Greet your friends and family with the nicest happy birthday greetings on their birthday. Pleasant, and happy birthday greetings for everyone in this post along with the images too.

Words of praise for the divine has fallen short because he sent a kind, humorous, and altruistic person like you. May you live decades of healthy and prosperous life. Lots of Happy Birthday greetings!

Your mere presence is enough to make the mood lighter, funny and optimistic. There needs a lot more people like you in this world. Happy Birthday dear!

A very happy birthday greeting to my lovely friend. I am sending you a nice gift, along with the heavy invoice of course. Please pay on time!

I admire your ability to stay calm and keep moving forward despite a ton of criticism.

The best and I dare say the meaningful things in life too are always intangible like our amazing bonding and friendship.

May this birthday propels you to great heights of success in the near future.

Today I see the sun shining brighter, the birds chirping louder and the breeze blowing calmly as if to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend. A very happy birthday to you.

For friendsBirthday greetings

It is amazing to see your vigor and exuberance rising with every passing year. May the trend continues.

It is my deepest desire to have kids who will have the work ethic like yours’s.

It is amazing how our heart resonates with each other even during times of disagreement and criticism. May every individual has such understanding towards their loved ones.

The real ingredients of success are hard to find unless one has a friend like you. Life has been phenomenal ever since your arrival.

The mystery and enigma about your aura is absolutely worthy. You are indeed a special individual.

On this birthday, I thank your parents for giving me a cool, and trust worthy friend like you. You are an awesome individual.

There are acquaintances, and friends. And then there are you! May our respect and admiration for each other always dilute our disagreements.

Some of the craziest moments of my life are tied with you. May the almighty bless us with plenty of them more.

For Brothergreetings of Birthday

You are not only my brother but my confidant and mentor too. Your pillars of support has has shielded me from some of the harshest situations of life. Thank you brother for all. Happy Birthday!

Dear Brother! What doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger.

You have always been a man of actions and not only words. You have nothing but only respect from me.

Our generation is lucky that we have strong and wise brothers like you.

Some of the best success in the world often comes to people well after their twenties.

For Sister

You have pampered and lavished me mother like love. May the divine bestow every individual with a sister like you.

Hey sister! You are the complete package in a woman. May the God fulfills give you all the success in your personal and professional endeavors.

There may be many heroes in the world but you are certainly my shero and I couldn’t have asked for a better sister than you. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

For Husband

It is a surreal feeling to share my life without you. The joy and ecstasy of life wouldn’t have been there much without you.

After so much persistence and efforts, do not give up my dear husband. Success lies nearer than you think.

Some of the calmest moments of my life are our deep conversations which are full of wisdom.

For Wife

It is my deepest desire that we share this sacred bond for the next lifetimes too. We may fight at times but our hearts will always be intertwined with each other’s. Happy Birthday Hubby!

We certainly have done a lot of good things in life to deserve each other. May our love, lust and altruism always keep growing. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

For Girl Friend

We may have been together for many years but my heart still skips a beat when I see you. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous!

Sometimes God does not give us what we deserve but definitely more than that. I am glad to have you with you.

For Boyfriend

Sometimes success doesn’t come to us because the Almighty has planned a greater reward for us. May you keep pushing yourself sweet heart!

May every woman in the world gets a partner like you. I admire your enthusiasm and creativity.


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