name also found a way into your rich will. Hehe!!! Happy Birthday!

No matter how far we may be, our thoughts and well-wishes will travel through the space and time to reach each other’s heart.

The Almighty gave you more talent and ability than you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to the God is to use as much as of that talent and ability in this lifetime.

There never was, is and never will be anyone like you. The Almighty created you to the unique shining star!

Some of the best things in life often come with persistence rather than luck.

The best wishes of birthday are the ones that are found on Google. Hehe!

You may not speak much but your aura is full of exuberance and prosperity. May you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

Its inspiring to see people who are beautiful not only from outside but from inside too.

The most meaningful lessons of life are often accompanied with the bad times.

WhatsApp Creative Birthday Wishes

Glad to have WhatsApp to bombard you with free birthday wishes. Calling and SMSing you is expensive!

Life has been a roller coaster ride with you with only highs and highs. I am pumped up to witness our future years. May the divine propel you to achieve every bit of deepest desires.

The light is not at the end of the tunnel but inside your heart and soul. You switch it on for as long as you want!

May you give a nice birthday party also tonight other than “Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes” message on WhatsApp.

Sending you a nice birthday wish in the hope that you will dine and wine us to our heart’s extent. Hehe!

For Friend

Angels might not be here on this Earth but you are not too different from them. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

You are not only my dear friend but my punching bag too! And I guess I am the same too for you!

You are not only a friend but my pulse too. I wish you become energetic and healthy this year.

FB may be time waster but it certainly reminds me of important birthday people.

For Best Friend creative birthday wishes

We may disagree on many things but our heart and soul will always resonant for each other. May the journey of our amazing friendship continues till eternity.

If I will ever have kids, I would certainly wish some of your qualities in them.

The best moments of my life have been with you. And I am sure there are plenty more in our kitty of life.

For Brother

There is no better way to rejuvenate myself than to get on your nerves. Thanks for being on the receiving end most of the times. May it always stay like this forever. Oh by the way, happy birthday!

There is indeed a great reward for good deeds. Like you got rewarded by having me as your brother!

May our bond of brotherhood remain alive for eternity! You are the strength of my soul. Happy Birthday to you brother!

For Sister

I may not be the best brother but you are definitely the best sister that anyone would ever have. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister!

Thank you for the funny banters and leg pulling of mine in childhood. I have now grown thick skinned owing to my lovely sister.

Thanks for instilling in me the right values of ethics and hard work. You are my rock and pillar!

For Boyfriend

Wisdom not only goes up but can also go in downward spiral due to a mighty crazy partner. Don’t believe? Check your’s 😀

Its amazing how you have improved over the years, owing to me! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Our best years are yet to come. May you reach the zenith of success soon.

Short birthday wishes — 50+ one line


You can convey the birthday wishes via short messages also. Its a myth that you need to write many words in order to express yourself. All you need is little creativity and some humor to come up with short birthday wishes. Luckily for you, we have prepared plenty of them in this post for everyone. You can also send the images to the birthday recipient that are made of short wishes of birthday.


It is amazing to see how you have evolved over the years. May life gives you everything that you deeply desire.

May the divine propels you to immense success and wealth beyond your wildest imagination. Happy Birthday!

I admire your courage and ability to keep the pursuit on despite facing troubles.

I might not be the best friend but you are certainly the best one that one could ever have.

You are the unique creation of divine who deserves tremendous love, support and success.

We may not get what we want because something better is lined up for us.

When the going gets tough, the tough always gets going.

The past may be gone but it is your optimistic future that will give you the strength to go through the hurdles of present.

Life has never been the same (for the good) ever since you came. Hope our partnership will continue for eternity.

If I will ever have kids, I would want him or her to be altruistic like you.

We may disagree on a ton of things but our love and respect for each other will always grow.

There is certain enigma in your exuberance and I wish there be more people like you.

Motivational short birthday wishes


The most meaningful things in life are always intangible in nature like love, joy and respect.

Your aura is exuberant and full of compassion. May it always stays like this.

The joy is always in the destination and never on staying at it.

There is always the Almighty who will always catapult you out of the low phases of life. Have faith!

