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Happy birthday note — 100+ for Everyone


May all your dreams and aspirations come true this life! May you surpass your own expectations too. Happy Birthday!

Your wisdom is soaring high every passing year along with your charm and charisma. You are truly one hell of an awesome individual.

Obstacles are likely to come for the ones who are set on the right path. But the Almighty has given you enough talent and ability to overcome them. Keep the going high. Success is closer than you think.

Its no surprise that some of the amazing moments of my life have arrived owing to you. May our partnership keeps rocking with every passing year.

Happy Birthday Note For Boyfriend

Happy Birthday my charming guy. Hope this wonderful happy birthday note will bring smile, tranquility and happiness. Lots of love.

Its amazing to pull someone’s leg at will and even better if that guy does not get upset. Stay like my darling partner. Hehehe. Happy Birthday!

There is surrealism in the highs and lows of life too, if one is accompanied with a supportive, understanding and caring partner like you dear.

You understand the pulse of my being like no one else. Everything good about you is intangible and yet mighty powerful.

I am proud to say that my handsome, charming man is an excellent role model for the youngsters. And I am one hell of a lucky girl.

Has there ever been a man like you!! You are the one for me! May you find success in all your professional and personal endeavors.

I love you with every fiber of my being. The heart yearns for you every waking moment. May the divine bless us with infinite joy and serenity. Happy Birthday!

You are not only gorgeous from outside but from inside too. Your tender heart and ability to bear criticism is what really attracts me to you. I wish we be together for always.

For Best FriendHappy Birthday Note

Life can be a paradise if there are fantastic people like you. I wish more people like you come into this world. Happy Birthday!

There are infinite no. of ecstasy moments left in our kitty of life owing to a friend like you. May it remains alive for eternity. Lots of birthday wishes to you dear!

For Sister

Thank you dear sister for all your love and nurture for me. Your aura and bright smile brightens up my day. I love you with all my heart sweety! Happy Birthday!

For Wife

Has a man been ever lucky like me! You are soaring gorgeousness with every passing year. No matter how old you grow, you will always be the sexy, gorgeous and beautiful women. A very happy birthday dear!

The divine has scared bond for infinity and I am so eager to witness all the vigor and exuberance with a beautiful, charming and altruistic woman like you. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

For Husband

While we may have tussles and banters from time to time, your cozy hands and hugs at night wipes rejuvenates the every fiber of my being.

With your handsome face and perfect clothing, I still get goosebumps every time I see you. May it always stays like this.

Even after so many years of marriage, my heart still skips a beat every time I see you.

For Girlfriend

The world would be so much better if every man has a girl like you by his side. You infuse every ounce of positivity, exuberance and joy. I wish you all the best dear!

For Boyfriend

You are the man that every woman desires. May all our dreams come true. I love you with all my heart.

For Employee

Some people are more than employee to me. Your energy at the organization is phenomenal. It is inspiring not only for the colleagues but for me too. I wish you a very happy birthday!

Every hard work of yours’s surely goes recognized under my radar. I am sure you will rise to great heights in your career. A very happy birthday to you!

For Elderly Man

We may have grown up but your umbrella of love, care and respect will always be upon us. May every family in this world have elders like you. Happy Birthday dear!

For Boss

You are not only a boss but the perfect individual who extracts the best out of everyone. I wish there be more bosses like you in the corporate world.

For Teacher

You are more than a teacher to us. You are like a confidant who has instilled only the best things in our minds. Kids need more supportive teachers like you.

Spiritual birthday quotes — 30+ best ones


There is no doubt that we are all spiritual beings who are experiencing a physical experience here. If today is the birthday of your friend, family or relative, then you can send them heartfelt spiritual birthday quotes. Not only will they convey your sentiments but will also make them feel special.


The Almighty can never be upset with anyone, including you because you are his unique creation in this universe.

There is a supreme judge in this universe who takes every wrongful action and intent of everyone into consideration. Whoever wronged you intentionally in this life, will get their scores even out, from the Almighty.

EQ combined with hard work is the most lethal habit that any human being can ever possess.

Life may be short journey but once is enough, if lived correctly!

Lies can have infinite versions but there is only version of the truth.

For everything, God conveys to us through the Gut instincts.

Prayer is the recovery of the souls breathing — Quote by Gerald Heard

We may be far away from each other but our love and respect will always travel through the space and time for each other.

May our friendship always remain alive for eternity. You have been more than what I could have asked from the divine. A very happy birthday to you dear!

