Son and Mom always share a special bond. And this is why when it is the birthday of your Son, then a mother can pull his son’s legs by giving funny birthday wishes for Son. We have prepared a lot of them in this post. These wishes are mainly from the perspective of a mother. We have created a different post from the perspective of a father.


No matter how much my Son grows up, you will always be the telly belly of your mommy! Lots of love my dear son. Happy birthday to you!

A son likes you comes once in a while. But once is more than enough for parents like us.

Dear Son! As you age, may you adopt more habits of your mommy than of your daddy’s. Happy Birthday!

Who would have thought that a cranky young guy will grow into a wise, handsome and calm man. You surpassed our expectations for sure.

Popping you out was one of the most challenging things for me. I never knew raising you will be roller coaster ride too.

It takes an awesome Son to absorb all the criticism Diarrhea of her mother and become successful. Happy Birthday Sonny!

Glad to have Google from where I can copy the best funny wishes for my Son. Hahah!!

This is how you react every time when I decide to make your favorite meal. Hahah!!

Thank you Son for always siding with me during banters with your daddy. May the equation stays the same forever!

For admiring some of your best accomplishments and great looks, consider mommy for giving thanks to. Save thanks for your daddy for wisdom and humor only :D.

You are becoming more and more tolerable with every passing year. Many congrats for the birthday!

It is amazing to see our Son growing more charming and handsome with every day but you dare not to chase skirts like your Dad’s heydays.

We always had the traits to be the best parents in the world. You just allowed us to prove that. Hehe! Happy Birthday Son!

You really must have done some amazing deeds in previous life to have me as your mommy.

Mighty funny birthday wishes for Son by Mother

Dear Son! You may block me on all social media platforms but I still know all the girls who you befriend. How? Because I am one of them. Hahaha!! Now sleep on that thought tonight! And a very happy birthday to you!

We may be your parents but that doesn’t mean we are not entitled to your fine wine and dining. Expecting a red carpet treatment today for being the best parent of Son. Oh happy birthday by the way!

Don’t fret about turning an year older today. You are still young than your next birthday.

It is easy to look stunning while young. Its a whole lot different to age with grace and wisdom like your dear parents. But I am sure you will do well. Hehe!!

They say that where there is a will, there is always a way! May our names also find its way to your rich will. Haha!!

Today you can gorge on food. Just don’t go berseck like your father who gorges on it like a pig.

Happy Birthday dear Son. Today I am going to spill you the secret of always staying young; a secret that I told your sisters when they were born; which is by lying through your teeth.

Dear Son! The one thing certainly common between you and your mommy is the level of intelligence. A very happy birthday to you!

You seem to have started showing some signs of wisdom recently, unlike your daddy, who is still revering in his teen age machoism.

The day you were born, I realized that we were going to sweat in raising a son like you. But all that was worth doing. Happy birthday!

Insanely funny wishes for handsome Son

Only a great son can empty the bank account of his mother and still fill her heart with love, affection and confidence. Happy Birthday!

You turned up way better than I expected you. Want to know why I thought so? Just take a close look at your Dad. Haha!!!

Good to see your wisdom crawling up, even if it is like that of Tortoise, albeit much faster than ours’s.

Your farts are the best repellants for mosquitoes. May you get them patented too and make us billionaires.

To my lovely Son, you can always be young forever like your mother and immature always like your Daddy! Happy birthday!

Many congratulations for turning fatter and more lethargic today. Proud of you dear Son.

Happy Birthday adorable son. So glad that you acquired the physical attributes from me along with the emotional ones too. Your daddy did played his part too and giving you all the craziness.

Happy Birthday Son. Today I am giving you the best gift for your birthday i.e. the household chores. May you enjoy doing them.


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