Dad and Son always share a great banter with each other. And when its the occasion of your Daddy’s birthday, funny birthday wishes can be cool! This post is filled with Funny Birthday wishes for Dad. The funny wishes are mostly from the perspective of Son for his Dad. Enjoy a good laughter while you send this cool funny happy birthday wishes to your Dad.

Hey Dad, you may be much elder to me, but in terms of wisdom, I am way faster than you and will probably overtake you soon! Kidding! Your umbrella of guidance will always be respected. Happy Birthday Daddy!

My Dad is fit, fine and handsome looking even at this age while I look like a complete opposite. I sometimes wonder whether you adopted me or really contributed in my birth. Lol Kidding Dad! I am sure, that I will be turning into swan progressively because I have your genes. Happy Birthday Daddy from your loving Son!

Happy Birthday Dad! And Congratulations also for raising a tough nut like me. Now you know how tough you were yourself to be raised by the grandparents, a charge that you always deny! Kidding only! Love you to the moon and back.

Wow! Today is a great day! The sun feel brighter and the wind is more soothing. It is my Dad’s birthday! I am sending you only the love and wishes to you Daddy and not any gifts because right now my pocket is empty. Lol! Don’t worry, I will be coming soon and then you can take us out for a wonderful meal. Hehe! Happy Birthday to you dear!

Absolutely Hilarious Funny Birthday wishes for Daddy From Son

Hey Dad! I have been waiting for this day since a long time. Today am not going to have breakfast and lunch but is simply going to gorge on food at the dinner like a pig, just like my Dad! Hehe! Some habits are hard to break! But a very happy Birthday to you! You are my hero!

I think my Dad is the luckiest guy in the world. He got the perfect girl to marry and the perfect cute handsome, gorgeous Son, which the ladies always find irresistible. Daddy, i must say that you got it all right in this life for sure. Hehe! Many many returns of the day to you!

A Happy Birthday to you Dad! Today I will give you amazing gift that you always wished your Son to gift you. It will be expensive since it is definitely special for a special father. I am making the purchase and sending the invoice to you! Please pay it! Love you!

Happy Birthday My dear Daddy! Whenever I get angry, I always think about you and feel consolation in the fact that I don’t get mad as you in the heat of the moment. Maybe you could learn that from me! Kidding Dad! Happy Birthday to you!

Its so amazing to see my Daddy living like a young soul, looking vibrant and fresh as ever. But someone else don’t like it. Its the Mom because she seems to be on 360 degree reversal of what you are! Happy Birthday Handsome Dad! May you stay like this forever!

Laugh your heart out with these hilarious birthday wishes for Dad

Hey Dad! You may have heard that with age, comes knowledge and wisdom. I think it also brings along a funny and weird look. But a very happy birthday to you from your Son.

There seems to be lot of similarities between my Dad and his Son. We both are utterly handsome, fit and we both have a terrible fart. A fart that makes the mosquitoes run for their life, let alone the people. Hehe!! Fortunately, I can blame this thing on my father. Not sure about him though! Hehe! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Hey Dad. Many many happy returns of the day to you. I am so happy that I have learnt so much from you, even if it includes some nice curses! But you are definitely special to me and will always be! Love you to the moon and back.

There are some amazing Dads in the world who may appear from outside but possess the heart of a child. You are definitely not among-st them Dad. Hehe!! But whatever you are, you are better than amazing and I couldn’t have wished for anything else from the divine. Happy Birthday!

Today is an amazing day because its my Daddy’s Birthday! I must say Dad, that some of the best moments of my life happened when I went outside without telling you. Hehe!! May god gives such understanding Dads to every son! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Lovely Dad! A very happy Birthday to you! I know that everybody blames you for pampering me too much but I can understand you feeling irresistible to always pamper a cute, handsome son like me. I am sure you must have done some great deeds to get me as Son. Hehe! Kidding Dad! I am more lucky to have you! Lots of love and happy birthday once again!

A very mighty and warm birthday wishes and hugs to my lovely father. He is hell of a handsome man and I thank him for bestowing me with such great looks. Am lucky to have so much love and attention from the opposite sex. Lucky to be your Son Dad if you know what I mean. Happy Birthday!

While I may be son of a rich Dad, but I knew how to live frugally simply because my wise Daddy won’t let me have a pocket money. Hehe! But no worries Dad! I learnt a lot with this way of living, all kudos to you! Happy Birthday Daddy from your handsome Son!


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