No matter where you are in the world, sending an SMS is pretty easy and inexpensive. If today is the birthday of your friend, family or relative, then you can send them some nice Happy Birthday SMS that we have prepared in this post. You will also find a ton of relevant birthday images also.


May this birthday SMS of mine brings a ton of smile and joy to your heart and soul. May you live healthily for many more years. Happy Birthday to you!

Thank goodness for the SMS service for sending you the birthday wishes. Calling you is pretty expensive.

You have 24 hours to live your day like a 18 year old teen ager.

Its so nice to see you age quickly than me, even if that means for only a few months!

It has been a joy to spend the amazing moments with you. And I hope that our camaraderie will continue for eternity.

We may not in the proximity of each other but our heart and soul will always be connected with the invisible strings of love and respect.

A picture may say a thousand words but it also took 6 words to express that.

You may not be young but some of the renowned success of the world came to those who were far away from their younger years.

You have permeated in me some of the most valuable lessons of life. I am glad to have you in my life.

The best thing for me to rejuvenate is to pull your legs. Free and cost effective method.

Its a blessing from the Almighty that the most meaningful things in life will always be Free for us like respect, love and compassion. Glad that we have these for each other.

For BrotherBirthday SMS


It is a roller coaster ride just to be with you. And I wouldn’t have wanted anything either. Many many happy returns of day to you!

You will always be the first father figure of my life and your umbrella of love and respect has always propelled me to growth. May everyone gets a brother like you.

A very happy birthday to my wonderful brother. I have arranged a nice gift for you. It will arrive soon surely. Please accept it from me along with the invoice also.

There are times when anger edges on me. But if I see you during those moments, I get a lot angrier. Lol!

I know more of your dirty secrets than you know of mine. And I intent to keep the equation like this forever!

Almighty always rewards good karma, which is why you got me as your brother. Hehe! Happy Birthday Bro!

I may not be the best sister in the world but you are surely the best brother that any girl could ever have.

You have always helped to catapult me out of the bad times. If I have to dedicate my success to anyone, it is indeed you.

For Sistercute birthday SMS


You will always be my shining star who always illuminates my mood with her joyous presence and exuberance.

There is a natural high in staying young forever, even if is done by lying through the teeth.

Its a day I was waiting for so many days, not to wish you (its the last thing on my mind) but so that you could take us out for delicious meal. Hehe!

For me, you will always be the angel.

Some of the craziest moments of my life have come because of you. So nice to have you as my sister.

We may fight and disagree on a lot of things but I wouldn’t have wanted anything else from you either. You are a unique individual and I love that.

The thing that mesmerizes me about you is beauty, both from inside and outside.

Wife Birthday SMS

The unwritten clause of every marriage is that wife is always right, and you have indeed proved it, even if I cannot see the results. Hehe!!

I admire your heart, your altruistic nature and your ability to see the good in everything for most of the times.

You have proved the universal truth that wisdom catches up with age in time. Actually, it can also goes in the reverse direction like that of mine.

It is so great to have social media platforms which reminds me of my Wife’s birthday on time.

Thanks for tolerating all my non sense for years in exchange of being a spend thrift. Hehe!

Girlfriends Birthday SMS

Its an amazing feeling to have a supportive woman who understands the pulse of my being. Happy Birthday to you sweet heart!

May the divine notches up your beauty with every passing year. May you always rule my heart! Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Thanks for teaching me on how to spend more money than I could ever earn. Hehe!

Lucky are those to whom the Almighty sends a caretaker in their young age. Like you got me!

We may be far away but my heart always yearn for your love and touch. Sending you the warmest and heartiest birthday wishe


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