You are beautiful inside out. May God bestows this world with more people like you.

May all the good things in your life extend like the rainbow with different hues such as peace, joy, calmness, amazing friends, great food, happy family and good health.

They say that success is usually the result of a marathon and not of a sprint!

After a lot of ups and downs, the Almighty has guided you on the right track. May you pursue your goals and visions with full vigor.

Your aura is epitome of kindness, hard work and altruism. I wish there be more people like you in this world.

The most awesome gift in our life is you. You came straight from the angels.

There was, there is and there never will be anyone like you. God made you to stand out on your own.

Some of the wisest lessons in life often come during the bad times.

Inspiring Spiritual birthday quotes


The most erudite scientist on Earth cannot predict your full potential and future. Have faith and keep moving!

We are not made for work but work is made for us.

The best way to know God is to love many things — Quote by Vincent van Gogh

It is amazing how our thought wavelength syncs so well even in the midst of argument.

The greatest machine that has ever existed in this universe is you my friend. We are certainly the most advanced machine that God could have designed.

God definitely gave himself ample time when he was sculpting you. God bless you!

The way you have handled yourself with the criticism, is mighty inspiring for us close people. We hope success chase you down for your hard work.

The Almighty gave you more talent and ability that you will ever require in this lifetime. Your gift to him is to make use of those talents and abilities as much as you can in this lifetime!


Do not judge yourself harshly. Without mercy for ourselves we cannot love the world — Quote By Buddha

You are a breath of fresh air who has always inject positivity and exuberance in the environment. I am grateful for the divine to have people like you in my life.

They say that the most worthwhile achievements in life always come through persistence.

May the blessings of the divine propel you to chase your passion even when the chips are down.

Funny cum spiritual quotes of birthday


Looking at you, it seems that God was drunk when he was creating you. Don’t worry friend, I am not too different either. Hahah!

Even the Almighty would have got amazed after creating you. Hehe! Happy Birthday dear friend!

May the Almighty instill in you some good things. One of them being making your fart less terrible.

When the divine decides to create weird looking, altruistic person, he considers your emotional and physical attributes.

It looks like the Almighty has run out of good luck quota for yourself. Only hard work seems the option now. I am sure that you will achieve your dream though!

Quotes for Husband

I must have done some great deeds in life to have you. May we always be together for the next lifetimes too.

You are the perfect epitome of wise, smart, and handsome husband! May all the women in the world gets a husband like you!

Quotes for Wife

No one understands the pulse of my being like you do.

You invoke every fiber of my being with liveliness and vigor. Has a man gotten any luckier than me?

Nice birthday wishes — 50+ for Everyone


We often do not say the nicest words to our friends, family and relatives. But when it comes to the most important day of their life, i.e. birthday, it is imperative for us to greet them with nice birthday wishes. Birthday wishes should always be genuine rather than flattery. And that’s what we have created in this post along with the images.

If there would be an award for the nicest friend in the world, I would surely give it to you!

You have permeated some amazing values in me. I would ever be grateful to you for them.

May the umbrella of love, health and prosperity forever stays upon you from the divine.

Its amazing to have someone like you with whom my heart and soul resonates.

The best things in life are worth the persistence. May the almighty propel you to mountains of success.

Your optimism and smile on your face is worth sharing your highs and lows with mine. You are a gem of an individual.

The world would be nothing short of paradise if there would be more altruistic people like you. May the divine bestow you with many many decades of great health and prosperity.

For Friend — Happy and Nice birthday wishes

It is amazing how our thought wavelength and frequency matches with each other’s despite having disagreements on many things. I have truly witnessed the beauty of friendship with you.

Sometimes the divine does not give us what we deserve but more than that, like you my friend. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

I never knew Life could be so mesmerizing. Thank you for being a part of mine. Happy Birthday and good luck for your professional and personal endeavors.

We have been the pillar of support and happiness for each other. May we be friends in all the lifetimes.

For Sister — Nice and grateful wishes of birthday

You may be little to me but you are ahead of me in wisdom and hard work. And I can say, you certainly inspire me. May the divine gives you plenty of everything in this life.

I certainly must have performed some great karma in previous life to have got a sister like you in this life. May our siblinghood remains alive for eternity.

For Brother

I might not be the best sister but you are certainly the best brother that anyone could ever have. Happy Birthday dear! Lots of love!

Dear Brother! While life may throw thorns every now and then, know that you are stronger and skillful than you think.

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. Don’t give it up now brother. Success is nearer than you think!

