It is amazing that you got the looks and wisdom from mommy and daddy respectively and not from the the vice versa. Hehe!

Some of my best wishes to you are copied pasted from Google. God bless it and happy birthday to you.

They always say that where there is a will and motivation, there is always a way. So when you become rich, may our names also find its way to your rich will. Happy Birthday dear!

Whether its your birthday or of your Dad’s, the money for the gift is always taken from the same wallet! Nice isn’t it!

You may be charming and handsome like your Dad but don’t mimic your daddy’s heydays before marriage. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

I always prayed for a unique quality about you from the Almighty. He did fulfill it in the form of your snoring. Loud and mighty hilarious.

Thank you son for reminding your father of his old age every time your birthday comes.

If you feel overwhelmed due to lot of birthday gifts, then feel free to pass it on to your Dad. There is immense joy in sharing.

By now you must have realized that Age is the only price we can pay for acquiring maturity. Your mother paid the price but didn’t got the result though! Just kidding only Son.

The best gift for your every birthday has always been with you, i.e. me, your Dad. So I don’t feel the need to buy a gift. Happy Birthday!

Smart, handsome and charming. Well, that’s what your Dad is. Happy Birthday to you by the way! 😀

Raising my Son has been a roller coaster ride. And I am sure more such moments awaits us.

It is amazing how a single criticism can extract such amazing performance from my Son. More will be good Isn’t it dear!

If you could get an Academy award for something, it would be for being a couch potato. So proud of you Son!

I always had it in me to be an amazing father. You only allowed me to prove that true! Hehe!

Dear Son! Your Dad may be one weird looking individual but he has all in it to produce a handsome offspring like you!

Hey Son! I know all the lovely ladies you befriend on Facebook. Want to know how? Because I am also in one of them. Hahah! Now you enjoy your birthday!

When the Almighty wants to create a weird looking and altruistic individual, he consider my son. Don’t worry dear! Even I get considered many times!

Dad and father shares an unwritten clause to always tag team during banters with your mommy. May our partnership continues till eternity.

Mighty funny birthday wishes for Son From Daddy

You seem to be only guy in the world who can pull his Dad’s leg and still not get a kick on your butt.

Its not the birthday gift itself but the anticipation that gives us the butterflies in stomach. So enjoy the anticipation of gift for your next birthday and revel in it. Happy Birthday!

Its a day when you can gorge on food. But please don’t go berseck like a pig.

Year after year, my Son has set a new level of benchmark, of laziness, just like his Dad. Hehe!

Its a day I was anticipating for long. Today I am going to slap you for your leg pulling of mine on the pretext of splashing the cake on your face. Hehe! Kidding only Son. Love you and a happy birthday to you.

Never ever lie to your Daddy because he has gone through every feeling spiritually, mentally and physically that you will be going through.

There is another level of joy in waking a Son, especially by pouring icy cold water on his face. What you say Sonny!

We are living in grateful times of Facebook who reminds me of Son’s birthday on time. Thanks to Zuckerberg. God bless him and happy birthday to you Sonny!

Witnessing your teenage years, I can say that we are expecting a good return on your investment.:D

Insanely hilarious funny birthday wishes to Son From Dad

I have seen your sleeping habits with the pillow. And I can say that your girlfriend will be one lucky girl to have you. Hahah!!

A new revolution is dawning upon us. A new effective, cheap and cost-effective method has come forth to rescue the world from the mosquitoes. Its the fart of my son. A fart that makes human run for their lives, let alone the mosquitoes.

You have phenomenal ability to bear criticism; an ability you got from your father for bearing the nagging of your good mother!

Your wisdom has certainly notched up in the last year along with your tummy too.

When I look at you, at times I think how the heck did I fathered you! You are still the finest proof of my existence. Hehe!


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