Families where children are able to spend time with their elders, grand fathers, grand mother and especially the aunt, tend to be happier. An aunt is someone who strives her best to take care of her niece. After the mother, if a girl can easily bond with, it is usually the aunt. So if today is the birthday of your special aunt, then you got to give her equally special wishes of Happy birthday to a special aunt. These wishes are mainly from the perspective of niece. And that’s what we have prepared immensely in this post. There are also lots of images too. Feel free to share them.

Dear Aunt! You may not be my real mother, but your love and support has been equal to that of one. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday to a special aunt!

We may be aunt and niece by blood but you are more like my bestie!

Some of the wisest lessons of life I have learnt were not from my teachers and mentors but from you aunt!

Altruistic people can be funny, charming and awe-inspiring too just like my great aunt!

Whether I will have a boy or girl, I would want them to grow up like you! May every girl gets an aunt like you!

When I didn’t have anyone to catapult out of my low phases of life, you were there for me with open arms!

I may not have a sister but you complete that void perfectly.

There is no equivalent of a strong and independent woman and you are the epitome of that.

If I had an amazing and joyous childhood, my dear aunt has a big contribution to it. Happy Birthday to you dear!

If my Mom would scold me, it was my aunt who would adorn with me love. May every niece gets an aunt like you. Happy Birthday!

I may be niece to you, but to you are more than an aunt!

Uncle has never been happier after you have arrived in our family. Happy Birthday to a charming and beautiful aunt!

It would be an understatement to say that my mother is lucky to have you. Your presence is our lives is nothing should of tranquility and prosperity.

The world would be so much nicer, and supportive if there were more aunts like mine in every family. You have been a source of joy for everyone of us dear!

You are the epitome of cool, smart and gorgeous aunt. May you always stay like this forever.

Some of the deep conversations of life I always have with my one and only, my dear aunt! May the Almighty give you thousands of years of joy and prosperity.

From combing my hair to making me fall asleep on her warm chest, you have done everything that a niece would have asked for.

Funny Happy Birthday to a special aunt to Niece

Hey Aunt! Thanks for popping out some of the best cousins in the world. Will always be grateful! Happy Birthday!

I have learnt from my aunt that good girls go to heaven, and bad girls go everywhere.

The day is not far my dear aunt when I will be reading those lullabies rhymes that you used to read while babysitting me. Hahah! I pray to the Almighty that day remains far away for many many decades and years.

Whenever Mom has said No No No, aunt has over turned her with Yes Yes Yes. That’s the power of Aunt!

Dear Aunt! The best way to get over a man, is to get under another! That’s the best thing I have learnt from you. Hahah!

There are only few women in the world who can keep their men on their toes. My aunt is certainly one of them!

My parents brought me into this world but you are the one who bestowed me with stunning looks!

Its so great to have a aunt like you, from whom I can borrow money and not thinking about returning it.

The best gift you have given me are the gorgeous cousins. May you pop out a few more dear aunt!

How come you are less nagging than Mommy!!

There is one thing that is equal in both of us. Its our enthusiasm and wisdom!

When Mommy and Daddy went berseck onto me, the only hiding place was that of aunt’s. Hehe. You saved me more times than I could thank you for.

There is a certain adrenaline to manipulate the idiotic guys in the world and I can only thank aunt for such valuable lessons. Haha!

Some of my wildest secrets are lying with you dear Aunt!. And I wish it stays the same forever!

Ever since you have came into our family, uncle has gotten fitter and charming. You truly knows how to get the best out of him.

I am jealous of you aunt. You are still able to make head turns, even of guys of my age. This isn’t fair to be honest.


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