Every human being on this Earth craves for humor and laughter. Humorous birthday wishes are the perfect way to invoke a laughter from the birthday recipient. Not only they invoke a laughter but they also convey the birthday sentiments. We have written a ton of humorous birthday wishes in this post. There are images too. Share them with your friends, family and relatives on their birthdays.


Its a day I was waiting for many days. Not to wish you, but to gorge on the cake and meal! Can’t wait for the birthday party tonight!

Upon entering the world, while you were screaming with your high pitch cries, the whole world was celebrating.

My efforts of copying and sending the awesome birthday wishes to you from Google deserves to be appreciated.

Ageing is the least expensive option that you will pay for acquiring the wisdom.

Over the years I have seen you, you have set a high benchmark of Laziness.

I am the first one to wish you at 12 a.m. Happy Birthday! Now prepare for some fun and amazing outing plan for both of us today.

Today is the day when you will get birthday messages from people on FB with whom you never chatted before.

The birthday may be yours but we will be shopping for me tonight! Hehe

Sarcastic and Humorous birthday wishes for friends


There is no better way to understand the effects of ageing than real life example. Now I totally understand it my friend after seeing you over the years.

Happy Birthday from the one from whom you have copied almost everything. Kidding! 😀

I thought it was only a myth but you are actually turning into a swan with every passing year.

The only good thing I learnt from you is how to stay young, which is by lying through the teeth.

You are unique and special not because you want it to believe but because the Almighty created everyone unique in this world.

For all the fake people that are attending your birthday party today, you can give them a special cake with more of your spit mixed with the flavor. Hahaha!!

Its always good to have a best friend like you; with whom one can borrow money and never think about returning.

It doesn’t matter whether its your birthday or not. What matters is you taking all of us for a fine wine and dining tonight. Cheers!

There is no pleasure in the world like getting on your nerves. It also benefits you by making you immune to our funny nuisances.

You are the sexiest man alive in this universe. Women say this a lot to Brad Pitt!

Your wisdom is catching up with you, at tortoise’s crawl rate.

When the going gets tough, the tough does gets going; but not you my friend. He is the epitome of a laziness.

For Wife – Birthday Wishes of Humor

Dear Wifey! Its amazing that how your age is stuck at the same ever since we got married, in saying and writing only.

You are the most beautiful thing on planet Earth. Men say this all the time to Angelina Jolie!

Initial impression about you says that you are amazingly gorgeous. That impression quickly fades away when you fart! RIP those mosquitoes who have gone to heaven because of your unique fart chemical formula!

People say that wisdom always catches up. What they don’t know is that it also goes in the reverse direction after marriage.

Thanks to Facebook that I got notification about your birthday wifey!

Dear gorgeous! At times what you lack in the brain, you compensate it well with your stunning looks! Many many happy returns of the day to you.

Humorous wishes of Birthday for Husband

I have bought an amazing gift. Parceling it to you along with the invoice also. Please make the payment on time. Happy Birthday by the way to you!

Its a day when you came out from the vagina and you may go inside it tonight, if you do all the household chores today!

Higher age and wisdom have no correlation with each other. You still want me to point out the proof!

There is nothing wrong in giving constructive criticism to your wife as long as you do it inside your mind only.

Dear Husband! It may be your birthday today, but today we will finally go out for my shopping!

The day you married me, you got the best gift of your life hubby!

It is amazing how I have managed to get good sleep all these years despite your hilarious snoring.

Its one thing to be clingy. Its another to be like a calf following her mother cow. But that’s what I love about you! Hahahaa!!!


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