Everybody wants to be greeted with creative birthday wishes. But coming up with them is difficult for most people. Most are copied from other places and the rest do not invoke a feeling. This is why we have come up with amazing creative birthday wishes that are unique. We assure you that you will not find them anywhere else. Here you will find a ton of out of the box and creative birthday wishes along with the images too.

Every fiber of my being feels enliven when we spent time together. Happy Birthday!

I admire your creativity to always keep our friendship refreshing. Happy Birthday! May God give you everything that you deeply desire.

Life is only special because of the special people like you. May the divine bestow every person with a friend like you.

There is always a way where there is a will. May my name also found a way into your rich will. Hehe!!! Happy Birthday!

No matter how far we may be, our thoughts and well-wishes will travel through the space and time to reach each other’s heart.

The Almighty gave you more talent and ability than you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to the God is to use as much as of that talent and ability in this lifetime.

There never was, is and never will be anyone like you. The Almighty created you to the unique shining star!

Some of the best things in life often come with persistence rather than luck.

The best wishes of birthday are the ones that are found on Google. Hehe!

You may not speak much but your aura is full of exuberance and prosperity. May you achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

Its inspiring to see people who are beautiful not only from outside but from inside too.

The most meaningful lessons of life are often accompanied with the bad times.

WhatsApp Creative Birthday Wishes

Glad to have WhatsApp to bombard you with free birthday wishes. Calling and SMSing you is expensive!

Life has been a roller coaster ride with you with only highs and highs. I am pumped up to witness our future years. May the divine propel you to achieve every bit of deepest desires.

The light is not at the end of the tunnel but inside your heart and soul. You switch it on for as long as you want!

May you give a nice birthday party also tonight other than “Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes” message on WhatsApp.

Sending you a nice birthday wish in the hope that you will dine and wine us to our heart’s extent. Hehe!

For Friend

Angels might not be here on this Earth but you are not too different from them. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

You are not only my dear friend but my punching bag too! And I guess I am the same too for you!

You are not only a friend but my pulse too. I wish you become energetic and healthy this year.

FB may be time waster but it certainly reminds me of important birthday people.

For Best Friend creative birthday wishes

We may disagree on many things but our heart and soul will always resonant for each other. May the journey of our amazing friendship continues till eternity.

If I will ever have kids, I would certainly wish some of your qualities in them.

The best moments of my life have been with you. And I am sure there are plenty more in our kitty of life.

For Brother

There is no better way to rejuvenate myself than to get on your nerves. Thanks for being on the receiving end most of the times. May it always stay like this forever. Oh by the way, happy birthday!

There is indeed a great reward for good deeds. Like you got rewarded by having me as your brother!

May our bond of brotherhood remain alive for eternity! You are the strength of my soul. Happy Birthday to you brother!

For Sister

I may not be the best brother but you are definitely the best sister that anyone would ever have. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister!

Thank you for the funny banters and leg pulling of mine in childhood. I have now grown thick skinned owing to my lovely sister.

Thanks for instilling in me the right values of ethics and hard work. You are my rock and pillar!

For Boyfriend

Wisdom not only goes up but can also go in downward spiral due to a mighty crazy partner. Don’t believe? Check your’s 😀

Its amazing how you have improved over the years, owing to me! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Our best years are yet to come. May you reach the zenith of success soon.


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