We agree that thinking about the happiest birthday wishes is not easy. It takes some real creativity, and thoughtfulness to come up with them. But you need not to worry because we have every bit of the happiest birthday wishes that you are looking for. We have also prepared some amazing images too that will surely bring a genuine smile to the reader. So lets get started!

I certainly do not know about the future. But I can say that I have felt the happiest ever since you have come into my life. Happiest birthday wishes to a happy go lucky person!

While my birthday wishes might not be happiest, but I can say they are written from the bottom of my heart. If there is anything that I have learnt from you, it is to stay happy, no matter how many thorns life will throw at me. Birthday wishes to one of the happiest people in my life!

Your aura, vigor and exuberance is amazing to bring back people into their natural state of happiness, peacefulness and calmness. We may be far away but I can certainly say that my heart feels soothing whenever I have thoughts about you. Lots of love and blessings!

I know how much my life has transformed due to the vigor and exuberance that you have infused in me after coming into my life. Your presence is more than enough to dilute all the negativity in my mind. All I wish for you is lots of blessings, longevity and great health. May this birthday turns out the happiest for you up till now.

The world would be at their happiest if there were more amazing people like you on this planet. You are a gem of a person and and every moment with you is priceless. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

When I see your eyes, I see liveliness. When you are around, my cells feel enlivened. You are more than special to me. And I can certainly say that I am more than happiest to have you in my life. May you have the happiest of birthday this time.

While the Almighty certainly blessed you with a gorgeous face, credit must be given to you for having awesome character, personality and altruistic values. Its so amazing that our wavelength of thoughts, perceptions and values for life are so similar. I am sure there are many more joyous moments left in our kitty of life. Happiest birthday wishes to my lovely friend!

We may argue, we may fight but we will always come back to each other because we know that our hearts are pure and our motives will always be for the betterment of each other. Our heart yearns for each other and that’s all that really matters. May our friendship will remain alive for the next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday to an amazing person!

Husband birthday wishes for Happiest moments


You are not only husband. You are my friend, my confidant, my everything. I trust you with every fiber of my being and I deeply wish there be more husbands like you in this world. Many many happy returns of the day to you. Love you with all my heart!

Dear Husband! I may not admit to you openly, but you are the man that I always wanted. You may have fair share of flaws but you certainly fit my style. I can only say that the divine gave me more than what I deserved. On this birthday, I confess that you rule my heart and mind. You make me complete and I couldn’t have asked anything better from the Almighty. May you achieve all your deepest desires in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday and Good Luck sweet heart!

They say that some people have wisdom light years ahead of their age. You are one of those few people dear husband! Your gorgeous looks are just the icing on the cake of sense of humor, personality and altruism. May every woman find a husband like you. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Wife – Wishes of happiest birthday

If there is ever an enigma about a woman, it is around you. And I love every bit of it. When the divine intends to create a beautiful woman, he takes references of you. That’s how immaculate you are. I am glad that we met. Happy Birthday Wifey! You will always be my undisputed queen because you make me feel like a King!

They say that a woman is always behind a man’s success and I admit that they are absolutely right. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve half of what I did, if it was not for your constant backing, motivation and support. You stood with me like a rock and therefore, the best of me will be available for you always. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Wife!

For Best Friends

While we may be far away, our heart and soul will always be connected with the intangible yet powerful strings of admiration, love and respect. Sending you the warmest blessings and birthday wishes to my bestie!

There are friends, and then there are best friends. We may pull out hairs from each other’s head at time, yet the heart craves for your attention, and support. I wish you all the success in your future endeavors. May all your deepest desires come to fruition. Happy Birthday to my best mate!


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