May all your dreams and aspirations come true this life! May you surpass your own expectations too. Happy Birthday!

Your wisdom is soaring high every passing year along with your charm and charisma. You are truly one hell of an awesome individual.

Obstacles are likely to come for the ones who are set on the right path. But the Almighty has given you enough talent and ability to overcome them. Keep the going high. Success is closer than you think.

Its no surprise that some of the amazing moments of my life have arrived owing to you. May our partnership keeps rocking with every passing year.

Happy Birthday Note For Boyfriend

Happy Birthday my charming guy. Hope this wonderful happy birthday note will bring smile, tranquility and happiness. Lots of love.

Its amazing to pull someone’s leg at will and even better if that guy does not get upset. Stay like my darling partner. Hehehe. Happy Birthday!

There is surrealism in the highs and lows of life too, if one is accompanied with a supportive, understanding and caring partner like you dear.

You understand the pulse of my being like no one else. Everything good about you is intangible and yet mighty powerful.

I am proud to say that my handsome, charming man is an excellent role model for the youngsters. And I am one hell of a lucky girl.

Has there ever been a man like you!! You are the one for me! May you find success in all your professional and personal endeavors.

I love you with every fiber of my being. The heart yearns for you every waking moment. May the divine bless us with infinite joy and serenity. Happy Birthday!

You are not only gorgeous from outside but from inside too. Your tender heart and ability to bear criticism is what really attracts me to you. I wish we be together for always.

For Best FriendHappy Birthday Note

Life can be a paradise if there are fantastic people like you. I wish more people like you come into this world. Happy Birthday!

There are infinite no. of ecstasy moments left in our kitty of life owing to a friend like you. May it remains alive for eternity. Lots of birthday wishes to you dear!

For Sister

Thank you dear sister for all your love and nurture for me. Your aura and bright smile brightens up my day. I love you with all my heart sweety! Happy Birthday!

For Wife

Has a man been ever lucky like me! You are soaring gorgeousness with every passing year. No matter how old you grow, you will always be the sexy, gorgeous and beautiful women. A very happy birthday dear!

The divine has scared bond for infinity and I am so eager to witness all the vigor and exuberance with a beautiful, charming and altruistic woman like you. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

For Husband

While we may have tussles and banters from time to time, your cozy hands and hugs at night wipes rejuvenates the every fiber of my being.

With your handsome face and perfect clothing, I still get goosebumps every time I see you. May it always stays like this.

Even after so many years of marriage, my heart still skips a beat every time I see you.

For Girlfriend

The world would be so much better if every man has a girl like you by his side. You infuse every ounce of positivity, exuberance and joy. I wish you all the best dear!

For Boyfriend

You are the man that every woman desires. May all our dreams come true. I love you with all my heart.

For Employee

Some people are more than employee to me. Your energy at the organization is phenomenal. It is inspiring not only for the colleagues but for me too. I wish you a very happy birthday!

Every hard work of yours’s surely goes recognized under my radar. I am sure you will rise to great heights in your career. A very happy birthday to you!

For Elderly Man

We may have grown up but your umbrella of love, care and respect will always be upon us. May every family in this world have elders like you. Happy Birthday dear!

For Boss

You are not only a boss but the perfect individual who extracts the best out of everyone. I wish there be more bosses like you in the corporate world.

For Teacher

You are more than a teacher to us. You are like a confidant who has instilled only the best things in our minds. Kids need more supportive teachers like you.


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