One good friend like you is more than enough than hundreds of acquaintances.

The things in life which don’t kill you, usually makes you stronger.

The most worthwhile things in life often come to those who persist for it.

Sprint may not lead you to success but marathon surely will.

The tunnel may be long but there is always be light at the end of it.

No day is better to be determined for future success than your own birthday.

The world would be s much sweeter, nicer and cooperative if there were more people like you in the corperate.

You may be getting older but your charm and charisma is soaring through the roof.

Funny short birthday wishes of one line


The best birthday messages are the one which are copied from Google.

Your relentless criticism and leg pulling has made stronger than ever. Thank you for your nice contribution wonderful friend!

I certainly might not be there, but don’t think you can get away without giving me a party Oh, happy birthday by the way!

Today is the only day when you will get more wishes than curses from your enemies too!

Congrats for becoming more ugly and lethargic today!

The best thing about a friend like you is willingness to day for wine and dine every time.

The pain in my legs always disappear after they come in contact with your bum.

If you ever feel like being drowned from the gifts today, feel free to share it with me.

You have done a lot for me. I hope the trend continues in the same direction.

You are a special person and therefore your birthday parties and celebrations deserves more than one day.

I am sending you a lovely birthday present as a mark of our friendship, along with the invoice too.

The best friends are the one from whom one can borrow money and not think about returning. What you think!

Wisdom not only increases but also goes in the reverse direction.

God was certainly high when he was designing you. I share no different fate too!

You are a unique person, with unique fart and unique snoring.

Today is the day when you will be looted by me for a nice wine and dine.

The best pleasure in the world is to get on your nerves to rejuvenate myself.

You are free to gorge on food like a pig today.

I admire the people you have befriended in life, like me.

Hilarious birthday wishes — 60+ Absolute hilarious


Hilarious birthday wishes are perfect for conveying the birthday sentiments but in a playful way. However, coming up with an appropriate hilarious birthday wishes is far from easy. They can take a lot of time to even think of. If you have the birthday of a friend, relative or family member today, you can send them the hilarious birthday wishes from this post. They are available in plenty along with equally hilarious images also.

Your smile is infectious, and your stupidity too!

May the Almighty make you wiser for at least half of your age.

I was waiting for your birthday since a couple of days. Did dieting for a couple of days and now gonna reward myself at your party. Speaking of which, where it is tonight ?? Oh by the way a very happy birthday to you!

If being beautiful and sexy was a crime, you would be roaming freely in the world my friend. I also would be there too to give you accompany!

Where there is a will, there is a way! May you name me too in your rich will. Haha!!

It may be your birthday today but you don’t have to gorge on food like a pig today!

I swear to God that you will never be able to win a debate against me, in my dreams!

Seeing how you have grown up over the years, it seems the Almighty was drunk when he was creating your genetic structure. Well, he wasn’t sober when creating me too! Lol!

There was a time when I all wanted was to whack you behind for getting on my nerves. The desire still prevails in the heart!

You are very good at reading my statuses but pretending not to think about me.

Going for a wine and dine with you has always been a pleasure because I know your willingness to pay.

Thanks to my dear friend for relentless nuisances in pulling my legs. It has helped me to become thick skinned. Thanks for your wonderful contribution. That’s what close friends are for isn’t it.

Where there is a will, there is always a way to pull your legs. Thanks for being on the receiving end for so many years. Hehe!

You are not only beautiful but hilarious too from inside out.

Sarcastic Hilarious birthday wishes

Mosquitoes may have adapted to the repellants but they are scared to death of your fart!

After being your friend for so many years, I have realized that wisdom not only increases, but goes in the other direction too!

Very few people on this world have the privilege of not looking stupid, but actually being stupid too. Don’t worry my dear friend. I am in the same boat too.

May there be more friends like you in the world, from whom one can borrow money and never concerned about returning it. Hehe. Kidding!

No mater how much we disagree, I will always consider you the epitome of Popeye cum Bellatrix Lestrange. Hahah

Whenever I feel like laughing my heart out, I simply take go to Facebook and take a look at your selfies. I am sure you get the same burst of laughter while looking at my pictures.

