Banter between the husband and wife is always a good thing. It keeps the spark in the relation. And if its the birthday of your husband, then nothing can be better than the funny birthday quotes for Husband. This post is all about that. Here we have gathered the best of the funny birthday quotes for husband along with the images. Choose from many listed below. They will certainly invoke a laughter from your husband.

We don’t need a mosquito repellant my dear hubby! Your fart is more than enough to make them run for their lives

Dear Husband! Its your birthday, but you should congratulate me for surviving you for so many years. Hehe!!

Hey hubby, as you would have seen over the years, ignoring the spouse’s mistakes and flaws is only applicable to husband only.

Over the years, you have set up a new benchmark for laziness. Congratulations for it hubby!

I am sending you a heart melting, awesome gift on your birthday dear, along with the invoice of course. Please pay on time. Oh, Happy Birthday by the way!

The best pleasure in life is to be spendthrift of my husband’s money!

Happy Birthday darling Husband! But I ain’t gonna give you any gift because you have already the best one, i.e. me!

People suggest various ways for wife to relive their stress. I recommend pulling your husband’s legs and getting on his nerves. Simple, natural and cost-effective!

They always say that the first 100 years with hubby are the most difficult.

No matter what the consequences are! The wife is always right. That’s the universal truth!

Mighty Funny and Hilarious birthday quotes for Husband

The space on our bed has reduced over the years, due to your exorbitant tummy size.

Hey Darling! You may not have a perfect life but you certainly have a perfect wife! Happy Birthday!

Your honest feedbacks has made me immune to the constructive criticism. Thank you hubby for your wonderful contribution. That’s what husbands are for isn’t it!

May you age with wisdom but always possess the libido of a teenager!

Congratulations dear hubby for achieving all your desires, in your dreams! I am waiting for their fruition in the real world.

The best way to measure my happiness is to count the no. of wrinkles and gray hairs of my dear hubby!

Many thanks to Zuckerberg’s Facebook for sending notification of my husband’s birthday!

Between the two of us, only my husband is allowed to age, like a fine wine of course!

Dear Hubby! It may be your birthday today, but we both know for whom we are going to do shopping!

Happy Birthday to my darling Hubby! I have been dieting for two days for the awesome meal that we will gorge on tonight!

Today is the only day in life when you are allowed to gorge on food like a pig. I will of course give you the company in the same manner too!

Insanely Funny quotes for Hubby on Birthday

Hey Hubby! This is how you look when I decide to make your favorite meal.

It doesn’t matter whether how old you look from the outside, as long as you feel like a teenager from inside, you are fine, and me too!

Today is the only day of the year when I will be sweet, loving and totally submissive to you. I will return to my usual self from tomorrow.

I don’t need an alarm to wake up my dear hubby! Your smelly fart is more than enough for that!

Good wives send birthday wishes and hot wives bring along a cake and beer only to smash them on their husband’s face. Hehe!!

Dear Hubby! The secret of staying young forever lies inside your mouth, i.e. lying through the teeth.

If you have leadership qualities, it is because of me. I made your bore my tantrums with a nice smile all the time.

It is the day you came out of the vagina but tonight, you certainly aren’t going inside it! Hehe!

No matter how sincerely I ask you about my style and clothing, you always have to say the positive only. That’s an unwritten clause of marriage!

There is one thing you should definitely get patented my hubby! Your Snoring. It is mighty hilarious!

Over the years with you, I have come to realize a universal truth. That marriage is indeed a fairytale, only in reverse. Hahaha!

I love you dear with all my butt! Wanted to say with heart but my butt is bigger and appealing too!

I have purchased a nice cooking pan on the occasion of your birthday! Not to cook something special for you dear but to whack it on your bald head with the sweet spot if you annoy me from now on. Hahaha!

You are not only the biggest love of my life but the biggest pain in my *** too.


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