For Boyfriend

Some of the best moments of my life have come because of you. You are a delight for every woman. Happy Birthday handsome!

Your smile, optimism are infectious and always bring out the best in me. May you always be like this.

The world would be nice, peaceful and cooperative if every woman have a guy like you in their life. Happy Birthday to an awesome man!

For Mum

You not only brought me into this beautiful world but also pampered me with all the love and respect.

No matter how old I will grow up, you will always be my telly belly for eternity. Happy Birthday Mummy! I love you!

For Wife

Life has never been the same for the good, after you came into the life. You are always a breath of fresh air for me. Happy Birthday Darling!

For Daughter

You are a child that the Almighty took plenty of time to create. You have brought nothing but joy only in our lives.

You are not only a perfect daughter but will be a perfect wife and mother too. There is plenty of joy left in our kitty of life and I can’t wait to see life unfold for you my dear daughter. Happy Birthday sweetie!

For Girlfriend

You are smart, witty, gorgeous and fulfill all my needs. Needless to say, you are more than what I asked for.

For best friend

You are more than a best friend to me. You are now a part of my heart and soul. May God bestow a friend like you to everyone. Happy Birthday buddy!

For husband

You are like a sunflower who has illuminated my life with colors of joy, ecstasy and high. I owed some of the best moments of my life to you. Happy Birthday Darling!

You love me more than what I deserve. And you will be my kind for eternity. Happy Birthday to prince charming!

You are not only my husband but my confidant too! Your mere touch and sight enlivens the cell of my being. May the Almighty fulfills all our deepest desires.

Special birthday wishes — 50+ Really Special


There are acquaintances, there are friends and then there are special people. For them, Special birthday wishes are a must. The kind of wishes that really makes them special to you. But instantly coming up with such a birthday wish is far from easy and this is why we are writing this post. Here you will find plenty of them along with images also. So lets get started.

Life wouldn’t have been special to me, if there were not special people like you. We may have fought some arguments, but they will always be overpowered by our love, respect and admiration for each other. Special birthday wishes to you!

Its no wonder that you hold a special place in my heart. I am thankful to the divine for giving me a special friend like you. May you go on to achieve all the special things in your life. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

I must have done some really special things in previous life to be blessed by the divine with a super special person. And therefore, my heartiest and special birthday wishes to this awesome person. May our bond of friendship and camaraderie remains alive for infinity.

Its amazing how you have catapulted yourself out of a low phases of life every time. Only a special individual can do do that. And for him, a special birthday wish and blessings is imperative. So happy birthday to an amazing person. Your altruistic, moralistic values of life are heart touching.

Its no secret anymore that some of the special things in life are intangible, like the love, support and admiration of my dear friend who came into this world on this day many many years ago. I owe a lot of my happiness and joyous moments. May you always be my friend in next lifetimes too. Happy Birthday dear!

I admire your gut instincts, I admire your courage. I love your moralistic values and I love your tender heart. The world would be so much better if there were more special people like you in this world. Happy Birthday to a special individual in my life.

For BoyFriend — Special birthday wishes for him

I never knew that someone could love me so deeply like you. You bring out the best in me and there is nothing in you that I would wish to change. You are amazing the way you are. Happy Birthday to a special in my life. May the god bless us heavily with happy moments always.

It is so true that the best things of our life do not come easily and I can certainly vouch that for you. After so many ups and downs, I now can say to understand your heart and soul and I am more than happy to share my life with you sweet heart! You mean the world to me. Happy Birthday!

Special Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

If there is one woman who love me unconditionally after my mother, it is certainly you. You have given me countless happy moments. The world seems heavenly when you are around me. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more in life. God bless you sweet heart. And a very happy birthday to you!

Life could have turned out so different if it was not for the divine to intervene and bring you into my life. You are more than a girlfriend to me. You are the epitome of a gorgeous woman who is also wise, caring, understanding too. In short, you are something special my dear! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Special birthday husband wishes

It has been a roller coaster ride sharing so many amazing years with you, my soul mate. You are a man of dreams and I still adore you even after so many years of marriage. Many many happy returns of the day to you. Love you to the moon and back.

Dear Husband! When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going! We may be going through the difficult times but I have full faith on you and the divine. There will be time in our future when we will remember our struggle days. I am more than glad to have a husband like you with me. Happy Birthday my life partner! Love you a lot!

You may say words to me, and might throw them back but my love for you is constantly expanding you. You and I will always be connected with the invisible strings of respect, admiration and love. You are a part of my soul and will always be. Happy special Birthday to my darling!

