There is no joyous sight than the camaraderie and similar thought wavelength of two sisters, even if they are cousins. Cousin sisters enjoy a great bond and lucky is the sister who has a cousin sister with whom she can share her heart out. If your cousin sister has her birthday today, then you ought to send her some meaningful and beautiful happy birthday wishes to her. And that is what this post is all about. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

To my beautiful cousin sister. You are the epitome of a beautiful, smart girl who follows her gut instincts. You are my confidant and my partner in crime. I wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday.

Sometimes we learn more from our cousins than from our real siblings. I am glad that you are my cousin sister. Happy Birthday to you beautiful.

Hey dear! You are not only my cousin sister but also my confidant, my lifeline. You understand me like no one else in this world. A very happy birthday to you.

The world would be so much better if there were more beautiful, wise and kind hearted women like my cousin sister. I hope you stays like this forever. Happy Birthday dear! Where is the party tonight?

Dear beautiful cousin! You may not know but my parents always wanted to have a daughter like you. You are great on so many levels. A very happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear!

There may be thorns and obstacles in the road. But my cousin sister is not only beautiful but courageous too. I know she will pile up success after success in life. Happy Birthday from your sister!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin. May the divine bless you with thousands of years of health, beauty and joy. May your beauty keeps increasing every passing year. Love you to the moon and back.

I may be a single child but God blessed me with gorgeous cousin sister, who is no different than a real sister. I love you a lot darling. A very teddy bear warm hug and birthday wishes to you my cousin sister.

Birthday wishes to My Beautiful Cousin — From your darling sister

There is no greater sight in the world than the face of my cousin sister. She is stunningly beautiful from both inside out. A very happy birthday to my beautiful cousin. I hope the Almighty fulfills all your dreams.

Nothing in the world gives me more joy and pleasure than to piss off my beautiful young cousin sister. Heheh! You are a unique piece my darling and I am glad that I have you. Happy Birthday dear cousin!

Sometimes God doesn’t give us what we deserve, but more than that! I must have done some great deeds in previous life to have got such a supportive, kind-hearted cousin sister. A very happy birthday to you beautiful.

Hey cousin sister. You may feel that life is going nowhere for you. But don’t lose hope. You have the support of your cousin sister in me. I will always be behind your back, no matter what. A very happy birthday dear!

I may not have a brother or a sister but God was kind enough to give me a beautiful cousin sister. Many many happy returns of the day to you beautiful girl. I am proud to be your sister.

My dear cousin sister. I may not have admitted openly but I have learnt so much in life from you. Your way of looking at life is incredible and I feel absolutely blessed to have you. Many many happy returns of the day to you beautiful.

The best moments of my life has been with you, my beautiful cousin sister. You are one in a million and I wish every girl gets a cousin sister like you. Happy Birthday Darling!

It is amazing how we share so many similarities despite being cousins. You are a part of my soul dear cousin sister. I hope we will be sisters for infinity. A very happy birthday to you.

May all your dreams come true beautiful cousin — From your loving sister

The greatest joy in life is to have a sister like you, with whom any girl can share her best times. You are full of life, vigor and nourishment and am so glad to be your sister. Happy Birthday my beautiful cousin.

Life may not be rewarding to me as much as i want, but your support and inspiration has always propelled to greatness. Many many happy returns of the day to you beautiful cousin. You are my lifeline.

When the Almighty wants to create a beautiful girl child, he takes the reference of my beautiful cousin sister. Happy Birthday to you gorgeous. I wish you all the best for your future.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Don’t give up now my beautiful cousin. You are very near to your goal. A very happy birthday to you.

I remember the days when we two little girls used to fight and argue. I wish those livelier time comes back. Happy birthday to my very beautiful cousin.

While we may not agree on many things, the love and respect for my beautiful cousin will always be there. A very happy birthday to you dear. I hope our bond remains alive for eternity.


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