An appropriate occasion to wish funny messages to female boss is very rare. But when its her birthday, you have the liberty to send Funny Birthday Wishes for Female Boss. And that what this post is all about. Here you will find plenty of funny birthday wishes for Female Boss along with images. So lets get started.

You deserve a ton of happiness today. Not because its your birthday but because you pay us always on time. Happy Birthday Lady boss.

Dear lady Boss! Apart from my wife, you are the only lady to whom I smile while suppressing anger. Happy Birthday to you.

Hey Boss Lady! May you celebrate the entire day today with your friends and family; well anywhere and with anyone would do actually. Hopefully you wont come to the office today!

Today is the day when we will hear you with all ears to move into the right direction. Yeah, the direction leads to the pub hopefully tonight. Happy Birthday

Hello Mam! Happy Birthday. Today I am coming without any breakfast and lunch. I hope you will take us to Michelin star restaurant tonight.

I am glad that you are beautiful which helps me to withstand your constructive criticism which you make every now and then. Many many returns of the day to you.

It seems that today will be the only day in the calendar where you will not lose temper at my work. Happy Birthday!

When your female boss is smart, intelligent and attractive, it does give some motivation to get up every day and look forward to going to work. Happy Birthday Boss!

Since today is your birthday, we are going to have a blast in the office, because we are hoping that you won’t be coming to the office. Happy Birthday Lady Boss!

The biggest secret in life is to keep working hard without any expectations. Thank you Lady boss for making me learn & work so much without any reward of increment. Happy Birthday!

Hilarious Wishes Birthday to Female Boss

Its only because of our female boss that we male colleagues put in so much effort in showering, dressing and etiquette’s every day. Happy Birthday!

The gift that we will give you today will be directly proportional to how nice you have been to us in the recent time. Happy Birthday!

Its our boss’s birthday today and I have been waiting for it. I have been dieting since few days and today I am gonna gorge on the food and wine at the party place, where of course our lady boss will take us to.

Happy Birthday to our Iron Lady Boss. We are today going to give you a special gift. Of course it will be special and expensive too. Will send you the invoice once we finalize on the gift.

Now I get why you have been holding our salaries for the last couple of days, so that you could spent it lavishly on your birthday party. No problems. At least we will also have fun today. Happy Birthday Boss Lady!

The best employee is sending you the happiest wishes of Happy Birthday. The wishes would have been more sincere if you would have given me the desired raise, but still these wishes will work too.

Hey Boss! You always teach us valuable things. But today, I will show you how to party like Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter. Happy Birthday!

Sarcastic and funny birthday wishes to Boss (Female Boss)

Today is the only day where you will get more wishes than curses from all the employees. Happy Birthday to you!

If Hitler would have been alive today, he certainly would have feared our lady boss; ofcourse due to respect. Happy Birthday Dear!

Its unbelievable how you never get satiated with food and criticism of employees. Happy Birthday!

I wish we could have a Lady Boss who doesn’t work that hard, so that she didn’t expect us to work harder like her too. It looks like this wish would remain wish only. Oh Happy Birthday Boss.

Worth Sharing Funny and Sarcastic birthday wishes for female Boss

Sometimes a very easy work becomes unbearable when you immediately arrive at the office to check on us. Happy Birthday by the way.

The Almighty sometimes send the best people in life at the workplaces. No, I am not talking about you lady boss. Happy Birthday!

Your most hard working and loyal employee is sending you birthday wishes. Now please return the favor with a massive increment. Happy Birthday!

Its a miracle that despite having the most incompetent employees, our lady boss’s business is thriving! I guess she has the biggest luck from the Almighty. Happy Birthday.

As employees, we can expect a sigh of relief at least today from too much criticism from our lady boss. I wish every day be like today. Happy Birthday.

May the Almighty bless our lady boss with lots of fortune and wealth and hopefully gives us deserving increment of at least 15%. Happy Birthday!


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