There will not be any more closer person to you than your husband. He is the one who will always stand by you. You two sometimes may differ on perspective and perception but he is likely the only one who will accept you for who you are. There are many ways to say Happy Birthday to my Husband. And we are going to show that in this article. We have awesome birthday wishes for the Husband along with many images that will only bring a genuine smile on his face.


Sometimes, the Almighty doesn’t give us what we deserve. He gives us more than that! You are one in a million my love and I love you with all my heart! Happy Birthday!

A very Happy Birthday to my Husband! There is no one like you in this world and I am so glad to have you by my side. May you always accomplish your deepest wishes and goals. Happy birthday once again sweetheart!

Dear husband! While we may not agree on certain things, the one thing that will always be certain is my love and respect for you. You are my pulse for eternity and I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday to my husband!

Its a sight to behold of a man, who is ever charming, handsome and yet down to Earth. This is what I always prayed for from the Almighty and I am to live my dream. Happy Birthday!

You may have the adorable, gorgeous looks but it is the way you cherishes me that sweetens my soul. I certainly must have done some great deeds in my previous life to have you!

A husband as sweet as you, as handsome as you, and courageous as you! What else a woman wants more!

Nothing turns a woman than to see the love and lust of husband for her! May our blood always vigor to enjoy the heavenly nights.

Lucky is the woman who shares the same thought frequency and wavelength of perception. The late night talks, the caress, and your sweet lips are heaven for me. I pray to the Almighty to have you in all lifetimes. Happy Birthday my dear husband!

The best moments of my life have come because of your courtesy. I do not know how life would have turned out for if it was not for you!

Its a surreal feeling to grow old with someone who is part of my soul. The cells of my being are more alive and filled with exuberance, youth and a passion to live to the fullest; all because of you! Happy Birthday Husband!

Back then, it seemed crazy to give my hand to you, but now I realized that it was the higher power that brought us together. Lots of tight hugs and warm birthday wishes for my lovely husband!

Funny Happy Birthday wishes to my Husband


Hey Husband! You may feel and look old but trust me, the best years of our life are still down the road. Long live both of us!

Today is the only day when I will talk about my husband in superlative terms only. Handsome, courageous, outrageously funny, and sensitive. Hehe! Kidding dear! You rule my heart and mind for 365 days a year. A very happy birthday to my husband

They always ask, what is the secret for a happy marriage? I tell them all to find a wife like me and they will have the perfect marriage. Don’t worry, you are not far from perfection too! Happy Birthday!

You are my everything hubby! There is nothing in this world that I wish you could do for me. Oh, there is one though! I wish you could do some laundry too! Hehe!

There are times when you get on my nerves. All I want to do that time, is to hug you tightly from behind, kiss you on the cheeks followed by a wild kick to your behind! Hehe! Am only kidding dear! But I laugh out hard thinking about it!

Not everything turning old is bad, like the wine in old barrels. Husband you are the same! But I will prefer the wine tonight! Hehe! Happy Birthday darling!

Dear Husband! I never understood the effects of time and gravity in my young days but now seeing you, I totally get it! Hehe!

Dear Husband! The best decision that you ever made in your life was to marry me! And the best thing I did was to accept your proposal! Lots of love and birthday wishes!

Inspiring wishes of Happy Birthday to my Husband


Hey Hubby! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Always keep this slogan in your heart and soul.

We may not agree on everything, but your love, respect and admiration for me has always stayed the same. I admire this habit of yours.

There would be so many happy marriages like ours, more fun and joy if there is adequate communication between the two parties, without being biased.

Life has always been a journey. The important lesson is to always keep moving because nothing remains fresh when they are stagnant. Happy Birthday sweet heart!


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