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Lovely Birthday Wishes — 50+ Unique wishes


We all have love in our heart. But most people are not able to express their love for others in an appropriate and meaningful way. And if that is so, then there is really no better time to convey your heartfelt lovely birthday wishes than on the occasion of birthday. Here you will find a ton of lovely birthday wishes along with the images. Feel free to share them with your friend and family on their birthday.

A very happy birthday to you my friend filled with love, happiness and joy. May the Almighty lavish you with all the love in the world. Hugs and blessings to you!

Some of the best things in life include you. Your perception, way of handling circumstances and the ability to see love beyond the physical is exceptional. Lots of lovely birthday wishes to you mate!

We may not agree on many things but I can certainly agree that you are lovely and have a kind, tender heart for everyone. May everybody be like you and me. Hehe! Ton of lovely birthday wishes to you!

What goes out, certainly comes back. And you my dear has send so much love and positivity in this world. You are one of the few people I know where people talk good behind your back. May you continue to be like this! Lots of lovely birthday wishes to you!

For Best friend – Lovely birthday wishes

Its been a roller coaster ride with you dear! Life has thrown many thorns but our friendship has only grown stronger! May it evolves for the eternity. A very happy birthday to you lovely!

Science will never be able to measure the intangible strings of love connecting our hearts. It is mightier than the tangible ropes in the world and I am glad that it is connected to you. Lots of warm birthday wishes to you dear!

There may not be a heroic connotation for the best friend, but the presence is paramount for one’s growth in both personal and professional endeavors. Words cannot express my gratitude for having you in my life dear! A very happy birthday to you.

May you pile up pillars of success after success in your professional life. May you also lavish me with your profit earnings. Hehe! Lots of lovely birthday wishes to you my dear friend!

Its hard to find someone who shares the same wavelength, who share the same thought frequency as my best friend. He understands my pulse like no one else. A very happy birthday to you.

May the journey of our friendship last for eternity of life. May the cosmos bless us with infinite vigor, strength and joys of life. Tons of lovely birthday wishes to you my best friend.

For her – Amazing birthday wishes of love

There is no me without you. Life seems colorful, blessed and heavenly when you are by my side. And I couldn’t have asked for anything else either. A very happy birthday to you sweetheart.

May my love always keep you glowing. May your beauty and exuberance keeps on increasing every year. You are a unique individual and I admire you for that. Happy Birthday to you lovely!

I may not be the best guy but you are certainly the best girl that any guy could have. I wish this year brings you a whole lot of joy, peace and prosperity in our lives. May our understanding evolves to a much higher level! Happy Birthday sweet heart!

There is tranquility in your presence, there is exuberance in your aura. The epitome of beauty lies with you but your heart is tender like that of a child. Happy Birthday for you my dear friend!

For him – birthday messages to convey love

Sometimes, the Almighty doesn’t give someone what they deserve, but more of it. And that’s why you are with me! Hehe! Kidding dear! I am lucky to have you too! Lots of lovely birthday wishes and tight hugs to you darling!

Some of the happiest moments of my life have come because of you. You are an amazing man and you deserve all the love in the world. Grateful to have you sweetheart! Many many returns of birthday to you my love!

There is great reward by the Almighty when one continues to believe in the unseen and keep moving despite the difficult outer reality. May the divine reward you handsomely for the work that you are putting in. Happy Birthday my love! My support will always be there!

For Bestie – Lots of lovely birthday wishes

Your invigorating laugh, your humor and your exuberance is simply rejuvenating. I wish every girl have a bestie like you in this world. A very happy birthday to you!

When the going gets tough, the tough does get going! It is because of strong support of you bestie that I have catapulted from the hard times. A very happy birthday to you sweet heart! May we accomplish everything that our heart desires.

Dear Bestie! I am sure you must have done some great deeds in your previous life to get a companion like me! Well, looks like I also did a whole lot of many great things. Tons of birthday wishes to you!

