The relationship with sister is always amazing. You share the great laughs, highs and lows and support of each other. So if today is the birthday then you can write Funny birthday wishes for sister. We have prepared this post full of funny wishes only and it will surely bring a smile to her face. There are plenty of images too. Feel free to share them with your birthday sister.

Happy Birthday Sister! Today I am going to buy you a nice gift, with your money of course!

The best stress reliever in life is to pull your legs often dear sister. Thanks for always being on the receiving end of my jokes. Hehe!!

Some of the heartiest laughs I get is when I see your face in the early morning.

May the divine fulfills some of your wishes on this birthday! Only some and not all, so that you have plenty of them for your next birthday too!

It takes a real individual with a big heart to absorb all the tantrums of my sister. But a warm happy birthday to you sister!

Many congratulations for getting fatter every year. You work really hard for it!

My love for you is increasing as you are not getting prettier with every passing year.

To my dear sister. Happy Birthday! I hope you have prepared a nice itinerary for today’s outing.

Dear Sister. The best thing I have ever learnt from you is how to always stay young and youthful, i.e. by lying through the teeth.

Lovely sister. On some moments, you certainly command respect, at others, certainly love. But at times, you also command a straight kick to your behind for your goof ups.

It feels so good when I know more wildest and dirtiest secrets about you than you know about me. And I intend to keep it that way!

A nice by-product of growing up with my sister is the achievement of wisdom, in the reverse direction of course!

I am having a hard time sharing bed with you as your tummy is increasing with every passing year.

For Elder Sister — Insanely funny birthday wishes

Dear Elder Sister! The one thing that is absolutely equal in both of us is the level of our wisdom. 😀

Thank you elder sister for teaching me unintentionally how to get score hot women.

Hey elder sister! Today is your birthday and you have all the right to eat like a pig today!

Dear Elder Sister! Thanks for your relentless criticism of mine for propelling me to success. That’s what elder sisters are for isn’t it!

Good girls may go to heaven but bad girls certainly go everywhere. Thank you sister for teaching me this 😀

The birthday is of you of today but the shopping will be done for me surely.

The best thing about having an elder sister is to be able to use all her make up and wardrobes without telling her ofcourse!

There are only two women I fear in this world. One is the mother, and the other is like a mother.

I have been waiting for this day for so long. Not to wish you but to actually jump on the delicious meal that you will serve me. Hehe

There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This phrase however doesn’t apply to my elder sister.

Dear Elder sister! You are the only individual in the world who can pull my legs and not get a kick behind.

You certainly have made a lot of improvements over the years. Your farts are more bearable now. Congratulations.

For little Sister — Mighty funny wishes on Birthday

Hey Little Sister! Your wisdom is certainly catching up with your age, although at tortoise’s crawling rate!

If you ever feel overwhelmed today with lots of gift from friends and family, feel free to pass it onto me.

I am hoping these birthday wishes of mine will bring a nice smile onto your face, even if the are copy pasted from the great Google.

I want to write a million things about you being graceful and elegant but apparently I cannot lie much. Happy Birthday dear little sister!

Don’t feel bad about getting old today. You are still young than your coming birthday!

The Almighty loves to consider you when he intends to create altruistic and weird-looking individuals. Hehe!

Glad to have a Zuckerberg’s FB these days to remind me of little sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday sweetie!

There are moments when I am upset irritated. But when I look at my little sister during those moments, I get even more angry and irritated!

There is no punchbag in this world like my little sister. And I greatly cherish her!

Isn’t it amazing to be bestowed with a wonderful gift like me for your Karma!!!

Happy Birthday to my little sister. The world would be so much better place, if there were more people like her Elder sister. Hehehe!!!!


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