For wife

Dear Wifey! You have seen me at my worst, and therefore you totally deserve to enjoy me at my very best. No matter whether we argue sometimes, or fight, but my love and lust for you has only grown with every passing day. You are an extraordinary woman of an extraordinary man, and I am so blessed to have this special woman in my life. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous.

I do not have to say anything to you because you can easily read me through my face and aura. Some of the deepest secrets of my life I have shared with you and I trust you more than anyone else. You are a woman of honor and I cherish you each day. May your beauty always elevate with every passing day. A very happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

Happiest Birthday Wishes – 50+ happiest wishes


We agree that thinking about the happiest birthday wishes is not easy. It takes some real creativity, and thoughtfulness to come up with them. But you need not to worry because we have every bit of the happiest birthday wishes that you are looking for. We have also prepared some amazing images too that will surely bring a genuine smile to the reader. So lets get started!

I certainly do not know about the future. But I can say that I have felt the happiest ever since you have come into my life. Happiest birthday wishes to a happy go lucky person!

While my birthday wishes might not be happiest, but I can say they are written from the bottom of my heart. If there is anything that I have learnt from you, it is to stay happy, no matter how many thorns life will throw at me. Birthday wishes to one of the happiest people in my life!

Your aura, vigor and exuberance is amazing to bring back people into their natural state of happiness, peacefulness and calmness. We may be far away but I can certainly say that my heart feels soothing whenever I have thoughts about you. Lots of love and blessings!

I know how much my life has transformed due to the vigor and exuberance that you have infused in me after coming into my life. Your presence is more than enough to dilute all the negativity in my mind. All I wish for you is lots of blessings, longevity and great health. May this birthday turns out the happiest for you up till now.

The world would be at their happiest if there were more amazing people like you on this planet. You are a gem of a person and and every moment with you is priceless. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

When I see your eyes, I see liveliness. When you are around, my cells feel enlivened. You are more than special to me. And I can certainly say that I am more than happiest to have you in my life. May you have the happiest of birthday this time.

While the Almighty certainly blessed you with a gorgeous face, credit must be given to you for having awesome character, personality and altruistic values. Its so amazing that our wavelength of thoughts, perceptions and values for life are so similar. I am sure there are many more joyous moments left in our kitty of life. Happiest birthday wishes to my lovely friend!

We may argue, we may fight but we will always come back to each other because we know that our hearts are pure and our motives will always be for the betterment of each other. Our heart yearns for each other and that’s all that really matters. May our friendship will remain alive for the next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday to an amazing person!

Husband birthday wishes for Happiest moments


You are not only husband. You are my friend, my confidant, my everything. I trust you with every fiber of my being and I deeply wish there be more husbands like you in this world. Many many happy returns of the day to you. Love you with all my heart!

Dear Husband! I may not admit to you openly, but you are the man that I always wanted. You may have fair share of flaws but you certainly fit my style. I can only say that the divine gave me more than what I deserved. On this birthday, I confess that you rule my heart and mind. You make me complete and I couldn’t have asked anything better from the Almighty. May you achieve all your deepest desires in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday and Good Luck sweet heart!

They say that some people have wisdom light years ahead of their age. You are one of those few people dear husband! Your gorgeous looks are just the icing on the cake of sense of humor, personality and altruism. May every woman find a husband like you. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Wife – Wishes of happiest birthday

If there is ever an enigma about a woman, it is around you. And I love every bit of it. When the divine intends to create a beautiful woman, he takes references of you. That’s how immaculate you are. I am glad that we met. Happy Birthday Wifey! You will always be my undisputed queen because you make me feel like a King!

They say that a woman is always behind a man’s success and I admit that they are absolutely right. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve half of what I did, if it was not for your constant backing, motivation and support. You stood with me like a rock and therefore, the best of me will be available for you always. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Wife!

For Best Friends

While we may be far away, our heart and soul will always be connected with the intangible yet powerful strings of admiration, love and respect. Sending you the warmest blessings and birthday wishes to my bestie!

There are friends, and then there are best friends. We may pull out hairs from each other’s head at time, yet the heart craves for your attention, and support. I wish you all the success in your future endeavors. May all your deepest desires come to fruition. Happy Birthday to my best mate!

Belated birthday wishes — 50+ Sincere


While everyone of us wants to wish our birthday friend, family and relatives on time, at times we forget them. But all is not lost. You can still make up for it by writing belated birthday wishes, if you can convey sincerity and bit of humor. Here we have prepared a post for all of you to wish nice and genuine belated birthday wishes.

