If today is the birthday of your husband, then nothing can invoke laughter, love and support to him than the funny birthday wishes for husband. Funny banter between husband and wife is always good and it keeps both parties on their toes, and no occasion could be better than his birthday. In this post, you will find tons of them along with the images which you won’t be able to resist for sure. So lets get started.

Hey Hubby! This is how you react when I decide to make your favourite meal. Haha! A happy birthday to you! May we always be together in all our lifetimes.

Isn’t it strange that you are the biggest love of my life and also the biggest pain in my ass! How can a single man be like that? Surely my husband can teach! Oh, and yes a very happy birthday hubby!

The best thing you have done for yourself is to get married to me! All the good luck later on came from my side. Happy Birthday Husband.

Today the birthday may be your’s but we are going for my shopping, just like usual! Oh Happy Birthday sweetheart!

There is no sweeter husband in the world who can cook amazing food for his wife. Happy Birthday hubby! Prepare some amazing meal today for the whole family.

Congratulations for turning a year older. Someone has rightly said that the first 100 years with the husband are the most difficult. Happy Birthday by the way.

Happy Birthday to you hubby! Every day of the year you spoil me. Today is no different either! Take me today to some fine restaurant for god sake.

Hey handsome! I know you fantasize about me looking and acting (wink) like Bellatrix Lestrange. Tonight is your lucky night sweetheart! Happy Birthday!

Amazingly Hilarious Funny birthday wishes for Husband

My hubby is strong, fit and handsome man, only to be scared from lizards, insects and cockroaches. Happy Birthday handsome

Hey Hubby! Happy Birthday! Today is your birthday and you can definitely treat yourself like a King. I am the Queen for 365 days a year.

My best dreams are those where I am bouncing on your **** and choking your neck in the act. Nothing turns me on more than that! i wish you allow me to do that in reality too! Lol! Happy Birthday darling husband!

Dear husband! You are unique in many ways. Your fart and snoring are also unique and deserves to be patented. A very happy birthday to you!

There is no funny sight in the world than to see you sleeping, with your mouth wide open and eyes rolled back into your head. Happy Birthday my funny husband!

You may be growing old hubby but the wisdom of yours will take seven lifetimes to arrive in your brain. Glad that you have me. Many many returns of the day to you.

Sarcastic and funny Happy Birthday wishes to Hubby

There is no husband in the word who can be a bad boy despite being a couch potato. Happy Birthday dear!

Happy Birthday amazing hubby! Thank you for wonderful kids. Glad that their looks went to me. But you are fine too!

It is better to turn older and mature to become a pro in certain things (wink!) than to be young and clueless as ****. Isn’t it hubby? But no, you still need a lot of guidance. Happy Birthday

When I get angry, I just look at your face, which then makes me even more angry. I know it probably happens the same with you too. Happy Birthday dear husband!

My hubby is witnessing an amazing transformation. He was like the James Bond before marriage, only to look like a Hobbit after years of marriage. Happy Birthday to my now funny husband.

My dear hubby was young once upon a time. He is now immature for eternity of life. Oh, happy birthday by the way dear!

Dear hubby! When you annoy me, the only thing I want to do is hug you from behind with all my heart, give a kiss to your cheek and then a straight wild kick to your butt. Happy Birthday by the way.

There are nights where I dream terribly. But then on mornings, I realizes you fart the whole god damn night. Seems pretty obvious why I have those nightmares at times! Happy Birthday!

Your constant funny criticism of mine over the years has made me thick skinned. Thank you sweet heart for that! Now one more criticism and I will beat the crap out of you! Oh, Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Husband! May God bless you with infinite vigor and wisdom too. Don’t gorge on food and wine like a pig today.

Over the course of years, the space on the bed has shrunk because your tummy has kept growing. Time has now come to prepare some awful meal for you this year. Heheh!! Happy Birthday hubby!

You are the only individual who can make me laugh during the most depressing times. And I am the only person who can pinch you anywhere while you are sleeping. Happy Birthday sweet husband!


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