Sweet birthday wishes — 50+ Best ones


The best way to remind people of their worth on their birthday is to send them sweet birthday wishes. Everyone deserves to feel loved and special on their birthday. There are plenty of it available on this post along with the images. Feel free to send them to your friends and family on their birthday.

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest persons I have ever met in my life. Too much of sweetness is not bad if it comes from a person like you. Happy Sweetest birthday to you mate!

My life has turned into a roller coaster ride ever since you came into it. I have had a fair share of sweet and sour moments with you. But there is no one like you my dear friend! A very sweet birthday to you!

May you reap the sweetest rewards of your hard work in the coming months. May the Almighty bless you with the all the talents and skills for success. Well, you already are by the way! Many many birthday returns of the day to you!

Hard Work and persistence are like the Carbon in Diamond. They may not be easy but their presence is everything. Don’t give up now my friend. Success could be very near to you! Happy Birthday!

For Best Friends — Sweet Birthday messages

Some of the sweetest moments of my life has come because of you. The world would be so much nicer and paradise if there would be more people like you. A very warm birthday hugs and wishes to you dear!

Sweet as an ice cream and sour as a the pineapple, and yet the combination of it enlivens all the cells of a being. The same is my dear best friend. Tons of super birthday wishes to you mate! Going to have a blast tonight!

Nothing is more livelier than to feel the highs and the lows of life with someone, who understands my pulse. You are an amazing personality and gorgeous too! A very happy birthday to you!

There are friend, and then there are FRIENDS like you who rejuvenate others with their positivity, exuberance and aura. I hope the divine will keep us together strong for many many more years. Happy birthday to you!

Life has become livelier, every moment seems more tranquil and you have major part to play in it. I am blessed to have you as my friend and so you are too! Hehe! Happy Birthday to one of sweetest pals.

For HerSweet and pleasant birthday wishes


You are soothing to my heart! You are the one who propels me to success. I wish every man gets a girl like you because you are the sweetest. Happy Birthday my darling!


The birthday may be your’s. But I feel special too, because you are mine. Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl.

The Almighty has been blessed onto me, for he is the one who brought you into my life. A ton of birthday wishes to you my gorgeous!

You may have now got grey hairs and little wrinkles but that only make you look sweeter and cuter. God bless you my wife! A very happy birthday darling!

For Him — Birthday wishes filled with loveliness

You are like a chocolate cake filled with butter and cheese. The divine has loaded you with sweetness. May the coming time be filled with joy, prosperity and lots of happiness for both of us. Happy Birthday Darling! Love you to the moon and back!

With that cute face, manly personalities and awesomeness at (wink wink), its no wonder that I am in love with you. May you reach the zenith of success my wonderful man. Tight birthday hugs and wishes to you!

God’s gift to women; you are, at least some of it. Hehe! No matter what you are, you are certainly more than enough for me. Your charm and charisma makes my heart skip a beat. Tons of warm birthday wishes and hugs to you!

Happy Birthday Darling! Just keep in mind that age is only a number. It doesn’t matter how you look from outside! Till the time you feel like a teen, you are fine, and me too (wink!) Happy Birthday sweetheart!

For Bestie — Happy Birthday Sweet messages

There in unbelievable joy to share the best moments with my bestie. She is colorful, playful and brings out the best in me. Many many happy returns of the day to you darling!

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. But the journey becomes easier when one has a supportive bestie. And you are everything that any girl would want. Hehe! A very happy birthday to you gorgeous! May you find your prince charming very soon.

Your colorful personality, altruism and tender heart is the perfect blend of a crazy girl. Hehe! Don’t worry dear! I am myself in the same boat. Haha! A very happy birthday to us. Cheers to our friendship!

You may be far away but my heart feels the proximity of you every day. May this birthday brings you a year full of joy, vigor, good health and prosperity. Happy Birthday my bestie! You are the sweetest!

Cute birthday wishes – 100 + Cutie Bday Wishes


Its very unlikely that someone will dislike Cute Birthday wishes. The sentiments of cuteness are warm, friendly and compassion and that’s what Cute birthday wishes invokes in the reader. So if today is the birthday of your friend, family or relatives, do send them a cute birthday message from the below. We also have cute images too in this post.