My birthday wishes might be late but my good wishes and support for you will always be in advance. Happy Belated birthday wishes to one of the nicest people I know.

Heartfelt apologies for the belated birthday wishes. It may have slipped out of mind but I am gonna make up for it with an amazing outing.

You may not have received my birthday wish on time but I am sure you had a fabulous wishes and a party blast. Will surely make a note about your birthday date! For this year, a happy belated birthday wish.

I am deeply sorry for wishing you belated birthday wish. I was overwhelmed with real life crisis and couldn’t remember. Lets catch up at the earliest so that I can make up for it.

My birthday wish for you may be belated but my heart always yearn for your happiness; past, present and forever. Belated Happy Birthday wish to an awesome individual.

I know its my fault for not wishing you on time. But I know that you have a big heart and will forgive me for it. May the divine propels you to great heights of success.

My heartfelt and sincere belated birthday wishes may not be suffice for the joyous moments that you have given me in your life. But that’s all I can do, apart from wine and dine, and giving you an awesome birthday gift. Lots of love and care!

Words of belated birthday wishes may arrive late but my mind and soul dwells upon your success, happiness and prosperity 365 days a year. Lots of love dear!

Sincere belated birthday wishes

I do not feel bad about differences in opinion, but I do regret for not wishing birthday on time. My heartiest belated birthday wishes for you! I hope you had a great time.

We may be far away but my belated birthday wishes will always traverse the time and space to wish you very well. Apologies for the late birthday wishes.

I don’t forget too easily. But if I do, then I don’t repeat it.

I tried my best to keep your birthday in mind but this time, real life problems got the hold of me. Hope you had an amazing blast!

My birthday wishes are certainly belated. But they are honest, and from the bottom of my heart. May you achieve the best in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Belated Birthday!

Wishing you a belated birthday wish is one of the unintentional mistakes I ever did. Please forgive me for the same. May the divine propels you to tremendous success.

I am sorry for forgetting the birthday. Please accept my sincere apologies. Its been a hard week for me. I hope you won’t be angry!

There are only few special days in our life of our best friends but due to some reasons we are unable to wish them on time. I hope my mistake did not caused you a heavy heart my friend. I am sending you lots of belated birthday wishes.

Funny Belated birthday wishes for friends

You have heard that Ignorance is a bliss. I tried that and ignored your birthday date. So a belated birthday wish to you instead.

A birthday wish from a gorgeous woman will always get you butterflies. It doesn’t matter whether its on time or a belated one. Hehe!

A true test of character is when a person smiles heartily even after receiving the belated birthday wishes. A happy belated birthday wish to you. And I know for sure that you are not smiling. Hahah!

Too much of anything is not good. Since you are so sweet, I thought of making you little angry by wishing you a belated birthday wish. It will keep your emotions in balance. 😀

I already knew that you weren’t going to give a birthday party, so I thought why wish you for free ?D So a happy belated birthday to you instead 😀

*** For more Funny belated birthday wishes on our website, click on this link. ***

Criticism at times keeps a person on his toes. I feel like being criticized for something. So wishing you a belated birthday wish this time. You can criticize me for it.

Do you know what happens when someone doesn’t agree to me? I send them belated birthday wishes. What? :D. At least, I don’t stop talking like other people.

I certainly wished you on time. It took 48 hours to come into fruition. Good things do take time. Happy belated birthday wish to you dear!

Humorous birthday wishes – 60+ Totally humorous


Every human being on this Earth craves for humor and laughter. Humorous birthday wishes are the perfect way to invoke a laughter from the birthday recipient. Not only they invoke a laughter but they also convey the birthday sentiments. We have written a ton of humorous birthday wishes in this post. There are images too. Share them with your friends, family and relatives on their birthdays.


Its a day I was waiting for many days. Not to wish you, but to gorge on the cake and meal! Can’t wait for the birthday party tonight!

Upon entering the world, while you were screaming with your high pitch cries, the whole world was celebrating.

My efforts of copying and sending the awesome birthday wishes to you from Google deserves to be appreciated.

Ageing is the least expensive option that you will pay for acquiring the wisdom.

Over the years I have seen you, you have set a high benchmark of Laziness.

I am the first one to wish you at 12 a.m. Happy Birthday! Now prepare for some fun and amazing outing plan for both of us today.

Today is the day when you will get birthday messages from people on FB with whom you never chatted before.

