You have been a wonderful individual through out the years. I am so happy for you and pray for your success in all your professional and personal endeavors. Happy Birthday and wish you all the best.

Some of the best things in life come at the heavy cost of persistence. But don’t worry, I have full faith that you will achieve all your dreams. Happy Birthday and loads of all the best to you dear!

You may fail a thousand times but one big success is enough to wipe them out of your life. I wish you all the best for your pursuit and a very happy birthday dear!

We may disagree on many things but one thing we whole heartedly agree upon is the mutual respect and admiration for each other. Happy Birthday dear!

All the best Happy Birthday Wish

You may have faced many defeats but I know that you are more than capable of achieving your dreams and you have all my support. Happy Birthday.

There are many things which might not be in our hands but the Almighty sees our honest intent and handwork and surely rewards us for it.

As long as you have the heart and mind fully behind your goals, you will accomplish them no matter what may come in between. A very happy birthday to you.

The secret of success is not in going full throttle towards our goal but in getting up after getting knocked down, each and every time.

It is rare for Almighty to bestow such noble souls like you to people. You may have witnessed some harshest situations of life, but trust the Almighty that everything good will happen to you.

Always remember that the diamonds in life require extra ordinary polishing to showcase their worth to the world. Keep working on yourself and the world will witness your success too one day. Happy Birthday!

For Best health

It is so amazing to see your beaming with health and joy. I wish you remain healthy for eternity of life. Happy Birthday dear!

They say that health is the best measure of success for an individual. And I can surely say that you are extremely successful in this regards. May you continue to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Your health has always defied your age for the good. I wish it remains like this forever. A very happy birthday to you dear!

May you forgive everyone who has hurted you in your path to success, for tranquility is the thing that allows us to have peace, serenity and a healthy mind and body.

On this birthday, I pray of good health for every cell and fiber of your being. May you rejuvenate with all your might. Happy Birthday dear!

Sometimes it is the uncluttered mind that prohibits the health. Let this birthday remind you to live stress free and to consider challenges in a more positive and healthy way. Happy Birthday!

For Best happiness

Success will come and go but happiness is here for us at every moment of life. May we chose it all the time and live a healthy life. Happy Birthday dear and stay happy!

The happiness and joy in my life has only gained momentum after your arrival into my life. I wish the Almighty bestows such person with even more happiness and blessings for life.

Happiness has always been around ourselves. We only need to let it pour out from our heart into every aspect of life. On your birthday, / pray to the Almighty to catapult you into immense joy and happiness for eternity.

The individual who can handle the absence of happiness will surpass his own expectations without doubt. Happy Birthday to you!

For Best Success

They say that persistence has no heroic connotation but its character is like that of a Carbon to a steel. You have that character and I am sure success is lying around closer to you than you think. Keep the pursuit and don’t give up. Happy Birthday!

Where there is a will, you will always find a way. May the uncomfort zone propel you to push yourself out of it, every time! Lots of birthday wishes and support to you for success.

My dear friend. Always keep in mind that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Spending time with you has infused so much positivity into my mind, body and soul. I wish there be more people like you in this world. I wish you many many happy returns of the day.

They say that there is light always at the end of the tunnel. I am sure you are very near to the end of the tunnel my friend. Don’t give up now. Keep the pursuit and victory will be yours. Happy Birthday!

Always remember my friend that tough times do not last forever but tough people do. Stay strong, stay healthy and keep the momentum going. Success will be yours sooner than later. A very happy birthday to you!


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