When it comes to the camaraderie of the sisters, its a sight to witness. And when they are twins, then its all together different. Twin sisters are like the clone. They understand the world about each other. There are awesome happy birthday twin sister wishes in this post along with the images. Feel free to share them with her.

In a world where a girl finds it difficult to grow alone, I have been lucky to have a gorgeous twin sister who means the world to me. Happy Birthday to you twin sister.

Even the lows of the life seem normal seem normal when one has an understanding sibling like my twin sister. Lots of tight hugs and birthday wishes to you.

Time now has come for my twin sister to find an equally charming and irresistible prince. I beg for this wish to be fulfilled from divine. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Some of the best gifts of our life are given by the Almighty right at the moment of conceivement. I came in this world and came along my twin sister too. Happy Birthday to us darling!

The best thing about the twin sister is having someone who shares the same thought frequency and wavelength. Its obvious why you are my confidant. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

I admit to having an easier source of motivation when it is available at my home. Yes, am talking about you my dear twin sister. Happy Birthday! Love you to the moon and back!

The world would be so much nicer if there were women like my twin sister. She is the epitome of beauty, elegance, wisdom and craziness. Happy Birthday to you darling!

Some of the joyous moments of my life have come because of my twin sister. I wish everyone could have sister like her. Happy Birthday twinny sweetheart!

May this birthday fill you with infinite vigor, tranquility and peace. You are a gem of girl and am lucky to have you. Happy Birthday my darling twin sister. God bless you

Funny happy birthday twin sister messages

When God intends to make beautiful women, he takes the reference of my twin sister. That also means that my reference is also considered by the divine in such cases. Hehe! Happy Birthday gorgeous twin sister!

Dear Twin sister. I hope from today if you do mistakes, you don’t pretend to be me! Happy Birthday my funny twin sister!

When the going gets tough, the tough definitely gets going; but not my twin sister. She is pampered by me all the time and I will do that for eternity. Happy Birthday twinny and stop being a couch potato. Hehe!!!

Hey Twin Sister! Tonight is our birthday but don’t you dare to wear my outfit. If you do, expect me to steal your lingerie. Lol! Happy Birthday to you, to us!

Its funny that we may be twins, but we fight insanely as blood thirsty vampires. May be thats what we were in our previous lifetimes. Happy Birthday to my vampire twin sister! Haha

There is nothing in this world that I would ask God to change in my Twin Sister. She is perfect and unique! May be she could throw less tantrums. Kidding darling! Happy Birthday sweety! No boundaries of love for you!

Dear twin Sister! You are not only my sister but I am your confidant too. Its funny that I know every dirty secret about you than you know about me. Hehe. And I intend to keep it that way. Happy Birthday!

My sister has surely done some great karma in her previous life to get me as her twin sister. Kidding! You did nothing good, and neither did I, that’s why we are twin sisters. Happy Birthday Darling!

Nobody understand my twin sister like I do. Not even my brother in law. Hehe! Happy Birthday to us stunning girls. Lots of love!

Inspiring happy birthday wishes Twin Sister

Hey Twinny! You may be having a rough time in your personal and professional endeavors but know that your twin sister is always there by your side. You have my blessings forever. Happy Birthday Twin Sister.

There is no sweeter reward than that accomplished with hard work and persistence. I am sure you will pile up success after success my twin sister. A very happy birthday to you.

Faith may be intangible, but they can certainly move a mountain. You are the source of my inspiration my dear twin sister. May the almighty keeps us twins for eternity.

In a word where people are judged by superficial things, my twin sister has developed character and other intangible things that truly matter like wisdom, intelligence, empathy. You are damn gorgeous too twin sister just like me. A very happy birthday to you!

Dear twin sister! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Do not give up sight of your goals. The victory may be closer than you think. Happy Birthday!

Some of the best things in life have come due to persistence and hard work. Hang in there twin sister. My blessings and support is always there to propel you to great heights of success. Many many returns of the day to you!


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