The birthday may be yours but we will be shopping for me tonight! Hehe

Sarcastic and Humorous birthday wishes for friends


There is no better way to understand the effects of ageing than real life example. Now I totally understand it my friend after seeing you over the years.

Happy Birthday from the one from whom you have copied almost everything. Kidding! 😀

I thought it was only a myth but you are actually turning into a swan with every passing year.

The only good thing I learnt from you is how to stay young, which is by lying through the teeth.

You are unique and special not because you want it to believe but because the Almighty created everyone unique in this world.

For all the fake people that are attending your birthday party today, you can give them a special cake with more of your spit mixed with the flavor. Hahaha!!

Its always good to have a best friend like you; with whom one can borrow money and never think about returning.

It doesn’t matter whether its your birthday or not. What matters is you taking all of us for a fine wine and dining tonight. Cheers!

There is no pleasure in the world like getting on your nerves. It also benefits you by making you immune to our funny nuisances.

You are the sexiest man alive in this universe. Women say this a lot to Brad Pitt!

Your wisdom is catching up with you, at tortoise’s crawl rate.

When the going gets tough, the tough does gets going; but not you my friend. He is the epitome of a laziness.

For Wife – Birthday Wishes of Humor

Dear Wifey! Its amazing that how your age is stuck at the same ever since we got married, in saying and writing only.

You are the most beautiful thing on planet Earth. Men say this all the time to Angelina Jolie!

Initial impression about you says that you are amazingly gorgeous. That impression quickly fades away when you fart! RIP those mosquitoes who have gone to heaven because of your unique fart chemical formula!

People say that wisdom always catches up. What they don’t know is that it also goes in the reverse direction after marriage.

Thanks to Facebook that I got notification about your birthday wifey!

Dear gorgeous! At times what you lack in the brain, you compensate it well with your stunning looks! Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Humorous wishes of Birthday for Husband

I have bought an amazing gift. Parceling it to you along with the invoice also. Please make the payment on time. Happy Birthday by the way to you!

Its a day when you came out from the vagina and you may go inside it tonight, if you do all the household chores today!

Higher age and wisdom have no correlation with each other. You still want me to point out the proof!

There is nothing wrong in giving constructive criticism to your wife as long as you do it inside your mind only.

Dear Husband! It may be your birthday today, but today we will finally go out for my shopping!

The day you married me, you got the best gift of your life hubby!

It is amazing how I have managed to get good sleep all these years despite your hilarious snoring.

Its one thing to be clingy. Its another to be like a calf following her mother cow. But that’s what I love about you! Hahahaa!!!

Greeting happy birthday — 100+ For everyone


Greet your friends and family with the nicest happy birthday greetings on their birthday. Pleasant, and happy birthday greetings for everyone in this post along with the images too.

Words of praise for the divine has fallen short because he sent a kind, humorous, and altruistic person like you. May you live decades of healthy and prosperous life. Lots of Happy Birthday greetings!

Your mere presence is enough to make the mood lighter, funny and optimistic. There needs a lot more people like you in this world. Happy Birthday dear!

A very happy birthday greeting to my lovely friend. I am sending you a nice gift, along with the heavy invoice of course. Please pay on time!

I admire your ability to stay calm and keep moving forward despite a ton of criticism.

The best and I dare say the meaningful things in life too are always intangible like our amazing bonding and friendship.

May this birthday propels you to great heights of success in the near future.

Today I see the sun shining brighter, the birds chirping louder and the breeze blowing calmly as if to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend. A very happy birthday to you.

For friendsBirthday greetings

It is amazing to see your vigor and exuberance rising with every passing year. May the trend continues.

It is my deepest desire to have kids who will have the work ethic like yours’s.

It is amazing how our heart resonates with each other even during times of disagreement and criticism. May every individual has such understanding towards their loved ones.

The real ingredients of success are hard to find unless one has a friend like you. Life has been phenomenal ever since your arrival.

The mystery and enigma about your aura is absolutely worthy. You are indeed a special individual.

On this birthday, I thank your parents for giving me a cool, and trust worthy friend like you. You are an awesome individual.

There are acquaintances, and friends. And then there are you! May our respect and admiration for each other always dilute our disagreements.

Some of the craziest moments of my life are tied with you. May the almighty bless us with plenty of them more.

For Brothergreetings of Birthday

You are not only my brother but my confidant and mentor too. Your pillars of support has has shielded me from some of the harshest situations of life. Thank you brother for all. Happy Birthday!

Dear Brother! What doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger.

You have always been a man of actions and not only words. You have nothing but only respect from me.

