At times we often forget to wish birthday wishes on time no matter how hard we try to remember. Real life scenarios can be overwhelming sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we cannot bring some special wishes later on. Of course we can with Funny belated birthday wishes. Humor helps to forge relationships and nothing can be more useful than these funny belated birthday wishes to make our birthday friend smile again. Apart from the wishes, you will also find plenty of images too for the same.

I thought you were grown enough to forget your birthday, like me. But if you did remember, then a happy belated birthday wish to you! Hehe!!

Damn this Facebook. It reminded me of your birthday on the next day. Happy Belated birthday to you!

I thought why make someone more miserable about ageing. Isn’t that what birthday means!! But later thought why not make you miserable for your leg pulling. So happy belated birthday wish to my lovely friend!

Birthday parties should be conducted for at least 3 days, so that late comers (I mean late wishers) like me have a chance to attend it and wish you a belated birthday wish.

Having a birthday means getting older. But you aren’t seeming older for so many years. So one shouldn’t wish you birthday on time. Jokes aside, a belated happy birthday wish to you!

Having a holistic group is always worthwhile. Some can wish advanced birthday wishes, some on time, and the rest can come along for the nicest belated birthday wishes. What you say!! 😀

Some people will always be special for me and therefore, I am sending you lots of special belated birthday wishes. Hehe!!

They say that the recipient always remember the name of the last birthday wisher. So here is me, wishing you belated birthday wishes. Hehe!

You had plenty of birthday wishes on time so I thought of not over burdening you with more joy with my birthday wishes. Here is to you, a grand belated happy birthday!

Insanely funny belated birthday wishes

I tend to forget my birthday itself then how can anyone expect me to remember their birthday date! Sending you the perfect birthday belated wish.

At least I am the first one to wish you the “Belated birthday wish” and not the last one. Be happy with that 😀

I wanted to send you an original wish, not some copied one, even if it meant figuring it out well beyond your birthday date! Creativity does take time. Hope you agree. 😀 Happy belated birthday wish!

I suffered a technical malfunction yesterday, in my brain and hence sending you lots of love and belated birthday wish.

Everybody can remember anyone on their birthday dates. It takes a real friend and pure heart to remember someone on other days too.

Happy Birthday! You think I meant belated birthday wish isn’t it! Actually no. What’s gone is gone. I am sending you advance birthday wish for next year. Lol!

I may have forgot to send you the birthday wishes, but I definitely sent you a birthday gift in advance, along with the invoice of course.

They say there is beauty in everything. I think that also includes “Forgetfulness”

You know that you look so cute and adorable when you have a forgiving thought!

I am trying to get on your nerves by sending you belated birthday wishes. But it already looks like that it doesn’t matter to you. You win 😀

You may be upset about my belated birthday wish but I am more upset in forgetting about it and subsequently about the amazing birthday party that you people had!

Sarcastic and funny belated birthday wishes

I am already feeling so bad about not wishing you on time. Why not give a party to soothe my heart!

VIP people always come in last. Happy Belated birthday from one of your VIPs in your life.

Words don’t matter much at all. Its in the heart that really matters. And I have plenty of love for you for sure.

Damn, I missed your birthday and party! I heard you people had a blast! Oh I missed wishing you! Happy belated birthday my friend!

I like to surprise my friends by intentionally wishing them a belated birthday wish. Seems a different experience isn’t it!

I was searching for the best birthday wish on Google on your birthday. Couldn’t find it. So now sending you a belated birthday wish. Couldn’t find the best for this one either. 😀

I may have forgotten your birthday, but you could have messaged me that today is your birthday. I would have copy pasted a nice message back then and there itself. :D. Well, happy belated happy birthday to you now.

I have witnessed so much of your tantrums in this lifetime. A small mistake of forgetting your mistake should be easily forgiven this time. 😀


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