When it is your Dad’s birthday, then you got to have every word of praise for him in your vocabulary. Dad and daughter always share a special bond just like mother and son, and therefore if you have been searching for the right Happy birthday Dad quotes from Daughter, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find plenty of quotes for Dad’s birthday from the darling daughter. So lets get started.

Birthday Quotes To Daddy from Daughter

Hey Dad! As you step onto another year of your life, I wish you all the luck and prosperity. Me as your daughter is destined for success because I have a Dad like you. I hope I will make you proud. Happy Birthday Daddy. Stay blessed as always.

I may not be the best daughter to you, but you are certainly the best father that God could have given me. You are my saviour and I love every bit of you. Many many happy returns of the day daddy. God loves you.

All my life, I have got whatever I have asked from my Daddy. I am so lucky that the almighty has send me into this family. Keep rocking Dad. The Almighty is gracious on you. Happy Birthday!

If there would have been a test for Dads on how much they keep their daughters happy, my Dad would have aced it. He is a gem of a person; strong, handsome and very intelligent. Stay like this Daddy. Many Many happy returns of the day to you.

People think it is impossible for a man to be handsome, caring and hardworking. They haven’t met my Dad of course. Happy Birthday Daddy.

My Dad made her daughter believe that she is no less than a boy in any aspect of life. I hope there be more Dads like you in this world. Lots of birthday wishes to you father. You rock!

Inspiring Dad birthday Quotes from Lovely Daughter

Hey Dad! We may not speak much to each other but your presence in my life is invaluable. Your powerful aura helps me to feel confident about myself. I may not say much but I love you a lot. Happy Birthday to my handsome daddy.

Dear Dad. Life does not make anyone retire unless they have burning desire and passion to enjoy each moment of life. And I know that you have the heart of a teenager. Many Many happy returns of the day to you. Enjoy Life!

When I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do was to make my Dad proud. That desire is still burning. Hope it can come true one day. Happy Birthday to my lovely daddy.

When I was a little princess, my friends would watch super heroes such as batman, superman and what not, whereas, I had the real hero in my home. He is my Dad. Big Teddy bear birthday hug to you daddy.

My Dad may have gotten a year old today but he is getting younger and younger by heart every day. Happy Birthday Daddy from your lovely daughter.

Mighty birthday wishes to my handsome Daddy. No one understands my inner world like my old man. I owe all my success to him. Happy Birthday once again Father.

While our mother bore us in her womb, it is my Dad who taught me the rules of the society along with moralistic values. Your love and wisdom is paramount father. Happy Birthday to you.

There are days when I feel like giving up, but then I remind myself of the hardships of my father and feel rejuvenated. You are an inspiration to the whole family Daddy. Happy Birthday to you.

My Dad is the epitome of a smart, handsome man who can give a run for his money to even the young folks. I bet Mom and we all are definitely lucky to have him. Happy Birthday Daddy.

I wish to be a small little cute girl again, so that my dear father could hold me in his arms and play with me. Happy Birthday Daddy. I miss your teddy bear hugs.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Dear Dad, I promise that we will come out of this phase of life very soon. Good days are coming. Happy Birthday to you.

I wish more guys could be smart, unapologetic, handsome and caring like my Dad. The world then would have been a paradise. Happy Birthday daddy. Lots of love to you.

If I have sympathy, compassion, and ethical values, it is because my Daddy instilled all those in me. He is a gem of a person and people like him can change the world with his positivity. Happy Birthday Daddy.

Not every child is as lucky as me because my Dad gave me the best life ever. Mighty birthday wishes to you Daddy. You deserve the best from the almighty.

If young parents want to know how to raise their daughters, they should see my Dad, because he gave us the best childhood and life. Thank you Dad for everything. Happy Birthday to you.

To all the people who doubt my Dad’s abilities, they should know that an old tiger is still a tiger. So blessed to been raised fearless and hard working by my father. Many many returns of the day to you daddy!

My Mom and dad blushing staring at each other is the best sight for any daughter in the world. I hope the romance only blossoms more forever. Happy Birthday Daddy from your beautiful daughter.


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