The best way to rejuvenate myself is to engage in a funny banter with you.

Too hilarious birthday wishes for Husband

It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn dear, I am equally motivated to spend most of it. Hehe

More than your deodorant, it is your fart that actually let me know that you are near.

Hey hubby! The only thing I like about you getting older is that you are ageing quickly than me.

I don’t need an alarm to wake up dear hubby! Your loud snore is more than enough!

I am sure it feels amazing to transform from 007 looks to that of a hobbit. Isn’t it darling!

Dear Husband! You will always be able to win your arguments against me, in your sweet dreams only!

I have learnt some new curses this year from you husband. Appreciate your contribution!

May you age with all the wisdom in the world while retaining all the libido of a teenager.

Insanely hilarious wishes on Birthday for Wife

God bless Zuckerberg’s Facebook for reminding me of my Wife’s birthday

The unwritten clause of every marriage is to never give constructive criticism to wife, no matter how sincerely she asks for it.

I have become a great leader because of my wife. She makes me tolerate her with a pleasant smile on my face.

Swear to God wifey, If I had my way, I would make love to you when you look like the Bellatrix Lestrange.

No matter what the results will be, I have learnt to accept that my wife’s opinion is always right.

Funny belated birthday wishes — 50+ Real funny


At times we often forget to wish birthday wishes on time no matter how hard we try to remember. Real life scenarios can be overwhelming sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we cannot bring some special wishes later on. Of course we can with Funny belated birthday wishes. Humor helps to forge relationships and nothing can be more useful than these funny belated birthday wishes to make our birthday friend smile again. Apart from the wishes, you will also find plenty of images too for the same.

I thought you were grown enough to forget your birthday, like me. But if you did remember, then a happy belated birthday wish to you! Hehe!!

Damn this Facebook. It reminded me of your birthday on the next day. Happy Belated birthday to you!

I thought why make someone more miserable about ageing. Isn’t that what birthday means!! But later thought why not make you miserable for your leg pulling. So happy belated birthday wish to my lovely friend!

Birthday parties should be conducted for at least 3 days, so that late comers (I mean late wishers) like me have a chance to attend it and wish you a belated birthday wish.

Having a birthday means getting older. But you aren’t seeming older for so many years. So one shouldn’t wish you birthday on time. Jokes aside, a belated happy birthday wish to you!

Having a holistic group is always worthwhile. Some can wish advanced birthday wishes, some on time, and the rest can come along for the nicest belated birthday wishes. What you say!! 😀

Some people will always be special for me and therefore, I am sending you lots of special belated birthday wishes. Hehe!!

They say that the recipient always remember the name of the last birthday wisher. So here is me, wishing you belated birthday wishes. Hehe!

You had plenty of birthday wishes on time so I thought of not over burdening you with more joy with my birthday wishes. Here is to you, a grand belated happy birthday!

Insanely funny belated birthday wishes

I tend to forget my birthday itself then how can anyone expect me to remember their birthday date! Sending you the perfect birthday belated wish.

At least I am the first one to wish you the “Belated birthday wish” and not the last one. Be happy with that 😀

I wanted to send you an original wish, not some copied one, even if it meant figuring it out well beyond your birthday date! Creativity does take time. Hope you agree. 😀 Happy belated birthday wish!

I suffered a technical malfunction yesterday, in my brain and hence sending you lots of love and belated birthday wish.

Everybody can remember anyone on their birthday dates. It takes a real friend and pure heart to remember someone on other days too.

Happy Birthday! You think I meant belated birthday wish isn’t it! Actually no. What’s gone is gone. I am sending you advance birthday wish for next year. Lol!

I may have forgot to send you the birthday wishes, but I definitely sent you a birthday gift in advance, along with the invoice of course.

They say there is beauty in everything. I think that also includes “Forgetfulness”

You know that you look so cute and adorable when you have a forgiving thought!

I am trying to get on your nerves by sending you belated birthday wishes. But it already looks like that it doesn’t matter to you. You win 😀

You may be upset about my belated birthday wish but I am more upset in forgetting about it and subsequently about the amazing birthday party that you people had!

