It is amazing to see the camaraderie of Mom and daughter. No girl is more close to the mother than her daughter. And therefore, if today is the birthday of your daughter, then you can give funny birthday wishes for daughter, which we have prepared plenty in this post. There are lots of images too. We are sure that you will find them useful.

Dear daughter! If there is something that you have perfectly learnt from your mommy, it is staying young forever, by lying through the teeth of course.

Happy birthday daughter! Be grateful that me and your daddy bestowed you the looks and intelligence respectively and not vice versa.

Your intelligence and wisdom is crawling up at tortoise’s rate. Don’t worry daughter! Me and your dad were even worse!

Darling. There are two kinds of people in this world. Some deserves your kindness, and some deserve a straight wild kick at their butts. Make sure you give them your heart out in both scenarios.

You are the only person in this world who can pull my legs and not get kicked behind. Not even your Dad too!

I always had it in me to be the best mommy in the world. You just allowed me to prove that lovely daughter! A very happy birthday to you.

For bestowing you with all the wonderful and gorgeous looks, give thanks too your mommy. For finding the source of your irritating habits, look to none other than your great father!

It is amazing to see how well you cook. I was a disaster at that age.

Doesn’t matter how old you grow or how much you will earn, you will always be my cute little pumpkin. Lots of kisses to you darling.

Many thanks to FB’s notification without which I wouldn’t have been writing this message for my daughter. Oh, happy birthday btw!

They say that daughters illuminate the house with their joy and aura. They don’t mention the crazy part though.

We must have been sisters in our previous life because in this life, you borrow every stuff of your mommy! Happy Birthday darling!

I congratulate my lovely daughter for bearing the craziness of her beautiful, charming mother for so many years.

Darling, you may have a problem with me invading in your personal space but don’t forget that you came out of my personal space.

Mighty funny birthday wishes to beautiful daughter from Mom

Seeing your sleeping habits with the pillow, I can only imagine how lucky the guy will be in being your prince charming. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter!

Its an unwritten clause between mother and daughter to support each other during banters with Daddy and brother, and you have been complying with it superbly throughout the years. I hope the equation stays similar in the coming years too.

Thanks to my verbal diarrhea that you are successful and stand on your feet today. Hehe!

I am giving you the best gift today that will make me happy too, i.e. doing the household chores on your birthday.

It is so much easier to pop a child than to raise a girl like you. It has been a roller coaster ride.

You are turning into a fine looking girl. I was skeptical about you. Want to know why? Just take a look at daddy! Hahaha!

To my beautiful daughter! The one thing that is certainly equal in both of us is the level of wisdom.

Hey girl! From the women’s perspective, the moment you pause your age, is the moment you have acquired wisdom.

It is a skill to empty your mom’s wallet every time and still be able to bring a smile on her face. Nice skill dear daughter! Happy Birthday!

Insanely funny birthday wishes to Daughter

I have never seen the mosquitoes run for their life for reasons other than your fart! You could get it patented and make us billionaires. What you say? Aye!

There is simple and effective way to acquire fatter and wider glutes, by being a couch potato all day. Congrats dear daughter for achieving it.

Your father and you certainly have one thing in common. the size of the tummy.

Some of the joyous moments of my life is to wake you up by splashing water!

You can be the only woman in this world of whom I am not jealous for being more beautiful than me.

It is indeed a joy to have a tag team partner like my daughter and pounce on the poor man , i.e. your father for shopping. Haha

Dear daughter! I know all the boys who you talk to on social media. Want to know how? Because I am also one of them. Hehe! Now sleep on that thought tonight and a very happy birthday to you.

Dear daughter! The best way to get over a man is definitely not to get under another pretty soon.

There is no better joy in life than to have dogs lined up, I am sorry, I meant boys lined up and chasing you with their tongues out like a dog. haha


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