I admire our friendship formed on the pillars of respect and admiration and you were the perfect candidate for it. Happy Birthday dear!

One doesn’t have to look for the youth and natural highs of life in any fountain. It can be easily observed in our friendship and bonding.

You are a ray of sunshine who has illuminated my life with extreme joy and madness too. Hehe! But I wouldn’t have asked for anything either too.

Friends like you are the rare gift from the divine who can pull me out of a bad mood with just their mere presence. So grateful to have your friendship.

Every day, my heart speaks thousands of words for your good health and blessings and I know that you wish the same for me too.

There is no one better who understands the pulse of my being like you do. The coming years are going to be so much fun with you, me and our friendship.

A friend like you is the perfect stimulant for one’s success. You not only boost my morale but also keeps me in check when needed. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

God has been kind enough to both of us to bring into a friendship at later stage of life. I wish we could have met earlier. But many happy times are awaiting for us. Happy Birthday!

Our friendship has seen the highs and lows, the good and the bad. It has not only survived but thrived. May every being gets a friend like you. Happy Birthday dear!

The beauty of life lies in having beautiful friends like you. You are amazing not only from outside but inside too.

There is a surrealism in our friendship since the bond was formed by the divine. May we be friends till eternity. May you achieve the zenith of success in all your professional and personal endeavors. Happy Birthday!

We both must have done some amazing karma in our previous lives to have each other as friend. The camaraderie with you is beyond words. May it only grows with coming years. Happy Birthday!

Friendship cum happy birthday quotes and wishes

Your exuberance and joy enlivens my cell every time. Our friendship has only soared through the roofs with the passage of time. I wish you all the best on your birthday!

We may disagree on time to time but our hearts will always be connected with the intangible yet powerful threads of love and friendship. A very happy birthday to you my friend!

You have always propelled me to push myself out of the comfort zone and I owe a lot of success to you and our friendship. May every individual enjoys a friendship like our’s.

Inspiring quotes of friendship & happy birthday

No matter how hard the circumstances may be, our friendship will get you pass through the victory line. Every Time! Stay strong! Happy Birthday!

I may have wealth but a friend like you makes is far more worthy than all the money I will ever have. I pray for your tremendous success in the future.

Our friendship has been like the colorful rainbow of the sky. Spicy, elegant, sober but mighty surreal. Our bond is truly forged by the Almighty. Happy birthday my friend!

Wisdom and happiness are the byproduct of our friendship which very few people are lucky to have. May it continue to evolve till eternity. A very happy birthday to you!

Funny birthday and friendship birthday wishes and quotes

May the divine bestows you with lots of wealth and may you allot the half of it to your dear friend. Happy birthday by the way!

We are not only friends but also the punchbags for each other. Happy Birthday!

Today you sure can live your next 24 hours like a wild 18 year old.

I have a hard time remembering my own birthday, let alone of other’s. Pardon me If I am sending this birthday wish at a later date!

There are more dirty secrets that I know about you than you know about me. And I hope that it stays like this forever.

Over the years you have done amazing service of being a friend, like laughing at my stupid jokes and whacking my head at the right moments too. Thanks for always being there.

Thanks for being on the receiving end of my banter and criticism many times. Don’t worry. It will be compensated surely I guess 😀

The world needs a lot more amazing person, who is charming, handsome and witty like me. Oops I forgot that the birthday is of you. Hehe! Lots of birthday wishes good friend!

Your friendship has given me lots of free treats and meals regularly. I am so proud such friendship. Hehe!!

Friends are there to not only support each other but also to pull legs to keep them in check. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!

Your friendship has taught me a lot over the years, like being lazy, funny and couch potato. I am so thankful of your contribution my dear friend! Happy Friend!


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