Women have always been equivalent to men in every sphere of life. It is only that in recent years, we have started to give them equal respect and recognition at the work places. If its the happy birthday of a female colleague, a very courteous thing to do is to send her a happy Birthday Colleague Female wishes. And this post is all about that. Here you will find plenty of happy birthday wishes female colleagues along with images.

Happy birthday to one of the nicest woman in our organization. May you hard work and persistence pay you big in the coming months.

The Almighty has given me everything. Friends, good health and a wonderful colleague who is no less like a friend. Happy Birthday to you dear! May you achieve everything that you deeply desire.

If every colleague was transparent, and open like you, the office places would be so much enjoyable and less stressful to work at. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest colleague. I am sure you will go a long way.

If I was your boss, I would have promoted you a long time back. I am sure you will get your desired position at the earliest. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Nice birthday wishes to Female Colleague Images

You are the rare lady in our office environment where colleagues actually mean good things when they smile to you. A very charming and happy birthday to you.

Most people equate women success with politics and gender favoritism. But I know that how much you have worked your ass off in the last few months. Happy Birthday dear colleague! Keep rocking!

Its grateful of having a female colleague with whom I can share all the office gossips without any fear, hesitation and judgement. May everyone get a female colleague like you.

You are the perfect epitome of a successful woman. Smart, intelligent and always eager to learn more. A very happy birthday! May the divine bless you with infinite enthusiasm and beauty.

May the management promote you to deserving positions because of your hard work and sincerity. Happy Birthday to our iron lady colleague.

The journey for learning new skills and accepting criticism is far from easy. But with the help of understanding female colleague, everything becomes bearable. Happy Birthday to you! I wish you all the best!

You may be working at a lower position but you certainly deserves far better designation. And I am sure the Boss will bless you that soon surely. Happy Birthday!

Its good that our women colleague is although attractive, but also down to earth, hard working and unbiased. A very happy birthday to you!

Its amazing to see how a single woman can bring so much productivity, efficiency and liveliness into the office environment. Happy Birthday to one of the hardest working lady.

I may not want to admit but your motivation and presence has certainly taken the lid off my content. I thank you for propelling me to success. Happy Birthday.

You are a fresh breath of air with exuberance, vitality and productivity. I am glad to be your colleague and be friends with you. Happy Birthday.

its a myth that women cannot work harder. They not only can but they can also surpass men. Happy Birthday to one of the highly skilled woman colleague of our office. May God bless you!

You are the perfect epitome of feminisim. You work hard, sometimes more than us and don’t fret about receiving criticism. I wish more woman colleagues be like you. Happy Birthday.

We may not agree on each and every thing but the respect and admiration for your work ethic will always be there. Happy Birthday to our wonderful woman force.

Its nice to have a woman colleague who not only is a good team player but also digest information without spilling it to others like most women (and men too). Happy Birthday!

Sincere Happy Birthday to Female Colleague Wishes

There would be so much good time, less confusion, and less backstabbing and more productivity in the corporate if there were more women like you. Happy Birthday dear!

Office becomes so much livelier and energetic for everyone when you arrive. Needless to say but your clarity, hard work and optimism is very infectious. Happy Birthday!

Some of the best partnerships in life comes in a roller coaster ride. Our working style may be different but our desire to win and achieve big will only help the organization. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes, the Almighty send well – wishers, and inspiring people through colleagues and co-workers. Very glad to have you in our professional circle. Happy Birthday dear lady!

The best thing I have learnt from my women colleague is when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I am sure more people will learn from this thing. Happy Birthday!

Its only a myth that women colleagues can’t be good leaders. You have proven every bit of it wrong and am glad that we have woman like you in our organization. Happy Birthday to you!

We both are lucky to have a great friend cum colleague. I hope that our creativity, commitment and passion will surge us to new heights of success. Happy Birthday to you!

You are one of the few ladies in our office of whom people speak good behind the back. Surely, you are doing something good. Hopefully, the journey will stay the same. Happy Birthday.


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