We often do not say the nicest words to our friends, family and relatives. But when it comes to the most important day of their life, i.e. birthday, it is imperative for us to greet them with nice birthday wishes. Birthday wishes should always be genuine rather than flattery. And that’s what we have created in this post along with the images.

If there would be an award for the nicest friend in the world, I would surely give it to you!

You have permeated some amazing values in me. I would ever be grateful to you for them.

May the umbrella of love, health and prosperity forever stays upon you from the divine.

Its amazing to have someone like you with whom my heart and soul resonates.

The best things in life are worth the persistence. May the almighty propel you to mountains of success.

Your optimism and smile on your face is worth sharing your highs and lows with mine. You are a gem of an individual.

The world would be nothing short of paradise if there would be more altruistic people like you. May the divine bestow you with many many decades of great health and prosperity.

For Friend — Happy and Nice birthday wishes

It is amazing how our thought wavelength and frequency matches with each other’s despite having disagreements on many things. I have truly witnessed the beauty of friendship with you.

Sometimes the divine does not give us what we deserve but more than that, like you my friend. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

I never knew Life could be so mesmerizing. Thank you for being a part of mine. Happy Birthday and good luck for your professional and personal endeavors.

We have been the pillar of support and happiness for each other. May we be friends in all the lifetimes.

For Sister — Nice and grateful wishes of birthday

You may be little to me but you are ahead of me in wisdom and hard work. And I can say, you certainly inspire me. May the divine gives you plenty of everything in this life.

I certainly must have performed some great karma in previous life to have got a sister like you in this life. May our siblinghood remains alive for eternity.

For Brother

I might not be the best sister but you are certainly the best brother that anyone could ever have. Happy Birthday dear! Lots of love!

Dear Brother! While life may throw thorns every now and then, know that you are stronger and skillful than you think.

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. Don’t give it up now brother. Success is nearer than you think!

For Boyfriend

Some of the best moments of my life have come because of you. You are a delight for every woman. Happy Birthday handsome!

Your smile, optimism are infectious and always bring out the best in me. May you always be like this.

The world would be nice, peaceful and cooperative if every woman have a guy like you in their life. Happy Birthday to an awesome man!

For Mum

You not only brought me into this beautiful world but also pampered me with all the love and respect.

No matter how old I will grow up, you will always be my telly belly for eternity. Happy Birthday Mummy! I love you!

For Wife

Life has never been the same for the good, after you came into the life. You are always a breath of fresh air for me. Happy Birthday Darling!

For Daughter

You are a child that the Almighty took plenty of time to create. You have brought nothing but joy only in our lives.

You are not only a perfect daughter but will be a perfect wife and mother too. There is plenty of joy left in our kitty of life and I can’t wait to see life unfold for you my dear daughter. Happy Birthday sweetie!

For Girlfriend

You are smart, witty, gorgeous and fulfill all my needs. Needless to say, you are more than what I asked for.

For best friend

You are more than a best friend to me. You are now a part of my heart and soul. May God bestow a friend like you to everyone. Happy Birthday buddy!

For husband

You are like a sunflower who has illuminated my life with colors of joy, ecstasy and high. I owed some of the best moments of my life to you. Happy Birthday Darling!

You love me more than what I deserve. And you will be my kind for eternity. Happy Birthday to prince charming!

You are not only my husband but my confidant too! Your mere touch and sight enlivens the cell of my being. May the Almighty fulfills all our deepest desires.


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