Sarcastic and funny belated birthday wishes

I am already feeling so bad about not wishing you on time. Why not give a party to soothe my heart!

VIP people always come in last. Happy Belated birthday from one of your VIPs in your life.

Words don’t matter much at all. Its in the heart that really matters. And I have plenty of love for you for sure.

Damn, I missed your birthday and party! I heard you people had a blast! Oh I missed wishing you! Happy belated birthday my friend!

I like to surprise my friends by intentionally wishing them a belated birthday wish. Seems a different experience isn’t it!

I was searching for the best birthday wish on Google on your birthday. Couldn’t find it. So now sending you a belated birthday wish. Couldn’t find the best for this one either. 😀

I may have forgotten your birthday, but you could have messaged me that today is your birthday. I would have copy pasted a nice message back then and there itself. :D. Well, happy belated happy birthday to you now.

I have witnessed so much of your tantrums in this lifetime. A small mistake of forgetting your mistake should be easily forgiven this time. 😀

Humorous birthday wishes – 60+ Totally humorous


Every human being on this Earth craves for humor and laughter. Humorous birthday wishes are the perfect way to invoke a laughter from the birthday recipient. Not only they invoke a laughter but they also convey the birthday sentiments. We have written a ton of humorous birthday wishes in this post. There are images too. Share them with your friends, family and relatives on their birthdays.


Its a day I was waiting for many days. Not to wish you, but to gorge on the cake and meal! Can’t wait for the birthday party tonight!

Upon entering the world, while you were screaming with your high pitch cries, the whole world was celebrating.

My efforts of copying and sending the awesome birthday wishes to you from Google deserves to be appreciated.

Ageing is the least expensive option that you will pay for acquiring the wisdom.

Over the years I have seen you, you have set a high benchmark of Laziness.

I am the first one to wish you at 12 a.m. Happy Birthday! Now prepare for some fun and amazing outing plan for both of us today.

Today is the day when you will get birthday messages from people on FB with whom you never chatted before.

The birthday may be yours but we will be shopping for me tonight! Hehe

Sarcastic and Humorous birthday wishes for friends


There is no better way to understand the effects of ageing than real life example. Now I totally understand it my friend after seeing you over the years.

Happy Birthday from the one from whom you have copied almost everything. Kidding! 😀

I thought it was only a myth but you are actually turning into a swan with every passing year.

The only good thing I learnt from you is how to stay young, which is by lying through the teeth.

You are unique and special not because you want it to believe but because the Almighty created everyone unique in this world.

For all the fake people that are attending your birthday party today, you can give them a special cake with more of your spit mixed with the flavor. Hahaha!!

Its always good to have a best friend like you; with whom one can borrow money and never think about returning.

It doesn’t matter whether its your birthday or not. What matters is you taking all of us for a fine wine and dining tonight. Cheers!

There is no pleasure in the world like getting on your nerves. It also benefits you by making you immune to our funny nuisances.

You are the sexiest man alive in this universe. Women say this a lot to Brad Pitt!

Your wisdom is catching up with you, at tortoise’s crawl rate.

When the going gets tough, the tough does gets going; but not you my friend. He is the epitome of a laziness.

For Wife – Birthday Wishes of Humor

Dear Wifey! Its amazing that how your age is stuck at the same ever since we got married, in saying and writing only.

You are the most beautiful thing on planet Earth. Men say this all the time to Angelina Jolie!

Initial impression about you says that you are amazingly gorgeous. That impression quickly fades away when you fart! RIP those mosquitoes who have gone to heaven because of your unique fart chemical formula!

People say that wisdom always catches up. What they don’t know is that it also goes in the reverse direction after marriage.

Thanks to Facebook that I got notification about your birthday wifey!

Dear gorgeous! At times what you lack in the brain, you compensate it well with your stunning looks! Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Humorous wishes of Birthday for Husband

I have bought an amazing gift. Parceling it to you along with the invoice also. Please make the payment on time. Happy Birthday by the way to you!

Its a day when you came out from the vagina and you may go inside it tonight, if you do all the household chores today!

