The aunt may not be a mother but she will always be like a mother. She is the one who volunteers to babysits you in whatever capacity she has and does not hesitate to love you like her own children. When her birthday comes, you can wish her Happy Birthday Auntie Funny wishes and show your love to her in a funny wish, which are livelier and will bring a smile to her face. This post is all about those funny birthday wishes for Aunt along with the images.


Hey my dearest Aunt! I have always heard that where there is a will, there is always a way. May you consider my name too also while preparing your will. Happy Birthday!

Thank you auntie for always saying Yes Yes Yes Yes, when my mom says no no no no. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my cool Aunt! Thanks all these years for hiding my mistakes from mommy and daddy. May you continue to do so in the coming years. Hehe!

Age is only a number my lovely aunt! It doesn’t matter how you look from outside. What matters is what’s inside! As long as you feel that, you are fine, and uncle too! Happy Birthday!

There is no better aunt in the world than the one who tells funny and embarrassing stories about your parents. Thank you aunty for all of those throughout the years. Happy Birthday!

The best thing my uncle has done in his life is to get married to my gorgeous aunt and then contributing in bringing my siblings into this world. Happy Birthday Aunty!

Insanely hilarious and Funny birthday wishes for Auntie


Its so important to be happy and laugh at all times. So dear Aunt, when you feel like laughing your heart out, simply take a look at your nearest person. Yes, am talking about uncle. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Dear Aunt! Mighty hugs and wishes to you on your birthday! I had been dieting since two days. Today, I am gonna gorge on food like a pig. Please prepare my favorite meal in abundance.

Dear Aunt! You have given me amazing cousins. They are kind, amazing and beautiful. I thank uncle for bestowing them with kindness and intelligent emotional traits!

There is no better way to learn things in real time! Looking at you auntie over the years, I have now totally understood how gravity and time works. Happy Birthday in abundance!

The Almighty has always been blessed upon my aunt! She got more lucky when she got a nephew like me. Happy Birthday to lovely aunt!

All these years, thanks for imparting such valuable info about getting to the female mind and ultimately into their………………….. An education which my mom would never bestowed on me and my father to shy to instill in me. Thank you aunt for all that. Happy Birthday!


Dear Aunt! We two might have many difference of years. But I guess, we stand side by side on one common ground. It’s the wisdom. Don’t you agree? But a very happy birthday to you!

Hey Gorgeous Aunt! You are the epitome of a beautiful, intelligent woman. That impression however fades out quickly when you fart! God knows how many poor mosquitoes have boarded to heaven due to your silent gift! Lol! Happy Birthday!

There is no purer wishes and blessings for an aunt than the ones from her (nephew or niece). May you pamper and gift me as if there is no tomorrow. You will be bestowed with …………………………….. Nothing from me! Hehehe!! Happy Birthday!

My wonderful Aunt! Your niece has learnt an important thing from you about staying young all the time; which is to lie about it with deep conviction.

Mom wonders from where did I acquire this habit of being a spend thrift? Well, I guess she hasn’t correlated her sister’s habit with me yet. You have blessed me plenty in that aspect dear aunt! Mighty happy returns of the day to you!

Hey lovely aunt! You might be turning older with grey hairs, but you are looking charmer and beautiful with every passing year, that is of course the perspective of uncle! I wonder he could have had any other perspective!

Hey Aunt! Congrats for turning a year older. The day is not far when we guys and galz will be reading your bed time lullabies to make you fall asleep. Happy Birthday!

Aunt! Its ok to be Sherlock Holmes at times and deduce all my wild secrets but you don’t have to spill it out to mother and father.

Dear Auntie. You have been a wonderful co-conspirator with mommy and daddy throughout the years. I am sure you really reveled in ecstasy in me getting a word from mom dad all the time. Kidding auntie! You are cool! Happy Birthday!

The gifts that my parents refused to give it to me, my lovely Aunt bought it for me. I hope there be more aunts like you in this world.

After all these years, I know where my gorgeous looks comes from. Hehe! Happy Birthday to you beautiful auntie!

Some of my wildest secrets of life are kept with my auntie. And I intend those to stay like that. Happy Birthday lovely auntie!

Dear Aunt! You and mommy share some fantastic similarities, like you both keep nagging to your spouses. I think its ingrained into your DNA. Happy Birthday by the way!


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