Our generation is lucky that we have strong and wise brothers like you.

Some of the best success in the world often comes to people well after their twenties.

For Sister

You have pampered and lavished me mother like love. May the divine bestow every individual with a sister like you.

Hey sister! You are the complete package in a woman. May the God fulfills give you all the success in your personal and professional endeavors.

There may be many heroes in the world but you are certainly my shero and I couldn’t have asked for a better sister than you. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

For Husband

It is a surreal feeling to share my life without you. The joy and ecstasy of life wouldn’t have been there much without you.

After so much persistence and efforts, do not give up my dear husband. Success lies nearer than you think.

Some of the calmest moments of my life are our deep conversations which are full of wisdom.

For Wife

It is my deepest desire that we share this sacred bond for the next lifetimes too. We may fight at times but our hearts will always be intertwined with each other’s. Happy Birthday Hubby!

We certainly have done a lot of good things in life to deserve each other. May our love, lust and altruism always keep growing. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

For Girl Friend

We may have been together for many years but my heart still skips a beat when I see you. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous!

Sometimes God does not give us what we deserve but definitely more than that. I am glad to have you with you.

For Boyfriend

Sometimes success doesn’t come to us because the Almighty has planned a greater reward for us. May you keep pushing yourself sweet heart!

May every woman in the world gets a partner like you. I admire your enthusiasm and creativity.

Best birthday wishes for friend — 100+ Best


Friends are always special. And we all want to stand unique when wishing them. Therefore, we have prepared best birthday wishes for friend. After all, there is joy in coming up with a unique wishes from our end. There are plenty of them in this post. But that’s not all. You have a lot of images too. So choose from many below and send the best birthday wishes to friend.

You are not only my friend but an inseparable part of my heart and soul. May you achieve success beyond your wildest imagination.

Its amazing to cherish our disagreements as they are also filled with respect and compassion for each other. Happy Birthday dear friend!

You may have set of flaws but your good qualities outweigh them by a mile. Feel grateful to have you!

It doesn’t matter how far we are because our good wishes will always traverse through the space and time to sooth each other.

May this year catapults you from the difficult moments of life into prosperity.

May all your professional and personal endeavors may yield you a lot of fruition this year. Happy Birthday to one of the nicest persons I have ever known.

The good moments have gained momentum ever since you came into my life. I admire you for your ethics and morality.

You are the right stimulant who has propelled me to great success. May the Almighty bestow a friend like you to every individual.

I wonder how life would have turned out without you. You are undoubtedly the best friend I would have ever had in this life.

Light is always inside our heart and soul to be switched on instead of being at the end of the tunnel.

Its amazing how we have spent so many highs and lows of life together. Thanks for always being my support system. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

We don’t need a lot of talking to convey our sentiments to each other. Just a mere glance and gesture is suffice. God bless such friendship.

I wonder how the world would change if there be more people like you. Respectful, altruistic and compassionate at the same time.

Your wisdom has given me more insights about life than I could ever find in the books.

God knows when I am going to have kids, but if I ever have one, I would certainly want them to have values like you!

You may not speak much. But when you do, every damn word makes complete sense.

For Friend Girl — Best birthday wishes

Your presence in my life has given me numerous joy and exuberance. You are a ray of sunshine. Happy Birthday to my best friend Girl 😀

I thought of gifting you card of Leonardo DiCaprio but then my jealously took over. Oh happy birthday by the way.

The best way to push you out of your comfort zone is to pull your legs. 😀

You are not sweet as a sugar but like a stevia. I revel in your optimistic aura, fun and laughter. Happy Birthday dear!

You let me knew the great secret of staying young forever, i.e. lying through the teeth. Thanks for it!

Thanks for being my crush and friend at the same time. Really appreciate it!

Happy Birthday dear! I have arranged a special gift for you today. A massage by a special masseur. Hahaha!!

Congratulations for growing a fat a** and becoming lethargic this year. You really worked hard for it. 😀

Funny best birthday wishes

I admire the colorful sides of you. Smart, witty and funny! Did I mentioned weird looking too! 😀 Hehe Happy Birthday!

It is hard to find a quality vegan gift for my dear friend so gifting you a bottle of mineral water this year.

Today is the day when you are allowed to gorge on food like a pig. Best of luck!

Let us see how you escape today without giving me a party and fine outing! 😀 Happy Birthday!

You need not to feel overwhelmed with lots of gifts today from friends and family. You can share many of them with me. That’s what best friend is for isn’t it!