When I see your cute face, it reminds me of innocence, kind hardheartedness and a warm person. Happy Birthday my telly belly lovely friend. God Bless you!

You may have wrinkles and gray hair but they only make you look more wiser and cuter. I give you warmest and happiest birthday blessings my dear friend! Lots of love!

May all the lovely teddy bears of the world give you a nice cozy hug on my behalf! I wish you loads of happiness, wealth and prosperity. Many many happy returns of the day to you dear!

Thank you for always being a source of inspiration and laughter too! You are a diamond who keeps on getting better! Tons of warm birthday wishes to you!

There is sweetness in your presence, cuteness in your aura and warmth in your tender heart! May it all stays like this only. A very happy birthday to you!

For friends and best friend — Cute birthday wishes

Life becomes livelier, healthier and joyous when people like you come into it. Thank you for giving me some of the wonderful cute memories. I will always cherish them. Happy Birthday dear!

There is effervescence and exuberance in your aura, the laughter of yours reflects your strong charisma. May you accomplish what your heart desires. Teddy bear birthday wishes to you!

May your heart open again like the petal of the sunflower; may my love and goodness overload you again with the cuteness that you were. Happy Birthday to you!

When God intends to make intelligent, wise and cute guys; he takes the reference of my best friend! Mighty birthday wishes to you dear!

Those balloon like cheeks, naive eyes and child like heart could melt anyone’s heart! So glad to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday to you cutie pie!

Some of the best things in life are simple, straight forward, and I must say, Cute! To a special person, a very happy birthday to you!

Cuteness has no limits is the thought that comes to mind after seeing you. The divine decided to sent cuteness overloaded person on this Earth many years ago. He has touched many lives and is onto a big destiny. Happy Birthday to you!

You are sweet as chocolate, cute as an angel and pure hearted like the divine. A very happy birthday to a sweet person.

For Boyfriend — Cute birthday messages

I like your sparkling eyes, I love your cute lips. You are the one that sweeps me off my feet every time we meet. Wish many men in the world be like you! A mighty birthday to you!

I never thought that I will find love again! Your amazing heart and understanding has allowed me to shed my insecurities. Thankful to the Almighty for bringing a special man into my life. Happy birthday cutie!

Your bright smile makes me forget all the ill will of the day. Your hugs rejuvenates me from the chores of the day. To a wonderful man, special tight hugs, kiss and of course the birthday wishes from me. Love you to the moon and back!

You are lovable, cute, handsome, and sexy. Happy Birthday cutie pie boyfriend. May the Almighty keep us together till eternity. Love you to the moon and back!

You are the one that my heart skips for, you are the one that I live for! I didn’t fell for you because you are the one for whom I have risen in Love! Happy Birthday my cute Boy!

For Girlfriend — Happy Birthday Cute wishes

You are the best healer for an angered heart! May every guy finds a girl like you. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

I may not be the best guy, but you are surely the best girl that any guy would ever have! May we achieve all our deepest wishes. A very happy and prosperous birthday wishes for someone special.

Your smile is best thing that could have happened to me! May it stays like this forever! Happy Birthday my cute gal.

The world would be such a nicer place if there were more women my like cute girl. She is the epitome of a perfection. A very happy birthday to her. Tonight is going to be special!

I don’t know how many times my heart has fallen for you! I don’t want to stop it either. A very happy birthday to my cute and special girl.

Of all the beautiful bodies in this universe, including the celestial ones, I admire you the most. You are a breath of fresh air. Lots of bear hugs and birthday wishes to you!

May the birds sing chirpier today, may the sun shines brighter today; you are the shining star and I hope our journey continues everyday! A very happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend!

