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Happy birthday funny — 50+ Real Funny Wishes


Nothing could invoke a serious laughter from your friend than the happy birthday funny wishes. We have curated some of the funniest birthday wishes that we doubt are available anywhere else. There are images too that will make laugh your heart out. So share these memorable and distinct funny wishes to your friend, family and relatives on their birthdays.

There are two things that are absolutely unique about you, one is your fart and the other is your snoring. Happy Birthday!

Some of the best pleasures I have derived in life includes pulling your legs in every possible scenario.

From the moment we step into this world, we get to know how strange the world can be. They smile and celebrate when you were crying full on upon entering this world. Hehe kidding!

I don’t know why I am so happy today! Is it because of the birthday or the fact that you are going to give a nice party tonight!

People do become more attractive with every passing year. And you are the living example of it.

I would like to pat your back for the amazing people you have befriended, especially the one who has written this message for you.

I am making a lot of effort for sending you these birthday wishes and images from Google. I expect a fine wine and dining tonight at least!

Even your Dog will feel shy of himself if he sees you gorging on food like his ancestors. But a very happy birthday to you by the way!

More age does not equate to more wisdom. Want to see proof of it? The one reading this message.

Your criticisms have made stronger over the years. Thank you for the wonderful contribution my friend. That’s what friends are all for. Isn’t it! Happy Birthday to you!

Funny Hilarious Birthday Wishes For Husband

The best achievement of your life was getting to marry me!

My dear husband! You are truly ageing like a fine wine but tonight, I prefer the fine wine! Hehe!!

Thanks a lot to Facebook for reminding me of my Hubby’s birthday on time.

Hey Hubby! All your desires have come true, in dreams! I am now waiting for their fruition in the real world.

Dear Husband! Happy Birthday! This is how you look when I decide to make your favorite meal.

Happy Birthday Darling! Today, I am going to buy a cooking pan, not for cooking, but to smack at your head with the sweet spot for every time you will make fun of me.

Dear Husband! Whether its your birthday or mine, you know for whom we will be shopping!

You are the only man who in this world who I feel like kicking and loving immensely at the same time.

Looks are deceiving as my sweet simple looking husband turns into a ravishing beast at night. And I love every moment of it.

There are times when I really want my anger to subside. And when I see your face, it increases even more!

The space on our bed has shrunken over the years due to your growing tummy size. I think its time you gift me a new bed on my coming birthday! But for now, happy birthday to you!

Dear Husband! You are not only an amazing, caring husband but also a fantastic cooker too! Happy Birthday to you! Now please get back to preparing some nice meal for both of us!

For Wife – Humorous Birthday Wishes

Its easy to understand the working of gravity and time when one sees a real live example of it. Seeing you wifey, I now totally get it.

There is an absolute truth in the saying that the wife is always nagging for the first 100 years of married life.

Dear Wifey! I have a fantasy of making love to you when you dress up like Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter. Well no need to dress up, your anger is enough to give you that look!

Hey Wifey! You look stunningly gorgeous every night, after I gulp down two glasses of wine!

Wisdom not only increases but can also go in the downward spiral too. My own has halved after I got married!

Dear Wifey! Some times, when you ask me how you are looking after trying new dresses, all I ever want in those moments is to laugh my heart out. But I guess its not allowed.

I now know that you don’t really like shopping as much as you enjoy spending my money!

My wife’s happiness can be measured by counting the no. of wrinkles on my face.

You deserve a lot of my love and respect therefore am sending those to you today instead of some birthday gift.

For Boss, Colleagues, Co-workers – Funny birthday messages

Dear Boss! Today is the only day when you will get more wishes than curses.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Boss! Some of my most productive moments have come when you sat right on my ***.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful colleague who looted me for the party and delicious food on my previous birthday. Today, everything will be balanced. Hehe!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful and Iron Lady Boss. May be we will get a half day today!