While there may be many acquaintances and friends, the rhythm of our heart always syncs with that of our best friend’s. There is a reason they are our best friend. And if today it is their birthday, then we have emotional birthday wishes for best friend in plenty. You will also find a ton of images too. So lets get started without wasting any time.

Dear best friend. There will be times when things may not go in your favor. Just remember your achievements and me, because I will always propel you to success. Happy Birthday my best friend!

I will never ever forgive the sacrifices you have made for me countless times over the years. They say success comes with hard work. It may! But it comes also when there is supportive person behind you. And that my friend is you, my best buddy! A very happy birthday to you! Lots of love!

May all your dreams and deepest desires see the reality of light. May you live longer, healthier with amazing exuberance. I will always be your best buddy dear till eternity. A very happy birthday to you! God bless!

You are like a rainbow, who has many colorful sides and personality, with the next even impressive than the previous one. You are truly one in a million. I wish our friendship remains alive for eternity. Happy Birthday best mate!

Dear best friend! I know that you may not speak so much but your heart always yearn for the betterment of mine. And there is no lack from my side in reciprocation. People like you deserve all the luck, success, health and wealth in this life. Happy Birthday dear!

Sweet and Emotional Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Hey Dear! Success usually comes with a marathon, even if it is a slow pace, rather than from a sprint! Keep the persistence and I am sure that the divine will reward you heavily. Happy Birthday my best friend!

A person who would spend months and years with you, will witness a drop in high blood pressure, high heart rate, stress and worries and what not! I deeply admire your conscience, which is so pure and clean. Needless to say, I am so happy to have you as my best friend. A very happy birthday to you dear!

We may have disagreements my best friend, but that only means my love, admiration and openness for you. No matter what, I will always pray for your good health and longevity because that’s what you also pray for me! Happy Birthday dear!

You are a rare breed of human being, who always wants to help out other people. The corporate and offices would be so much nicer, more productive and fun to work if more people like you would be in those places. To my best buddy, a very happy birthday to you!

I have no doubts that the world would be a much nicer place if there would be more people like my best friend. Being grateful is an understatement of having her. A very happy birthday to you dear!

When I am with you, my heart feels soothing. When we are together, I feel special. The way you make me feel is heartwarming. I wish everyone in the world be like you. To my very best friend, a mighty birthday wish to you!

The world is a paradise when my bestie hangs out with me. You have always been my invigorating lady. You are smart, funny and gorgeous and the apple of my eye too. God bless you sweet heart and a very happy birthday to you!

I may have siblings, but you are the one whose matches my thought frequency and wavelength. You bring the best out of me. Happy Birthday to you my best friend.

Hey best buddy! Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough will always get going. And besides that, you will always have my support for altruism. Happy Birthday to best man!

If there is anyone who I want to be my brother in the next lifetime, it will be you my best friend. You have done a lot for me and I couldn’t be more grateful in having you. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday best buddy!

We may not be connected by real blood, but our hearts are tied with the intangible strings of love, respect and admiration. You are a special individual in my life and will always be. Happy Birthday to my sweet best friend!

There may not be any heroic connotation to the word persistence but its character is like that of a Carbon in a steel. You have been my pillar of foundation best friend. And there is nothing in the world that I will trade you for. A very happy birthday to you!

If I will ever have kids, I would want them to be like you, my best buddy! You have been a phenomenal impact on my life and it feels amazing when the cords of our heart strike together. I wish you all the success in the world. Happy Birthday dear!


No day is fulfilled without talking to you, going out with you or thinking about you. The world needs more people like my best friend. A mighty birthday wishes to you!

Happiness is when the sun is shining bright, when the birds are chirping soothingly, and when my bestie shares her heart out with me. Happy birthday to you gorgeous!


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