WhatsApp Birthday Wishes — 50+ Awesome wishes


We all are living in the times of digital era. And WhatsApp is the best medium to stay connected with each other across the world. You can send lovely WhatsApp Birthday Wishes for your friends family which we have prepared in this post. These Whatsapp happy birthday wishes along with the images are amazing and can be send to anyone. So lets get started without wasting any more time.

Its glad that we have Whatsapp today, or I wouldn’t have been able to send you my sweet birthday wishes. Happy Birthday dear friend!

Sending you the best and mighty wishes from WhatsApp. The best is reserved when we will meet. A very happy and prosperous birthday. May this year yields you all the success that you are going after.

I am thankful to the Almighty and technologies like WhatsApp that have helped us to stay in touch with each other. Happy Birthday to an amazingly special person. May the divine bless you with all the good looks, good health and joy.

Some of the best things in life are simple and you are definitely one of them. May there be more people like you in this world. Happy Birthday Dear!

May the Almighty bless upon you all the good luck, vigor and exuberance. You are a unique individual and I wish you all the best in your personal and professional endeavors.

I have spent some of the best moments in life with you. We may be far today, but our hearts will always be connected with intangible strings of love, respect and admiration. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes, the admiration in life cannot be expressed via mere WhatsApp messages. While I am sending you my heartfelt birthday wishes, know that we will have an amazing blast when you come here! Happy Birthday Dear!

Long Distance WhatsApp Birthday Wishes

No matter how far we are, our friendship will remain alive for eternity. Happy Birthday Dear! May you come back here very soon!

Even though you are far away, my wishes and blessings will always traverse the space and time to support your deepest desires. Happy Birthday! Lots of blessings.

I think some of the best thoughts about you when we are far away from each other. Hehe kidding only! Very bright and warm birthday wishes to you. May you rise to heights of success.

While we have silly arguments over petty issues, know that all is forgiven and even forgotten when special day like today arrives. A very happy birthday to you my lovely friend. May our friendship continues till infinity.

Long distances can be quite hard but you and me are in it for the long haul. A very happy birthday to my special man. I am proud of you and love you with all my heart! Lots of love.

Merely thinking about you gives me a rush on endorphins. We may not be with each other on this special day but I am sending you my heartiest Happy Birthday wishes from WhatsApp. Ofcourse, I am gonna make up for the long distance when I come back (Wink!). Love you to the moon and back!

Funny WhatsApp Birthday wishes

Since you don’t pick the phone most of the time, I am sending you birthday wishes through WhatsApp only. Lol! I wish you a ton of exuberance, success and wealth. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes, I am glad I don’t have to call you or meet you, even if its your birthday. Luckily, there is WhatsApp for that. Hehe! Kidding dear! Happy Birthday and lets have a blast once you come back here!

Some people in the world takes time to grow equally both physically and mentally! Hehe! I hope you are getting what am saying! Hopefully, from this birthday, the Almighty will take cognizable action for my lovely friend. Happy Birthday to you dear!

Since it will take me many more years to master teleportation, therefore am taking help WhatsApp to send you the birthday wishes. Happy Birthday!

I know you always read my WhatsApp messages instantly from the main menu, but doesn’t want the blue ticks to appear. Happy Birthday wishes to you!

You cannot understand my sentiments through the Birthday wishes from Whatsapp only and this is why I am not writing too much either. haha! Lets meet when you are free. Happy Birthday to you!

Family birthday wishes through WhatsApp

Life is joyous and worth living when we have family and friends like you. Our sincere wishes for your Happy Birthday! May our togetherness will always be till eternity.

Heyzz, many many happy returns of the day to you! I am sending you the birthday wishes through whatsApp, but you are going to host a grand function when we meet at the house.

Happy Birthday to my brother! Sending you my deepest birthday wishes for you elderly brother! I wish for your success and vitality in the coming years.

May this year catapults you from the hardships and failures into the success and comfort, that you truly deserve! Happy Birthday to you dear! Our well wishes are always with you!

Our family has grown so much and close over the years. We are grateful of the Almighty to have you in our family. A very happy Birthday! Tonight we will celebrate like no tomorrow.