Fun and humor are the lifeline of every relationship. And so, if today is the birthday of your boyfriend, then we have prepared some nice funny birthday wishes for boyfriend. These are some mighty and insanely hilarious birthday wishes that you will find anywhere else. We have also prepared some equally funny images too. Feel free to send it to your birthday boyfriend.

Many congrats for tolerating my criticism for so long. You have achieved vast improvements owing to them. Haha

Ever since you have come into my life, I have mastered many things in life. One of them is getting a good night sleep despite your hilarious snoring!

Thank God to Zuckerberg’s Facebook for reminding me of my boyfriend’s birthday on time!

My dear, you can always win an argument against me, in your sweet dreams only!

I admire your ability to take my nagging berseck with a smile on your face! It is so true that there is a woman behind every man’s success.

Your bathroom singing is more hilarious than some of the laughter shows and stand up comedies!

Happy Birthday sweet heart! May you be happy and keep me happy too all the time. Now please prepare for our fine wine and dine today! 😀

Do you know the secret to always stay young and charming? By lying through your teeth about it!

Thank you darling for being my bean bag over the years. The trend will continue!

I know its your birthday tonight but we both know for whom we will be doing the shopping.

May you age with all the wisdom in the world and with the libido of an 18 year old.

Today is the day when I will be giving you more love and support, by sitting on my favorite couch.

You came out of the vagina today, but you will only go inside it tonight, if you do the right things today!

Over the years, I have witnessed your nice transformation from 007 to that of a hobbit! Must have felt nice!

Mighty funny wishes of happy birthday to Boyfriend

I know your hands feel good when they touch me. And my legs feel better when they kick your behind!

There are many universal truths. One of them is that the girlfriend is always right, no matter what the consequences will be!

You may be young but you certainly need a lot of help to blow out all the candles this time.

I am purchasing a nice gift for my telly belly, from his credit card of course. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

If love making was a professional sport, I certainly would have been your coach!

I love you more than my favorite chocolate. And that will be the biggest compliment you will ever get from me.

Over the years, my wisdom has got halved. Thanks for your wonderful contribution darling!

No matter how sincerely I ask you for criticism, you are only allowed to say that agree with mine.

Your snoring not only prohibits me for sleep, it makes me laugh my heart out too!

I have bought a special cooking pan, not for cooking anything dear but to smack it on your head with its sweet spot if you ever get on my nerves again!

If you ever feel over-whelmed with too much gifts from friends and family today, simply share it with me.

Insanely funny birthday wishes for Boyfriend

Mosquitoes may survive the repellant, but your fart is enough to put them in coma!

Sending you the nicest, warmest copied birthday wishes to my boyfriend from the great Google. May he keep me happy all the time!

You may not drive perfectly, but you certainly drive me wild at night! And I love at every moment of it!

More age does not equate to more wisdom. You are the living proof of it and me too! Hahaha!!

You are always welcome to give me a suggestion, inside your mind only!

I can allow myself to be stupid and be the laughing stock because I have a partner who is more stupid and funnier than me!

Over the years, you have set a new benchmark, of Laziness! Many Congratulations!

I have been dieting since a couple of days for this day. Today, you are allowed to gorge on the food like a pig and I will accompany you too!

You are the most handsome man in this universe! Women say this all the time to Brad Pitt.

You are the best example of a man whose dreams come true of having a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman by her side.

The only good thing about your ageing is that it is happening at faster rate than mine.

Where there is a strong will, there is always a way to pull your legs. Congrats for being on the receiving end most of the times.


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