Hilarious birthday wishes are perfect for conveying the birthday sentiments but in a playful way. However, coming up with an appropriate hilarious birthday wishes is far from easy. They can take a lot of time to even think of. If you have the birthday of a friend, relative or family member today, you can send them the hilarious birthday wishes from this post. They are available in plenty along with equally hilarious images also.

Your smile is infectious, and your stupidity too!

May the Almighty make you wiser for at least half of your age.

I was waiting for your birthday since a couple of days. Did dieting for a couple of days and now gonna reward myself at your party. Speaking of which, where it is tonight ?? Oh by the way a very happy birthday to you!

If being beautiful and sexy was a crime, you would be roaming freely in the world my friend. I also would be there too to give you accompany!

Where there is a will, there is a way! May you name me too in your rich will. Haha!!

It may be your birthday today but you don’t have to gorge on food like a pig today!

I swear to God that you will never be able to win a debate against me, in my dreams!

Seeing how you have grown up over the years, it seems the Almighty was drunk when he was creating your genetic structure. Well, he wasn’t sober when creating me too! Lol!

There was a time when I all wanted was to whack you behind for getting on my nerves. The desire still prevails in the heart!

You are very good at reading my statuses but pretending not to think about me.

Going for a wine and dine with you has always been a pleasure because I know your willingness to pay.

Thanks to my dear friend for relentless nuisances in pulling my legs. It has helped me to become thick skinned. Thanks for your wonderful contribution. That’s what close friends are for isn’t it.

Where there is a will, there is always a way to pull your legs. Thanks for being on the receiving end for so many years. Hehe!

You are not only beautiful but hilarious too from inside out.

Sarcastic Hilarious birthday wishes

Mosquitoes may have adapted to the repellants but they are scared to death of your fart!

After being your friend for so many years, I have realized that wisdom not only increases, but goes in the other direction too!

Very few people on this world have the privilege of not looking stupid, but actually being stupid too. Don’t worry my dear friend. I am in the same boat too.

May there be more friends like you in the world, from whom one can borrow money and never concerned about returning it. Hehe. Kidding!

No mater how much we disagree, I will always consider you the epitome of Popeye cum Bellatrix Lestrange. Hahah

Whenever I feel like laughing my heart out, I simply take go to Facebook and take a look at your selfies. I am sure you get the same burst of laughter while looking at my pictures.

The best way to rejuvenate myself is to engage in a funny banter with you.

Too hilarious birthday wishes for Husband

It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn dear, I am equally motivated to spend most of it. Hehe

More than your deodorant, it is your fart that actually let me know that you are near.

Hey hubby! The only thing I like about you getting older is that you are ageing quickly than me.

I don’t need an alarm to wake up dear hubby! Your loud snore is more than enough!

I am sure it feels amazing to transform from 007 looks to that of a hobbit. Isn’t it darling!

Dear Husband! You will always be able to win your arguments against me, in your sweet dreams only!

I have learnt some new curses this year from you husband. Appreciate your contribution!

May you age with all the wisdom in the world while retaining all the libido of a teenager.

Insanely hilarious wishes on Birthday for Wife

God bless Zuckerberg’s Facebook for reminding me of my Wife’s birthday

The unwritten clause of every marriage is to never give constructive criticism to wife, no matter how sincerely she asks for it.

I have become a great leader because of my wife. She makes me tolerate her with a pleasant smile on my face.

Swear to God wifey, If I had my way, I would make love to you when you look like the Bellatrix Lestrange.

No matter what the results will be, I have learnt to accept that my wife’s opinion is always right.


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