When it comes to your hubby, he is the one who sees every side of your personality and accepts the way you are. While, nobody is perfect in this world, a great hubby goes to any length to make you happy. The least you can do is to give warm Happy Birthday Hubby wishes to him. You will find lot of wishes for Happy Birthday Hubby here in this post along with the images too. Do share it with your hubby to bring a smile onto his face.

The day I fell in love with you, I knew it will be a roller coaster ride for the good only. Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday Hubby! You are the most awesome man that any woman can ever have! Love you!

You are sweeter than the cake, and sour than the oranges; the combination of both which is irresistible to any woman. Many many happy returns of the day to you hubby!

Your vigor, wisdom is rising day by day. And I am enjoying being a beneficiary of it, if you know what I mean (wink). Happy Birthday handsome hubby!

There is no better sight than to see my hubby smiling. He is the epitome of a wise, soulful man who is way ahead in wisdom. So proud to be your wife hubby! A very happy birthday!

Some of the best moments in life have arrived courtesy to you hubby! May you achieve all your dreams and visions for which you are desperately working hard for! A very happy birthday to my dear hubby!

Word will fall short to describe my hubby in the superlative terms. My love for you knows no limits. You are my king because you love me like your queen. Happy birthday handsome hubby!

If I am a spoilt wife, that is because my hubby pampers and lavishes me with more things that I can handle. Love you sweet heart!

Some of the best things in life comes without expectations. You understand the pulse of my being without any word because our heart and souls are connected. Love you with all my heart.

Happy Birthday Hubby Funny Wishes

You may have lost the hair but I still perceive you with it. Hehe. Lots of love hubby!

You have grown and improved so much over the years, except your fart and snoring. Hehe! Love you to the moon and back sweetheart!

Hey Hubby! You are truly ageing like a fine wine, but today I prefer the wine!

At times, I do get angry. And then I see your face; which makes me even more angry! Lol!

Dear Hubby! How does it feel to feel to transform from James Bond looks to a hobbit one? Must have been really amazing!

From the looks, you seem so sweet and calming. But you turn into an animalistic creature at night. Looks can be deceiving.

Thank you hubby for getting me on the nerves all the times. They say that there is a sweet spot for cooking pans also. May be I will try to find it by whacking it on your bald head sooner than later.

No matter whether its yours or mine birthday, we will always go for shopping for me only! Happy Birthday hubby!

The best husband in the world is the one who makes mouth watering dishes for his wife. Lots of birthday wishes hubby darling! Now get back to preparing some fantastic recipes for us today! Hehee!!

Dear Hubby! You were young once upon a time and now immature for the rest of your life! Hahaaa!

This year my hubby has challenged himself to earn more money and am equally determined to spend all of it. Lol!

Adorable emotional happy Birthday hubby wishes

The late night talks, your touches and your sweet lips always catapults me from the stresses of life. May every woman in this world gets a hubby like you.

My hubby is smart, handsome but I adore him for his altruism, for his love towards our children and for being a humble and down to earth guy.

The Almighty is more kind to me than I ever deserved. He gave me a hubby who deserved better! May our relationship always remain fun-filled and full of sparks.

While I might disagree with my hubby sometimes, my heart and soul will always be in resonance to his happiness. May we achieve all the visions of ours to lead an unimaginable life.

Life has given me more than I asked for. My hubby loves me more than I asked for. What more a woman really want!

Dear hubby! When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. May you keep your persistence as success may be lying around the corner. Happy Birthday to amazing hubby!

I absolutely have done some amazing deeds in previous life which is why I have a hubby like you! May your aura keep growing forever! May we always be together!

I may not be the best wife but you are certainly the best hubby that any woman will have. A very charming birthday to my hubby!


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