Nothing could be better to bring a smile to your girlfriend on her birthday than the Funny birthday wishes for Girl Friend. Not only they are funny but they also convey your love sentiments to your girl. Here in this post, you will plenty of such wishes along with the images, which are equally funny. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.


They say that a woman make every thing grow. That includes happiness, joy and my pe*** too. It doesn’t include money though. Hahaha! Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend!

Some of the best wishes I have sent to you are found on Google. God bless them!

Its not justice to be immensely gorgeous. You need to be goofy too.

Legends have it that great men are hard to find; sexier, calmer gfs, even harder.

God had a fight with his wife. He was then forced for sobriety for few days. It was then he created you.

The best way to lose calories is to make love like bunnies. So lets lose some calories tonight!

It is my sincere desire to ravish you when you look like the sexiest Bellatrix Lestrange.

Some hobbit looking creatures also gets transformed into James Bond style and charisma. I am one of the living examples of it. Thanks to my awesome girlfriend. A very happy birthday to her.

It takes a man of big heart to digest all your nice tantrums, love and insanity. Happy Birthday to my crazy partner!

The Almighty compensated your wisdom and intelligence with gorgeous looks. The same can be said for me too, for vice versa of course!

When God wants to create a crazy, nymphomaniac, altruistic and gorgeous chick, he takes your reference!

Men in the world will not behave like jerks if every one of them have a girl friend like you.

My girl is turning more beautiful and my fart is getting less terrible with every passing year. Thanks to the almighty for simultaneous improvements.

The secret of my girl’s happiness can be found on the no. of wrinkles on my face.

It takes a man of big heart and big **** to satisfy the emotional and physical needs of a woman. Glad you found me. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Not only you still have the looks of a teenage hot girl, but the wisdom too!

Some of the best laughs I ever had was when I looked at your face! I am sure you have the same laugh too when you looked at mine.

The only thing keeping my vigor and exuberance up is you. Or I should say, your behind!

Today is the birthday of my gorgeous girlfriend, and she is willing to prepare a nice meal tonight for all the joy that I have brought in her life!

Social media is a lifesaver! Reminds me of all important birthdays!

There are times when I get angry and irritated. But when I look at you during such times, I get even more angry Lol!

As much as you pretend to despise my naughty dirty talks, I know you crave for it! Today is the judgement day to accept it!

Mighty Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend


Good girls may go to heaven but bad girls certainly go everywhere!

You may make a lot of things hard for me but I am happy for most of the time!

I have become an animalistic lusty dog ever since you have come into my life. Thanks for the amazing transformation. I love it!

I have grown into a fine leader owing to your criticism and relentless leg pulling! Thanks for your wonderful contribution dear! That’s what girlfriend are there for isn’t it!

It is amazing how you can keep yourself fresh and smelling all the time. I have a hard time taking a bath one time.

I have now discovered the secret of your youth! It lies inside your mouth, i.e. by lying through the teeth!

Wisdom not only goes up but can go on a downward spiral too owing to a crazy partner! I am sure you will agree to it!

I am motivated to earn the big bucks in my life and my dear girlfriend is equally motivated to spend the most of it.

You may have aged but at least you are younger than your next birthday!

I wish some of your wishes do come true this year. Only some, and not all, or else you will have nothing more to wish for next birthday!

It may be your birthday but we both know who is going to prepare the meal tonight!. Yeah me as usual!

Insanely Funny wishes of Birthday to Girlfriend


Just like happiness and altruism, we all have a clown personality inside each one of us and I have found the one inside you!

You may be far away but my heart (and my c**k too) is sending you the loveliest birthday wishes. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

I have purchased a nice, heart melting gift for my gorgeous girlfriend today, from her credit card of course! Many many happy returns of the day to her

Happy Birthday my dear nymphomaniac. I wish I would have got you earlier.

It is never late to be wise again. Haha!!

Your beauty can bring back the corpse back into life. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girlfriend!

I like the choices of people who you associate yourself, including me.

The Almighty has given everything to you my gorgeous girl. So I have decided not to buy anything for you today!:D


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