Congratulations for ageing like a fine wine! Thanks to my great influence for it. May it continues forever!

Your chatty nature has trained my ears to absorb a lot of talk from people. Thanks for your wonderful contribution over the years.

Some of the greatest joys of life is to borrow money from friends to whom you don’t have to worry about returning.

Not gonna give you birthday gift this time lol! It seems only yesterday that you had your previous birthday.

Friends always support each other, therefore promise me to not become smarter and fitter than me ever. Hehe!

It is amazing to have your birthday today, because I will be the recipient of your great wine and dine.

You should get a patent for your fart. Could make you a billionaire as it is the best mosquito repellant I have ever seen.

Happy birthday funny — 50+ Real Funny Wishes


Nothing could invoke a serious laughter from your friend than the happy birthday funny wishes. We have curated some of the funniest birthday wishes that we doubt are available anywhere else. There are images too that will make laugh your heart out. So share these memorable and distinct funny wishes to your friend, family and relatives on their birthdays.

There are two things that are absolutely unique about you, one is your fart and the other is your snoring. Happy Birthday!

Some of the best pleasures I have derived in life includes pulling your legs in every possible scenario.

From the moment we step into this world, we get to know how strange the world can be. They smile and celebrate when you were crying full on upon entering this world. Hehe kidding!

I don’t know why I am so happy today! Is it because of the birthday or the fact that you are going to give a nice party tonight!

People do become more attractive with every passing year. And you are the living example of it.

I would like to pat your back for the amazing people you have befriended, especially the one who has written this message for you.

I am making a lot of effort for sending you these birthday wishes and images from Google. I expect a fine wine and dining tonight at least!

Even your Dog will feel shy of himself if he sees you gorging on food like his ancestors. But a very happy birthday to you by the way!

More age does not equate to more wisdom. Want to see proof of it? The one reading this message.

Your criticisms have made stronger over the years. Thank you for the wonderful contribution my friend. That’s what friends are all for. Isn’t it! Happy Birthday to you!

Funny Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Husband

The best achievement of your life was getting to marry me!

My dear husband! You are truly ageing like a fine wine but tonight, I prefer the fine wine! Hehe!!

Thanks a lot to Facebook for reminding me of my Hubby’s birthday on time.

Hey Hubby! All your desires have come true, in dreams! I am now waiting for their fruition in the real world.

Dear Husband! Happy Birthday! This is how you look when I decide to make your favorite meal.

Happy Birthday Darling! Today, I am going to buy a cooking pan, not for cooking, but to smack at your head with the sweet spot for every time you will make fun of me.

Dear Husband! Whether its your birthday or mine, you know for whom we will be shopping!

You are the only man who in this world who I feel like kicking and loving immensely at the same time.

Looks are deceiving as my sweet simple looking husband turns into a ravishing beast at night. And I love every moment of it.

There are times when I really want my anger to subside. And when I see your face, it increases even more!

The space on our bed has shrunken over the years due to your growing tummy size. I think its time you gift me a new bed on my coming birthday! But for now, happy birthday to you!

Dear Husband! You are not only an amazing, caring husband but also a fantastic cooker too! Happy Birthday to you! Now please get back to preparing some nice meal for both of us!

For Wife – Humorous Birthday Wishes

Its easy to understand the working of gravity and time when one sees a real live example of it. Seeing you wifey, I now totally get it.

There is an absolute truth in the saying that the wife is always nagging for the first 100 years of married life.

Dear Wifey! I have a fantasy of making love to you when you dress up like Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter. Well no need to dress up, your anger is enough to give you that look!

Hey Wifey! You look stunningly gorgeous every night, after I gulp down two glasses of wine!

Wisdom not only increases but can also go in the downward spiral too. My own has halved after I got married!

Dear Wifey! Some times, when you ask me how you are looking after trying new dresses, all I ever want in those moments is to laugh my heart out. But I guess its not allowed.

I now know that you don’t really like shopping as much as you enjoy spending my money!

My wife’s happiness can be measured by counting the no. of wrinkles on my face.

You deserve a lot of my love and respect therefore am sending those to you today instead of some birthday gift.

For Boss, Colleagues, Co-workers – Funny birthday messages

Dear Boss! Today is the only day when you will get more wishes than curses.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Boss! Some of my most productive moments have come when you sat right on my ***.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful colleague who looted me for the party and delicious food on my previous birthday. Today, everything will be balanced. Hehe!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful and Iron Lady Boss. May be we will get a half day today!