Dad and daughters always share a joyous and caring bond. And no occasion would be better to send funny messages than the daughter’s occasion. Here in this post we have prepared lots of funny birthday wishes for daughter. These funny wishes are written from the perspective of Dad. Send these to your daughter and will surely evoke a smile from her.

Dear Daughter! Its a skill to not let your daddy be angry even when you commit blunders. A skill that you acquired from your great mother. Hehe!! Happy Birthday!

It is so grateful of the Almighty that my dear daughter acquired beauty and intelligence from mommy and daddy and not vice versa. 😀

To my beautiful daughter, you may be the eldest sibling but you always act like the little one. I am not sure that it will change anytime soon. I will always adore you though!

Over the years, I have realized that I am not only your dad and confidant but your punchbag too. Thanks for the love daughter!

The best thing about having a daughter is to get free compliments from time to time, even if they are far from true 😀

You are the only woman on planet Earth of whom your mother will not be jealous for looking gorgeous every day and night.

Hey sweety! I always had in me to be the best father in the world. You simply allowed me to prove that. Hehe

A daughter like you comes once in a while. But once is more than enough for a Dad like me! Hehe kidding sweet heart!

You are one of the few people on the planet who can pull her dad’s legs and still not get a whack on her head.

Dear daughter! Daddy knows all the guys you befriend on Social media. How so? Because he is one of them too with a fake ID! Hahaha. Happy Birthday sweety!

Thanks to my amazing criticism that my daughter has become so successful today!

There is indeed some joy too in sending the copy pasted birthday messages from Google to daughter. This is also one of them. Happy Birthday dear daughter!

For all your bad habits, God compensated heavily with stunning gorgeous looks. Happy Birthday darling daughter!

Mighty funny wishes of birthday to daughter from Dad

Dear daughter! There is so much joy to see my wallet empty from time to time only to realize that you are the culprit.

It is true that the majority of the opposite gender are like dogs for the 100 first years of their life. Of course, your daddy is the exception.

Isn’t it strange that the money for gifts is taken from daddy’s wallet whether the birthday is of him or of the daughter! Strange world we live in!

My hygiene, grooming and cleanliness levels have soar through the roof because of my dear daughter! I didn’t knew these habits would be compulsory for being a daddy!

Despite spending half of your time in make up and prince charming dreaming, you have obtained some fabulous marks. Keep it up daughter!

It is amazing that even after so many years, you and your mother are of the same age. A miracle really! But happy birthday to you.

Today am going to give you the best gift. I am gonna post all your embarrassing childhood pics until now on Facebook.

No matter how much we fight, we will always be united during the banters against your mommy. I cherish the tag team partnership.

Laugh your heart out with insanely funny birthday wishes for daughter

Hey daughter! There is one thing that is absolutely similar in both of us at the present moment, which is the size of our tummy.

The first impression of our daughter is absolute beauty and gorgeousness. That impression quickly fades away when she farts. RIP the mosquitoes who have boarded to heaven due to that.

Half of my hair went off for bearing the nagging of your mommy. The other half went away for raising you. That’s what I call team work over the years. Amazing contributions by both of you.

I must admit that my dear daughter is light years ahead of her daddy in terms of craziness, humor and leg pulling. I wish the same was true for wisdom also.

It is really amazing to have half of our water consumed by my lovely daughter. No, not for drinking, but for bathing. So nice of you sweet heart!

Hey Sweety! You turned out far better than what I expected. Want to know why I thought so? Just take a look at your mommy. Hahaha!

Women are born with incredible powers, like the ability to cause receding hairline and wrinkles on their spouses. Don’t believe it. Take a close look at your daddy!

Your dad might be a weird looking individual but he has all the potential in the world to produce a beautiful offspring like you.

Thank me sweet daughter for contributing you only the good genes and not a single bad one. I deserve an award for this. What you say!


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