Higher age and wisdom have no correlation with each other. You still want me to point out the proof!

There is nothing wrong in giving constructive criticism to your wife as long as you do it inside your mind only.

Dear Husband! It may be your birthday today, but today we will finally go out for my shopping!

The day you married me, you got the best gift of your life hubby!

It is amazing how I have managed to get good sleep all these years despite your hilarious snoring.

Its one thing to be clingy. Its another to be like a calf following her mother cow. But that’s what I love about you! Hahahaa!!!

Spiritual birthday quotes — 30+ best ones


There is no doubt that we are all spiritual beings who are experiencing a physical experience here. If today is the birthday of your friend, family or relative, then you can send them heartfelt spiritual birthday quotes. Not only will they convey your sentiments but will also make them feel special.


The Almighty can never be upset with anyone, including you because you are his unique creation in this universe.

There is a supreme judge in this universe who takes every wrongful action and intent of everyone into consideration. Whoever wronged you intentionally in this life, will get their scores even out, from the Almighty.

EQ combined with hard work is the most lethal habit that any human being can ever possess.

Life may be short journey but once is enough, if lived correctly!

Lies can have infinite versions but there is only version of the truth.

For everything, God conveys to us through the Gut instincts.

Prayer is the recovery of the souls breathing — Quote by Gerald Heard

We may be far away from each other but our love and respect will always travel through the space and time for each other.

May our friendship always remain alive for eternity. You have been more than what I could have asked from the divine. A very happy birthday to you dear!

You are beautiful inside out. May God bestows this world with more people like you.

May all the good things in your life extend like the rainbow with different hues such as peace, joy, calmness, amazing friends, great food, happy family and good health.

They say that success is usually the result of a marathon and not of a sprint!

After a lot of ups and downs, the Almighty has guided you on the right track. May you pursue your goals and visions with full vigor.

Your aura is epitome of kindness, hard work and altruism. I wish there be more people like you in this world.

The most awesome gift in our life is you. You came straight from the angels.

There was, there is and there never will be anyone like you. God made you to stand out on your own.

Some of the wisest lessons in life often come during the bad times.

Inspiring Spiritual birthday quotes


The most erudite scientist on Earth cannot predict your full potential and future. Have faith and keep moving!

We are not made for work but work is made for us.

The best way to know God is to love many things — Quote by Vincent van Gogh

It is amazing how our thought wavelength syncs so well even in the midst of argument.

The greatest machine that has ever existed in this universe is you my friend. We are certainly the most advanced machine that God could have designed.

God definitely gave himself ample time when he was sculpting you. God bless you!

The way you have handled yourself with the criticism, is mighty inspiring for us close people. We hope success chase you down for your hard work.

The Almighty gave you more talent and ability that you will ever require in this lifetime. Your gift to him is to make use of those talents and abilities as much as you can in this lifetime!


Do not judge yourself harshly. Without mercy for ourselves we cannot love the world — Quote By Buddha

You are a breath of fresh air who has always inject positivity and exuberance in the environment. I am grateful for the divine to have people like you in my life.

They say that the most worthwhile achievements in life always come through persistence.

May the blessings of the divine propel you to chase your passion even when the chips are down.

Funny cum spiritual quotes of birthday


Looking at you, it seems that God was drunk when he was creating you. Don’t worry friend, I am not too different either. Hahah!

Even the Almighty would have got amazed after creating you. Hehe! Happy Birthday dear friend!

May the Almighty instill in you some good things. One of them being making your fart less terrible.

When the divine decides to create weird looking, altruistic person, he considers your emotional and physical attributes.

It looks like the Almighty has run out of good luck quota for yourself. Only hard work seems the option now. I am sure that you will achieve your dream though!

Quotes for Husband

I must have done some great deeds in life to have you. May we always be together for the next lifetimes too.

You are the perfect epitome of wise, smart, and handsome husband! May all the women in the world gets a husband like you!

Quotes for Wife

No one understands the pulse of my being like you do.

You invoke every fiber of my being with liveliness and vigor. Has a man gotten any luckier than me?