Having an awesome co-worker is vitally important for an enthusiastic, proactive and working environment. If it is the birthday of your co-worker, then you can certainly send plenty of Funny birthday wishes for coworker that will surely invoke a laughter from them. We have also included some funny images too. Do share them with your co-worker on their birthday.


If robots needs a lesson how to be a better robot, you would be the perfect candidate in this world to teach them. Happy birthday!

You have so much ability to work at night that will put even the owls to shame.

If you are in dilemma to offer us free meals, then you can always give us some nice goodies. Happy Birthday!

You may have a hard time in getting a cake that will actually be able to hold the no. of candles equivalent to your age.

Its amazing how you don’t look like your actual age. You look elderly. Hehehe! But happy birthday to you.

Forget the humans, even the hens and chicken feel shame when they wake up after you.

There is insane pleasure in taking siestas in the offices. I thank you for allowing me to do that. May every co-worker be like you.

Thanks to my charm, charisma and humor and your listening years that make this workplace bearable.

I hate your ability for cracking jokes which makes me laugh like an idiot in the office. But happy birthday to you!

For all the excuses I have put forth to bosses for saving your a** on being late, I certainly deserve a king like treatment. Today is your opportunity to do it.

This place is extremely tolerable owing to co-workers like you. Happy Birthday my dear co-worker

A healthy competition between you and me always feel good as long as I am winning. Hahaha!! Kidding dear. A very happy birthday to you! All the best!

Today me and our team has decided to give you a wonderful gift. It is waiting for you in the office along with the invoice of course. Haha!

It is strange but the back bitching of few people in our office always rejuvenate every cell of my being. Thanks for being a part of it. Hehee!!

It is amazing how one face can be a like a ray of sunshine at one day and a total hideous on the others. Don’t worry my dear co-worker, I am no different either. Happy Birthday!

It seems that we are the only two in the office who talks openly about the idiotic of our Boss. I wish more people join our gang.

You have helped me many times in my career for getting scolded (unintentionally though) by the boss. Thanks for your lovely contribution. It will be compensated in equal proportion for sure:D

You are the only coworker who knows all my F****ups in this organization and I wish it stays the same forever. Happy Birthday dear!

Its not the actual birthday but the free meals that I have been anticipating for so long. Hehe! Kidding only dear.

Thanks for being on the receiving end of my criticism at times. But the equation is still unbalanced with me being at your receiving end at times. Lolz

You are the only co-worker who knows how to get the best out of me with leg pulling and relentless criticism of mine. Great tactic by the way!

Many years ago, it was the same day that you were crying uncontrollably while the whole world was rejoicing with your birth.

Its amazing that we have platforms like Facebook which reminds me of all my co-worker’s birthday. Today am gonna gorge on the free meals. Expecting a nice wine and dine. Oops I forgot to wish you the happy birthday by the way.

Extremely hilarious Funny birthday wishes for Co-worker

The art of enjoying and napping at the office and doing the office work from home can be learnt by you.

You are at an age where you may be ageing without any increment to the wisdom. Don’t worry dear. I am not too different either.

I don’t fear the boss as much as I fear your criticism of my work.

Today, we are not going to get drunk because am afraid you will forget whose birthday it is.

At our organization, you have made inroads where no one has ever been able to, i.e. into the boss’s good books. Congrats!

Do you know the secret of your productivity? It is in sitting next to a smart, handsome and witty guy like me. Oops I forgot its your birthday today.

Its a day when you set immensely high goals and spend the whole year trying to built a rocket to reach there. Heheh!

The best thing I have learnt from you is how to be frugal even after earning a hefty paycheck. 😀

Don’t fret about turning older today, you are still young than your next birthday! So happy birthday to you!

Since we are working together for almost half of the day, I feel like your spouse even if we are of the same gender. Hahaha! Kidding only dear. Happy Birthday!

The joy is always in the anticipation of the birthday wishes and gift and not on receiving them actually. So revel in the joy of receiving birthday wishes from me for your next birthday.


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